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Name Morais, Da Silva Edmilson
Job Title Visiting Researcher 
Organisation CSTR (Centre for Speech Technology Research) University 
Address 1A Priestifield Road 
Postal Code EH16 5HH 
City Edinburgh 
Country United Kingdom 
Phone + +44 131 667 5859
Fax + +44 131 650 4587
Email emorais_(on)_cstr.ed.ac.uk [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL  
Specialism Speechtechnology:
Acoustic Phonetics
Language Processing
Neural Networks
Speech Coding
Speech Recognition
Speech Synthesis 
PhotographDescription or CV
Description: Expert in Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis and Speech

  Edmilson S. Morais

   The portuguese version of this page is been prepared.

   (Additional information can be found on my homepage.)

  Academic Background

   State University of Campinas - UNICAMP - SP - Brazil
     + PHD in Eletrical Engenieering (Not completed, yet) August 1997 -
       August 1998 (Not completed)
     + Master Degree in Eletrical Engenieering January 1996 - December

   University of Brasília - UnB - DF - Brazil
     + Undergraduate in Eletrical Engenieering January 1991 - December

  Professional Experience

   CSTR (Centre for Speech Technology Research) / University of Edinburgh
   Edinburgh. Scotland, UK January 2000 - July 2000
     + Visiting Researcher : Prosodic Speech Modification Using Prototype
       Waveform Interpolation (A Time / Frequence Approach)

   IBM - International Bussines Machine
   Seville, Spain (European Speech Recognition Group) September 1998 -
   December 1999
     + Project Supervisor : Acoustic and Language modeling for the
       Brazilian Portuguese IBM ViaVoice System. These project was
       developed by team composed by : Eletrical Engineers, Computer
       Engineers, Telecommunication Engineers and Linguistics.

   Z-Tecnology in Communications July 1994 - January 1995
   Brasília - DF - Brazil
     + Intern : Development of application for MODEM based on C++ for

   Z-Tecnology in Communications May 1992 - August 1993
   Brasília - DF - Brazil
     + Intern : Development of software in C, Assembly for PC and
       Assembly for TMS320C51 from Texas Instruments.

  Research Activities

   GPDF - Group of Speech Digital Signal Processing of UNICAMP January
   1996 - September 1998
   Campinas - SP - Brazil
     + Master Degree : Application of adaptative algorithm LMS ("Least
       Mean Square") and RLS ("Recursive Least Square") for speech signal
       analysis. Applications of the FIR-MLP ("Finite Impulse Response -
       Multilayer Perceptron") for phones analysis and phones
       recognition. Analysis and Development of all modules of a Hybrid
       Continuous Speech Recognition System based on ANN (Artificial
       Neural Network) and HMM (Hidden Markov Model). Study and
       development of algorithm for TTS-Sythesis
       (Text-To-Speech-Synthesis) based on PSOLA, TFI (Time Frequence
       Interpolation) and Harmonic Decomposition. Obs : During all my
       work in the GPDF-UNICAMP I mantained a strong relationship with
       the LAFAPE-UNICAMP (Laboratory of Acoustic Phonetic and
       Experimental Psychoacoustc Group of UNICAMP).

   GPDS - Group of Digital Signal Processing of UnB August 1993 -
   December 1995
   Campinas - SP - Brazil
     + Reserch study : Study of fundamental concepts of digital signal
       processing. Research and development of techniques for speech
       signal processing , such as : (1) Prosodic speech modification
       using a technique based on CELP/TFI (Coding excited linear
       prediction / Time frequency interpolation), (2) Low bit rate
       speech coding based on a CELP/TFI system, (3) Development of a TTS
       system based on the CELP/TFI technique.

   Program Languages
     + Matlab
     + C and C++
     + Shell scripts for Unix

   Teaching Experience
     + Diferencial and Integral Calculus (Teacher assistent) March 1992 -
       July 1992
     + Digital Signal Processing (Teacher assistent) March 1995 - July

   Language Skills
     + Portuguese Native Language.
     + English Proficiency Level .
     + Spanish Intermediate Level : Spoken and Written.

   Scientific Production
     + Morais, E., Taylor, P., Prototype Waverform Interpolation Applied
       for Concatenative Speech Synthesis ( A Time Frequency Approach) ,
       Submitted for ICSLP - International Congress of Speech and
       Language Processing , Beijin, China, October 2000.
     + Morais, E., Violaro F., Prosodic Speech Modification Using TFI
       (Time Frequence Interpolation), International Telecommunication
       Symposium, São Paulo, SP, Brazil, June 1998.
     + Ynoguti, C., Morais, E, S. Violaro F., A comparative Study Between
       a Hybrid System and a Traditional HMM System for Continuous Speech
       Recognition, International Telecommuication Symposium, São Paulo,
       SP, Brazil, June 1998.
     + Morais, E., Violaro F., Automatic Continuous Speech Recognition
       Based on ANN-HMM Hibryd System, Master Degree Thesis, UNICAMP,
       Campinas - SP, Brazil, 1997.
     + Morais, E., Violaro F., Netto M. L. A., Hidden Markov Model
       Trained by a ANN and Its Application for Speech Recognition, III
       CBRN - Brazilian Congress of Artificial Neural Networks,
       Florianópolis - SC - Brazil, 1997.
     + Morais, E., Violaro F., Netto M. L. A., Hybrid Hidden Markov Model
       / Neural Network System Following MAP and ML Aproaches and their
       Application to Time Series Recognition , III SBAI - Brazilian
       Simposium of Inteligent Control , Espirito Santo - ES - Brazil,
     + Morais, E., Violaro F., Hybrid System ANN-HMM for Continuous
       Speech Recognition, XV SBT - Brazilian Telecommunication
       Symposium, Recife - PE - Brazil, 1997.
     + Morais, E., Silva L. M., A Comparative Study of Prototype
       Transmission Rate for TFI Speech Coding, TELEMO 96 - XIV Brazilian
       Telecommunication Symposium and VII Brazilian Optic and Microwave
       Symposium, Curitiba - PR - Brazil, 1996.
     + Morais, E., Silva, L, M., Cobra, D, T, Q., System CELP/TFI for
       Speech Coding and Its Application for Text To Speech Synthesis.,
       Final Project of Undergraduation in Eletrical Engenieering,
       University of Brasília, Brasília - DF - Brazil, 1995.
     + Morais, E., Cobra, D, T, Q., Prosodic Speech Modifications (Pitch
       and Time Scale), Anais of the First Congress of Science and
       Culture of the University of Brasília - DF - Brazil, 1995.

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