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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   Terminology and Artificial Intelligence TIA 2007, Nice (French Riviera)
Email:   aussenac_(on)_irit.fr
Date received:   30 Apr 2007
Deadline:   01 Jun 2007
Start date:   08 Oct 2007

Call for papers 7th international conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence TIA 2007 - Sophia Antipolis, France, October 8-9, 2007 http://www-sop.inria.fr/acacia/tia2007/index-en.html Conference presentation For more than a decade, the TIA group has studied the large field of terminological questions, confronting and combining various disciplines: Linguistics, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Information Sciences, Knowledge Engineering, etc. Knowledge is memorised and transmitted in documents. In scientific or technical fields (medicine, aeronautics, education, etc), terms play an important role in ensuring the precision of information. The rise of the internet and globalisation have increased the sharing of written documents between cultures and thus, between languages, but also between fields. This phenomenon creates new problems which emerge when exogeneous knowledge is appropriated by a community gathered around a topic. TIA 2007 will be particularly focused on the migration of terms which can be understood as the passage from a language to another, from a domain to another, from an application to another, or as an evolution through time. The problem which underlies this question is the instability of terms and has been left unconsidered in order to give precedence to the needs for standardization. Communications may tackle theoretical questions or consider methodological aspects. Interdisciplinary studies which stress the possible convergences and co-operations between various disciplines around terminological questions are particularly welcome. Topics of the conference You are invited to propose an original communication having a theoretical, methodological or practical range, on one of the following topics (non exhaustive list): - Semantic theories and the terminology compared to textual linguistics and ontologies domains - Methods to localise terminologies evolution (diachronic aspects, interlingual transfers…) - Localisation of terminological evolutions within cultures or different communities (scientific, technical) and role of terminological resources in this localisation - Confrontation of terminological terminologies / terminological resources / ontological resources issued from different languages, communities, periods - Automatic or manual constitution of terminologies from mono or multilingual corpora - Methods to automatically structure terminologies (identification of relations between terms, distribution in fields) - Use of terminologies to constitute and structure ontologies - Methods and criteria to evaluate and validate terminologies - Reusability, standardization, comparison and fusion of terminological resources - Difficulties to build multilingual terminologies - Applications exploiting terminological resources (semantic web, management of documentary flows, information retrieval, document classification, technological survey, question and answer…) The TIA group (http://tia.loria.fr/) organises this conference which follows conferences TIA'95 (Villetaneuse), TIA'97 (Toulouse), TIA'99 (Nantes), TIA'01 (Nancy), TIA' 03 (Strasbourg) and TIA'05 (Rouen). Founded under the aegis of the AFIA in 1994, now AFIA/GdR-I3 group, this group gathers researchers in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. The received papers will be submitted to an international review committee constituted by members of the TIA group and by experts of the concerned fields (3 reviews per paper). The papers could be approved as oral communication or poster. Program committee Chair: Chantal Enguehard (LINA, Nantes) Muriel Amar (BPI, France), Nathalie Aussenac-Gilles (IRIT, France), Olivier Bodenreider (National Library of Medicine, USA), Myriam Bouveret (DYALANG, France), Maria-Teresa Cabré (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain), Jean Charlet (AP-HP & INSERM, France), Anne Condamines (CLLE-ERSS, France), James Cussens (University of York, UK), Valérie Delavigne (FNCLCC, France), Rose Dieng-Kuntz (INRIA Sophia Antipolis, France), Ulrich Heid (Universität Stuttgart, Allemagne), Sylvie Lainé-Cruzel (ERSICOM, France), Marie-Claude L’Homme (Université de Montréal, Canada), François Rousselot (LGECO -INSA, France), Pascale Sébillot (IRISA, France), Monique Slodzian (CRIM-INALCO, France), Sylvie Szulman (LIPN, Université Paris 13 & CNRS, France), Koichi Takeuchi (Okayama University, Japan), Yannick Toussaint (LORIA, France), Pierre Zweigenbaum (LIMSI-CNRS & CRIM-INALCO, France). Organising committee Chair: Rose Dieng-Kuntz (INRIA Sophia Antipolis) Monique Simonetti (INRIA Sophia Antipolis Responsible for Organization of National and International Conferences), Hacène Cherfi (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Khaled Khelif (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Mohammed Bennis (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Olivier Corby (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Priscille Durville (INRIA Sophia Antipolis), Catherine Faron-Zucker (UNSA-I3S), Phuc-Hiep Luong (INRIA Sophia Antipolis) Amira Tifous (INRIA Sophia Antipolis). Contact: tia2007_(on)_sophia.inria.fr http://www-sop.inria.fr/acacia/tia2007/index-en.html Format of submissions Papers, in French or English, will not have to exceed 10 pages in Times 12, simple spacing, that is to say approximately 3000 words, figures, including examples and references. They will have to contain, on a separated page, the following elements: - name(s) of author(s) - affiliation(s), addresses, fax and e-mail - title of the tender - 5 to 10 keywords in French or in English - abstract in English (300 words maximum) - abstract in French (300 words maximum) It is possible to directly submit a poster communication (4 to 6 pages). We thank you to comply with the style sheet LATEX or the MS Word example you can download on the conference web site. The articles will have to reach the program committee in electronic form (pdf) by using the form on the conference web site. Calendar - Deadline: June 1, 2007 - Notification to the authors: July 16, 2007 - Final Version: September 1, 2007 _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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