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Category:   E-Material
Subject:   Announcing DG Online
From:   Yigal Arens
Email:   arens_(on)_ISI.EDU
Date received:   02 Apr 2001
Start date:   21 May 2001

DG Online <http://www.dgrc.org/dg-online/>. DG Online: The Magazine for Digital Government Research is the new online quarterly of dg.o (DigitalGovernment.Org), a national consortium of government agencies, computer science researchers, the IT industry, and civic organizations concerned with improving online government operations and services. DG Online presents the latest developments in advanced computer and IT research for Digital Government along with news and viewpoints on the most important DG issues: * Cooperation among federal, state, and local government agencies * Privacy and security * Universal access--bridging the digital divide * Streamlined delivery and tracking of public services * Electronic voting, taxes, the Census, and other sensitive online data collection * User-friendly interfaces * Commercial and economic incentives for digital government And if you are interested in digital government, please consider attending dg.o 2001. Join the National Science Foundation as they gather academic researchers, government agencies, industry leaders, and users to begin creating the Digital Government of the 21st Century. Monday, May 21 -- Wednesday, May 23 Los Angeles, California http://www.dgrc.org/dgo2001/ dg.o 2001, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is the first national conference to bring together top computer science researchers, government agencies, e-commerce, the software industry, and members of the public with the aim of making online government systems available to citizens. Sessions will address vital technical, social, and economic issues in digital government for the new millennium: - Government and social policy - Privacy and security - Delivery and tracking of public services - Commercial and economic incentives for Digital Government - Useful and user-friendly interfaces, also for the disabled - Multimedia presentations and human-computer interaction - Delivery of geospatial, textual, audiovisual, statistical, and other information - Delivery of public surveys and data gathering - Data integration and statistics - Cooperation among federal, state, and local government agencies The conference begins Monday morning, May 21st, and runs through early afternoon Wednesday, May 23rd. Day 1 (Monday May 21) will showcase research projects in the NSF Digital Government Program. The conference will include technical and general keynote addresses; panel discussions on key issues, such as digital democracy, privacy in a digital world, the economics of digital government, and more; research presentations; system demonstrations of new online technologies; poster sessions; and Birds-of-a-Feather roundtables. Further information is available at http://www.dgrc.org/dgo2001/ . The call for presentations (papers, panel, demonstrations, etc.): http://www.dgrc.org/dgo2001/cfp/ For more information, please send email to dg.o2001_(on)_dgrc.org . -- Yigal Arens USC/ISI Ph: 310-448-8766 Director 4676 Admiralty Way Fax: 310-822-0751 Intelligent Systems Division Marina del Rey, CA 90292 /messageto.html?arens_(on)_isi.edu http://www.isi.edu/arens --============_-1226284020==_ma============

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