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Subject: [ E-Conf ] Third International Workshop on Systems and Frameworks for Computational Morphology (SFCM 2013)
From: <mxp_(on)_cl.uzh.ch>
Date received: 16 Jun 2013
Deadline: -
Start date: 06 Sep 2013



The Third International Workshop on Systems and Frameworks for
Computational Morphology (SFCM 2013)

Registration and program: http://sfcm.eu/sfcm2013/

Workshop date: Friday, September 6, 2013

Location: Humboldt-Universität, Berlin, Germany

Deadline for registration: July 19, 2013


SFCM brings together researchers and developers in the area of
computational morphology. The focus of SFCM are actual, working
systems and frameworks based on linguistic principles and
providing linguistically motivated analyses and/or generation on
the basis of linguistic categories.

In 2013, SFCM will take place for the third time. We are happy to
announce that the keynote for SFCM 2013 will be given by Georg
Rehm of DFKI Berlin and META-NET.

You are cordially invited to attend SFCM 2011, listen to the
talks, watch the demos, and participate in the discussions--and
join us for a nice dinner after the workshop. Please register
online at http://sfcm.eu/sfcm2013/ before July 19, 2013.


Date: Friday, September 6, 2013

Location: Humboldt-Universität Campus Mitte Dorotheenstraße 24?
10117 Berlin Germany

Workshop Contact Address: info_(at)_sfcm.eu

Please register online before July 19, 2013.

Registration and program: http://sfcm.eu/sfcm2013/


Note: On September 5, 2013 (i.e., on the day before SFCM), a
workshop on Corpus-Based Historical Linguistics will take place
at Humboldt-Universität, in the same building. For more
information, please see


Accepted Papers

  * HFST-a System for Creating NLP Tools (Krister Lindén, Erik
    Axelson, Senka Drobac, Sam Hardwick, Juha Kuokkala, Jyrki
    Niemi, Tommi Pirinen, and Miikka Silfverberg)

  * Verbal Morphosyntactic Disambiguation through Topological
    Field Recognition in German-Language Law Texts (Kyoko
    Sugisaki and Stefan Höfler)

  * A Case Study in Tagging Case in German: An assessment of
    statistical approaches (Simon Clematide)

  * A Rule-based Morphosemantic Parser for French for a
    Fine-grained Semantic Annotation of Texts (Fiammetta Namer)

  * Jabalín: a Comprehensive Computational Model of Modern
    Standard Arabic Verbal Morphology Based on Traditional Arabic
    Prosody (Alicia González Martínez, Susana López Hervás, Doaa
    Samy, Carlos
    G. Arques, and Antonio Moreno Sandoval)

  * A System for Archivable Grammar Documentation (Michael

  * Implementing a Formal Model of Inflectional Morphology
    (Benoît Sagot and Géraldine Walther)


Hope to see you in Berlin,

Cerstin Mahlow and Michael Piotrowski (Chairs)
-- Dr.-Ing. Michael Piotrowski, M.A. <mxp_(at)_cl.uzh.ch> Institute of
   Computational Linguistics, University of Zurich Phone +41 44
   63-54313 | OpenPGP public key ID 0x1614A044 * OUT NOW: Natural
   Language Processing for Historical Texts *
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