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Subject: [ E-Announce ] Data Mining Competition (CDMC2013) Deadline Extension to Sep. 31
From: <pshaoning_(on)_gmail.com>
Date received: 06 Sep 2013
Deadline: 31 Sep 2013
Start date: -

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As requested by a number of participants, the CDMC2013 results
submission gate will

remain open til Sep.31 2013.

The 4th International Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition

(CDMC2013) Kick-Off on 1st of June



The purpose of the International Cybersecurity Data Mining

is to increase awareness of Cybersecurity and the potential of

applications, and give young researchers exposure to the main

related to the topic and to ongoing work in this area. The focus
of this

competition is on string sequences analysis towards application
of knowledge

discovery techniques for protecting personal computer information

means of detection, preventive measures, and responding to
various attacks.

#Tasks and Data#

(1) eNews Categorization. The aim is to classify text data into

entertainment, sport, technology, and travel 5 categories.

(2) Intrusion Detection. The aim is to perform network intrusion

over data collected from a real IDS deployed in Korea.

(3) Packer Identification. The aim is to perform packer
    identification for

given portable executable (PE) files.

(4) Multi-task Pattern Recognition. The aim is to perform
    effective knowledge

transfer for 3 correlated multi-task pattern recognition.

#Prizes and Awards#

We have set cash prizes for the competition. The top ranking
teams of all 3

data mining tasks will be eligible to win a cash prize of NZ
$3000. Additional prizes may be available as travel grants for
deserving participants to help them attend the ICONIP2013
conference and/or the DMC2013 workshop.

#Paper submissions and publications#

The competition is associated with the 6th International Workshop

on Data Mining and Cybersecurity (DMC2013), which is an

event to the 20th International Conference on Neural Information

Processing (ICONIP2013), Daegu, Korea, November 3-7, 2013. The

competition is open to anyone who would like to register.

Note that author can submit your paper to DMC2013 workshop

the following online submission gate and choose the 'Workshop'

and tick the group of 'Workshop: CDMC 2013'.


#Deadline for submission#

The competition results submission deadline is on 31st of August
2013, and the competition

results will be announced by 3rd, November 2013.

The DMC2013 workshop paper submission deadline is on 15th of June

CDMC2013 Secretary

International Cybersecurity and Data Mining Society


International Cybersecurity Data Mining Competition


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