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Category:   E-SSchool
Subject:   NATO ASI Summer School
From:   Erdohegyi Katalin
Email:   pkati_(on)_alpha.ttt.bme.hu
Date received:   08 Nov 2001
Start date:   23 Jun 2002

Dear Colleagues, A Summer School on the topic of Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception will be organized by the NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) between June 23-July 6, 2002, in Il Ciocco, Italy. The main organizers are Pierre L. Divenyi, Director and myself Klára Vicsi, Co-Director. It would be very nice to see you and your colleagues in this summer school. I attach the advertisement of the school. Please distribute this advertisement among your colleagues and societies too. Best regards, Klára Vicsi Katalin Erdohegyi "Georg von Bekesy" Acoustics Research Laboratory Dept. of Telecommunications and Telematics Budapest University of Technology and Economics Budapest, XI. Sztoczek u. 2. H-1111 Hungary tel:36-1-4631886 fax:36-1-4631763 ADVANCED STUDY INSTITUTE Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception June 23 - July 6, 2002 Il Ciocco, Italy Applications for participating in a NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI) on the Dynamics of Speech Production and Perception are being solicited. The objective of this ASI is to expose young scientists from diverse disciplines to facts, theories, and issues related to speech dynamics. It will survey both classical and contemporary speech research from the perspectives of articulatory phonetics and physiology, auditory perception of speech and other dynamically changing signals, neurophysiology of the central auditory system, spoken language processing, and speech technology, with dynamic processes as the common focus. The ASI will include lectures by established scientists, round-table discussions, demonstrations, and poster presentations by participants. The language of the ASI will be English. Lecturers will include René Carré (France; articulatory and perceptual phonetics, speech acoustics, gesture theory), Pierre L. Divenyi (USA; psychoacoustics), Steven Greenberg (USA; spoken language processing, auditory physiology), Hynek Hermansky (Czech Republic and USA; speech recognition, signal processing), András Illényi (Hungary; acoustics), Björn Lindblom (Sweden; linguistics, speech physiology, speech perception), Valeriya V. Lublinskaya (Russian Federation; speech perception, speech physiology), Georg Meyer (U.K.; computational neuroscience, psychoacoustics), Israel Nelken (Israel; auditory physiology), Roy Patterson (U.K.; models of hearing, psychoacoustics), Louis Pols (The Netherlands; perceptual phonetics, speech acoustics), Elliot Saltzman (USA; articulatory phonetics, complex systems analysis), Shihab A. Shamma (USA; auditory physiology, computational modeling), Victor N. Sorokin (Russian Federation; control theory, acoustics, speech production), and Klára Vicsi (Hungary; psychoacoustics of speech, speech recognition). Participants are expected to specialize in one or more areas related to speech, such as phonetics, speech technology, experimental psychology, physiology, and acoustics. Individuals who have recently completed or are near to completing their studies at institutions of higher learning are encouraged to apply, although applications by scientists of more senior standing could also be considered under special circumstances. Although the ASI is primarily directed to citizens of NATO, Partner, and Mediterranean Dialog countries, qualified scientists from other countries may also apply. There is no registration fee. Selected participants who otherwise would be unable to attend, especially those from Partner countries, may apply for partial subsidy to defray their accommodation and travel costs. The number of participants is limited. The "Centro Internazionale Il Ciocco" (http://www.ciocco.it/), situated in the Apennines north of Lucca (Tuscany), is an ideal venue for intensive workshops. It is a quiet mountain resort with first-rate conference facilities, comfortable rooms, excellent Italian food, as well as modern recreational and sport amenities. Interested individuals should send their application by e-mail before January 15, 2002 to asi2002_(on)_ebire.org. The application should include (1) contact information, (2) a recent Curriculum Vitae, (3) a list of relevant publications, and (4) a brief statement on how participating in the ASI would benefit the applicant's educational and career objectives. Decision by the selection committee will be sent to applicants by January 31, 2002. For the Organizing Committee: Pierre L. Divenyi, Director Klára Vicsi, Co-Director

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