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Subject: [ E-Conf ] Special Session Speech science in end user applications @ Interspeech 2013
From: <schuller_(on)_tum.de>
Date received: 10 Mar 2013
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Start date: 25 Aug 2013

Dear List,

For those of you interested, let us announce a special session on
speech science in end user applications to be held at Interspeech


Speech science in end user applications

Special session at Interspeech 2013

Lyon, France, 25-29 August 2013


The successful injection of speech technology inventions produced
by academic institutions into innovative industry projects is
often difficult because of the fact that important constraints
stemming from real world application scenarios are largely
disregarded in laboratory settings. On the other hand, research
in industry laboratories is often regarded as of a less
"scientific" nature due to time pressure and a pragmatism that is
needed to get products on the road. To cast a balance between
science and technology applications, this special session focuses
on applications of speech technologies. Junior researchers in
particular will appreciate getting an idea on how speech
technology is used in industrial products designed with the end
user in mind. We felt that a special session would be a good
place to bring the academic and industrial world closer together,
and exchange experiences in the overlapping areas of science and
technology. While industry is primarily interested in producing
fail-safe products that serve the users in all applications,
academia searches for merits by finding new algorithms that were
not thought of before.

We don't see a problem in this duality, but want to create an
opportunity to meet and foster awareness between members of
either community about topics of the other, exchange view points,
and perhaps initiate common projects while raising appreciation.
The focus of the session is on common problems in all
technological fields of speech and language processing.
Therefore, we encourage contributions all fields, e.g.
recognition, synthesis, semantics, classification, etc., but with
a focus on real world applications and the problems detected in
user studies or extracted from real-use log files. We expect
submissions from industry SMEs as well as from academia with
experience in jointly developed projects, or open source projects
with a big end-user community. We envision a poster session as
this will allow for good individual exchange. This session shall
begin with an introduction by the organizers followed by a short
presentation to introduce the posters at display to all. A short
panel discussion at the end will ensure a good forum of
discussion for all.

Please feel free to contact the organisers if you are interested
in submitting a paper.


Felix Burkhardt Felix.Burkhardt_(at)_telekom.de Deutsche Telekom
Laboratories, Germany Juergen Schroeter jsh_(at)_research.att.com
AT&T, USA Björn Schuller schuller_(at)_tum.de Technische Universität
München, Germany


PD Dr.-Ing. habil. DI Björn W. Schuller

Visiting Professor Centre Interfacultaire en Sciences Affectives
(CISA) Université de Genève 7 rue des Battoirs - CH -1205 Genève

Head Machine Intelligence & Signal Processing Group Institute for
Human-Machine Communication Technische Universität München Munich
/ Germany

Visiting Professor School of Computer Science and Technology
Harbin Institute of Technology Harbin / P.R. China

Fon: +49-(0)89-289-28548 Fax: +49-(0)89-289-28535

schuller_(at)_tum.de www.mmk.ei.tum.de/~sch

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