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Subject: [ E-Announce ] Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds -- a task at SemEval 2013 (renewed invitation)
From: <szpak_(on)_eecs.uottawa.ca>
Date received: 29 Jan 2013
Deadline: 15 Feb 2013
Start date: 13 Jun 2013

Free Paraphrases of Noun Compounds -- a task at SemEval 2013 (renewed 

We invite all and sundry to participate. For all details, see the 
official site at:


Registration for task participants:


Contact: iris at clul.ul.pt

Just to whet your appetite, here is the abstract:

The task of classifying English noun compounds explores the idea of 
interpreting the semantics of noun compounds via paraphrases. Given a 
two-word noun compound, the participants are asked to produce an 
explicitly ranked list of its free paraphrases. The list will be 
automatically compared and evaluated against a similarly ranked list of 
paraphrases proposed by human annotators, recruited and managed through 
Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The comparison of raw paraphrases will be 
sensitive to syntactic and morphological variations. The ranking of 
paraphrases will be based on their relative popularity among annotators. 
To achieve a reliable ranking, highly similar paraphrases will be 
grouped so as to downplay superficial differences in syntax and morphology.

And the relevant dates (slightly tentative), all in 2013:

February 15: Test set ready
February 15: Registration deadline for task participants
March 1-15: Evaluation period
April 9: Paper submission deadline
May 4: Camera-ready paper due
June 13 or 14 [TBC]: Workshop co-located with NAACL

Cristina, Iris, Su, Zornitsa, Preslav, Diarmuid, Stan and Tony

Stan Szpakowicz, PhD, Professor
EECS, Computer Science, University of Ottawa
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