Subject: New Online Journal - Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence (ETAI)
From: Elisabeth Andre <>
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 12:43:02 +0200

	 *** Call for Papers for the First Issues of the ***


	  Organized and published under the auspices of the
 European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (ECCAI)

AREA: Intelligent User Interfaces


The ETAI is organized into several specialized areas. The area of
Intelligent User Interfaces focuses on design principles,
methodologies and tools that make man-machine communication easier and
more effective. For ETAI, papers are invited from the whole spectrum
of Intelligent User Interfaces research. Topics of interest include,
but are not restricted to:

- knowledge-based tools and environments for user interface design and 
- adaptive and customizable user interfaces 
- user modeling 
- intelligent interface agents and agent-based interaction 
- knowledge-based presentation of information 
- intelligent interfaces to the internet, 
  for tasks such as design, presentation, access and navigation 
- natural-language and multimodal interfaces 
- intelligent front-ends to multimedia, hypermedia and virtual environments 
- architectures for intelligent user interfaces 
- evaluation and analysis of intelligent user interfaces applications, 
  such as tutoring and advisory systems, computer-supported
  collaborative work, computer-aided design, decision-support systems, 
  information kiosks 


The ETAI welcomes contributions for the first issues of the area:
Intelligent User Interfaces. Beside high-quality papers, we seek
conference and workshop reports, book reviews and links to software
that is available and can be run over the net. Submission guidelines
can be found under
For more details contact the area editor (address see below).

AREA EDITOR: Elisabeth Andre, DFKI, Germany

AREA EDITORIAL COMMITTEE (as of September 1997):

Niels Ole Bernsen, Odense University, Denmark 
Peter Brusilovsky, CMU, USA 
Lynda Hardmann, CWI, NL 
James Lester, North Carolina State University, USA 
Joe Marks, MERL, USA 
Chris Mellish, University of Edinburgh, UK 
Ehud Reiter, University of Aberdeen, UK 
Constantine Stephanidis, FORTH, Greece 
Oliviero Stock, IRST, Italy 
Annika Waern, SICS, Sweden 


The ETAI represents a novel approach to electronic publishing. We do
not simply inherit the patterns from the older technology, but instead
we have rethought the structure of scientific communication in order
to make the best possible use of international computer networks as
well as electronic document and database technologies.

Articles submitted to the ETAI are reviewed in a 2-phase process.
After submission, an article is open to public online discussion in
the area's News Journal. After the discussion period of three months,
and after the authors have had a chance to revise it, the article is
reviewed for acceptance by the ETAI, using confidential peer review
and journal level quality criteria. This second phase is expected to
be rather short because of the preceding discussion and possible
revision.  During the entire reviewing process, the article is already
published in a "First Publication Archive", which compares to
publication as a departmental tech report.

Compared to mailgroups, the News Journals offer a more persistent and
reputable forum of discussion. Discussion contributions are preserved
in such a way that they are accessible and referencable for the
future. In other words, they also are to be considered as "published".

One additional type of contributions in News Journals is for links to
software that is available and can be run over the net. This is
particularly valuable for software which can be run directly from a
web page.

The creation of bibliographies, finally, is a traditional activity in
research, but it is impractical in paper-based media since by their
very nature, bibliographies ought to be updated as new articles
arrive. The on-line maintenance of specialized bibliographies within
each of its topic areas is a natural function in the ETAI.

For more details see:


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