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Subject: [ E-CFP ] deadline extension: Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature
From: <ankazant_(on)_site.uottawa.ca>
Date received: 01 Mar 2013
Deadline: 04 Mar 2013
Start date: 13 Jun 2013

Deadline extended until March 4, 2013

Second Workshop on Computational Linguistics for Literature

Co-located with NAACL-HLT 2013

June 13 or 14, 2013, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Submission deadline:
March 4, 2013

Final Call for Papers

(Apologies for multiple postings)

The amount of literary material available on-line keeps growing
rapidly: there are machine-readable texts from libraries,
collections and e-book stores, as well as "live" literature such
as e-zines, blogs or self-published e-books. We need tools to
help navigate, visualize and better appreciate the high volume of
available literature.

We invite papers on applying state-of-the art NLP methods to
literary data. What characteristics of literature make it
special? Is it, indeed, a unique type of language data? How
should we adapt our tools to find meaning in literary text? What
lessons from automatic processing of literature could apply to
other types of data?

Position papers are welcome, too.

Topics of interest (suitably related topics are welcome):

- the needs of the readers and how those needs translate into
  meaningful NLP tasks;
- searching for literature;
- recommendation systems for literature;
- computational modelling of narratives, computational
- summarization of literature;
- finding similar books;
- differences between literature and other genres as relevant to
  computational linguistics;
- discourse structure in literature;
- emotion analysis for literature;
- profiling and authorship attribution;
- identification and analysis of literature genres;
- building and analyzing social networks of characters;
- generation of literary narrative, dialogue or poetry

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announcements and updates, sits at:


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