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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   News on the journal of Language and Computation
From:   Ruth Kempson
Email:   kempson_(on)_dcs.kcl.ac.uk
Date received:   08 Aug 2002

Dear Elsnet member, This message is being sent to more than one forum. Our apologies if you receive it more than once. We are proud to announce news of: Research on Language and Computation Research on Language and Computation (L&C) is an independent journal devoted to the publication of high level research papers on issues in the interface of logic, linguistics, formal grammar, and computational linguistics. L&C is Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers. The managing Editorial Board of L&C is composed of Dov Gabbay, Tim Fernando, Ruth Kempson, Odinaldo Rodrigues. The projected contents of the issues for the 2002 volume are as follows: 1.1. Mathematics of Language - on strings, structure and interpretation: Rodrigues and Kempson * M. Kracht: The Combinatorics of Cases * L. Kallmeyer and A.K. Joshi: Underspecified Semantics with LTAG * K.Erk, A.Koller, J.Niehren: Processing underspecified semantic representations in the constraint language for lambda structures * G. Jaeger: On the generative capacity of multi-modal categorial grammars * D. Ben-Shalom: A characterization of the linguistic quantifier SELF 1.2 Trees in Linguistics, Logic, and Computer Science: V Gorenko * D. Duchier: Configuration Of Labeled Trees Under Lexicalized Constraints and Principles * Y Le Nir: From Proof Trees in Lambek Calculus to Ajdukiewicz Bar-Hillel Elimination Binary Trees * L.McColm: An Introduction to Random Trees * M. Francheschet and A. Montanari: Branching within Time: an Expressively Complete and Elementarily Decidable Temporal Logic for Time Granularity * J. Rogers: Syntactic Structures as Multi-dimensional Trees 1.3 Resource Logics and Minimalist Grammars: Retore and Stabler * C. Retore and E. Stabler: Generative Grammars in Resource Logics. * A. Lecomte: Rebuilding MP on a Logical Ground * A. Joshi, S. Kublick, N. Kurtonina: Partial Proof Trees, Hybrid Logic, and Quantifier Scope * W. Vermaat: The Minimalist Move operation in a deductive perspective * C. Cremers: Modal Merge and Minimal Move for Dislocation and Verb Clustering * T-L Cornell: Lambek Calculus for Transformational Grammar * S. Vasishth: Word Order, Negation, and Negative Polarity in Hindi 1.4 Linguistic Theory and Grammar Implementation: E. Hinrichs, Detmar Meurers, S. Wintner * E. Hinrichs, D. Meurers and S. Wintner: Linguistic Theory and Grammar Implementation * J. Hockenmaier, G. Bierner and J. Baldridge: Extending the Coverage of a CCG System * M. Dras, D. Chiang and W. Schuler: A Multi-Level TAG Approach to Dependency * T. H. King, S. Dipper, A. Frank, J. Kuhn and J. T. Maxwell III: Ambiguity Management in Grammar Writing * S. Müller: Continuous or Discontinuous Constituents? A comparison between syntactic analyses for constituent order and their processing systems. We are accepting article submissions for future issues. Please ask your library to subscribe, and visit our website and/or Kluwer's for further information: http://www.dcs.kcl.ac.uk/j ournals/jlac http://www.wkap.nl With best wishes, The managing editorial board of L&C Thanks, Odinaldo and Ruth -- Dr. Odinaldo Rodrigues Group of Logic and Computation Department of Computer Science King's College - Strand Ruth Kempson Philosophy Department Kings College The Strand London, WC2R 2LS.

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