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ELSNET's Job service

ELSNET offers the members of the European language and speech communities the fastest way of finding the best jobs in the field.

All job ads sent out via elsnet-list are stored in a searchable archive, accessible from this page, normally in the same week, but sometimes the delay may be considerably longer.


If you want to see them earlier than most other people we recommend that you subscribe to ELSNET-list - if you wait until they appear here someone else may have run away with your job!

Search Job Ads

You can search through the entire Job archive. Just type in keywords separated by spaces. The system is case-insensitive.
It is also possible to use standard boolean connectives `and', `or' and `andnot'. Search strings may be arbitrarily complex, for instance:
(natural and (language or speech)) andnot formal

Query:    Order on: Relevance
Date posted

How to place a job ad?

You can send a mail to elsnet-list@elsnet.org, providing at least the following information:

Employers should give a brief description of the job including:
NB: Only properly formatted messages in plain ASCII text will be published.
We never distribute messages with attachments or messages in HTML

Job ads will be sent to all subscribers of elsnet-list.

How to edit or remove an obsolete job ad?

Users cannot edit or remove their messages. If you want us to remove a message you can send a removal request to elsnet@elsnet.org. Please
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