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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   Workshop at COOP'08 "Affective aspects of cooperative interactions"
Email:   aussenac_(on)_irit.fr
Date received:   01 Feb 2008
Deadline:   21 Mar 2008
Start date:   20 May 2008

COOP 2008 Conference http://www.coop08.org/ Call for Papers WORKSHOP Affective aspects of cooperative interactions May 20th - French Riviera Organizers Béatrice Cahour (CNRS IRIT/ENST Paris) Alain Giboin (INRIA Sophia-Antipolis) Stacy Marsella (USC / ISI Los Angeles) Bernard Pavard (CNRS IRIT Toulouse) Objectives and topics of the workshop Affective states (such as emotions, moods, preferences.) have an impact on the relation we build with a group we work with, with a person we dialog with, or with a machine we interact with. They can transform the way we cooperate with each of them, the way we act together to perform a task, to make decisions, or to achieve any other type of activity oriented towards a common objective for which we need to coordinate our activities, and to communicate. A growing body of research has demonstrated the broad impact of affective states on different aspects of human behavior, including decision taking, attention, judgments and motivation. Of particular note, affective states are known to strongly influence social interaction and have been described as the `social glue that binds us together.' This basic research argues that the design of cooperative systems needs to be informed by empirical studies looking at the role of emotions and affects in cooperative, as well as competitive, situations. The goal of this workshop is to provide a forum in which to present and discuss such empirical studies, or cooperative systems based on this kind of studies. The types of questions we will address are:  Which are the sources of the affective feelings in cooperative situations? What aspects of cooperative situations, generate such affect?  Which type of affects are interesting to study in cooperative situations? Trust for instance seems to be important for cooperation.  Which are the effects of these affects on the cooperative situation ? How does it impact the group dynamics? How are the processes of negotiation, decision-taking, problem solving, creativity, etc, transformed by the lived affects?  How do we differentiate group affects and individual affects? How can we understand and model emotional contagion and its role in cooperation?  What types of models describe these interactions between affects and cooperative activity? What are the difficulties in modeling these links?  Which kinds of "affective models" are relevant for the design of cooperative systems (including groupware systems, ontologies,.)? How can we add "affect-oriented" functionalities to a cooperative system?  Which kinds of evaluation methods can we employ to assess affect in cooperative interactions?  . Of particular relevance to the workshop goals is work that addresses these questions using  field studies on real-life situations (collaborative design, negotiation, CSCL, CSCW, CSCA, agent-client interaction, social networking.),  experimental situations of cooperation,  evaluations of human-computer interactions focusing on the users' affects and their consequences on the interaction. The types of interactions being studied may include human direct communication or mediated communication (virtual world, videoconference, groupware.) that involve interactions at work, in the classroom, or other social interactions, as well as human-computer interaction. Participants We invite contributions from researchers, practitioners, and students, from social and human sciences (psychology, sociology, ergonomics,.), organizational sciences, CSCW, and HCI, examining any of the above (or related) topics, focused on the analysis of the human cooperative processes or on the user-centred design of cooperative systems. Format of the workshop and format of papers This one-day workshop will include 8 presentations of 25 mn, with 15 mn to discuss each talk, and a more extensive discussion at the end of the day. The authors will have to submit a 4-page paper (including references) with a precise description of the study they will present and of the observations concerning the links between emotions and cooperation processes. Authors are invited to use the submission template available on the Website of the COOP'2008 Conference (http://www.coop08.org/). Papers must be sent in PDF format to Béatrice Cahour (bcahour_(on)_ext.jussieu.fr). The accepted papers will be published in the Workshop Proceedings edited by INRIA and will be made available on a web site. We also anticipate publishing a special journal issue or edited book with longer versions of the workshop papers. Important dates  March 21th, 2008: Submissions due of the 4-page paper  March 31th, 2008: Notification of acceptance (and advices for modifications)  April 25th, 2008: Camera-ready copy of the 4-page paper  May 20th, 2008: Workshop (1st day of the COOP conference) Contact bcahour_(on)_ext.jussieu.fr Information about the COOP conference (Program Committee, place, etc) is available on http://www.coop08.org/ -- _______________________________________________

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