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ELSNET-List Message

Subject: [ E-SSchool ] GATE TRAINING WEEK (3rd--7th June 2013, University of Sheffield, UK)
From: <g.gorrell_(on)_sheffield.ac.uk>
Date received: 12 Feb 2013
Deadline: 19 Apr 2013
Start date: 03 Jun 2013

GATE TRAINING WEEK (3rd--7th June 2013, University of Sheffield, UK)

GATE is an open-source NLP framework and a set of free multi-lingual
NLP components, including named entity recognition, information
extraction, parsing, ontologies, semantic annotation, sentiment
analysis, and evaluation. The software is used widely both by
researchers and companies alike and has a large, active user

Information about the training course can be found at

The deadline for early registration is 19th April.

If you are a researcher using GATE or a company looking to train their
staff in text analytics, you may also be interested in our optional
certification exam.

We also offer companies a sponsorship package; please contact me for details.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Sheffield!
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