Project description: Car Speech Corpus (Car04)

[ ID = 0081 ] Car04 
Project nameCar Speech Corpus (Car04) 
Short name or acronymCar04 
Project URL http://www.sitec.or.kr/English/index.asp 
Project description

◦ Speech recorded simultaneously through 7 microphones and 1 handsfree in 
car driving environments 
◦ A total of 400 speakers 
◦ Car at 2,000cc
◦ Driving environments: 
 - speed: city street(40~60km/h); highway (70~90km/h), 
 - indoors: windows closed, air-con off, audio off
 - outdoors: fair weather, asphalt 
◦ Sampling and data format
 - microphone: 24,000 Hz, 16 bit Windows wave format
 - hands free: 8,000 Hz, 16 bit Windows wave format 
◦ Prompts: 
 - command words for telematics: 173 words
 - command words for navigation: 121 words
 - address: 2,110 items
 - resting places on highways: 75 items
 - train and subway stations: 915 items
◦ Per speaker
 - 170 items per speaker
Project durationMay 2001 - Feb 2006
NameResearcher Yongnam Um
OrganisationWonkwang University 
Address Speech Information Technology & Industry Promotion Center, Wonkwang University, 344-2, Sinyong-dong 
City570-749 Iksan, Chonbuk
Country Korea (South) 
Phone+82 63-850-7452  
Fax+82 63-850-7454 
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