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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   AC2001 - The 13th Amsterdam Colloquium
From:   Rosja Mastrop
Email:   r.mastop_(on)_hum.uva.nl
Date received:   03 Dec 2001
Start date:   17 Dec 2001

AC2001 - The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium - December 17-19, 2001 Call for Registration The Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium will be held from December 17-19, 2001 at the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The Amsterdam Colloquia aim at bringing together linguists, logicians, philosophers and computer scientists who share an interest in the formal study of semantics of natural and formal languages. The spectrum of topics covered ranges from descriptive (semantic analyses of all kinds of expressions) to theoretical (logical and computational properties of semantic theories, philosophical foundations). The program of the Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium consists of: * General Program, which includes invited lectures by: Reinhard Blutner (Berlin) - Gennaro Chierchia (Milan)- Ruth Kempson (London) - Angelika Kratzer (Amherst) * Workshop on Semantics and Cognition, with invited lectures by: Ted Briscoe (Cambridge) - Simon Garrod (Glasgow) - Jonathan Ginzburg (London) - Pieter Muyskens (Nijmegen) * Workshop on Games in Language and Logic, which includes an invited lecture by: Rohit Parikh (CUNY) - Robert Stalnaker (MIT) - Robert Sugden (East Anglia) * A special evening session, organized by the Evert W. Beth Foundation, which features the Beth Lecture given by: Hans Kamp (Stuttgart) Furthermore, there are 32 contributed papers. The complete program and abstracts are available at the website, including information on how to get there, and possible accommodation. Following the Amsterdam Colloquium, on December 20 a one day event will take place, in which the Spinoza project Logic in Action of Johan van Benthem is closed off. Organization The Amsterdam Colloquia are organized every two years under the auspices of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. The organizing committee of the Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium consists of: Robert van Rooy, Martin Stokhof, Rosja Mastop, Marjan Veldhuisen and Willy van Wier. Information For further information, contact: Organizing Committee Thirteenth Amsterdam Colloquium ILLC/Department of Philosophy, Universiteit van Amsterdam Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15, 1012 CP Amsterdam, The Netherlands phone:+31 20 5254531, fax: +31 20 5254503 website: www.illc.uva.nl/ac2001/ e-mail: ac2001_(on)_wins.uva.nl

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