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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   special issue TAL journal
From:   Michael ZOCK
Email:   zockm_(on)_noos.fr
Date received:   08 Nov 2002
Deadline:   15 Dec 2002

Call for papers for the special issue of the TAL journal Title: ELECTRONIC DICTIONARIES, FOR MEN, MACHINES OR FOR BOTH? Submission deadline: 15 December 2002 Guest Editors: Michael Zock (CNRS, LIMSI) & John Carroll (University of Sussex). h ttp://www.atala.org/tal/appel-dictionnaires-electroniques.html ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Dictionaries are the backbone of any NLP system. Understanding and producing text, translation, summarisation, dialog, indexing or finding information in a document all require lexical competency represented in computers as a lexical resource / dictionary. A good dictionary is characterized by the following features: broad coverage (number of entries), rich annotation (a lot of information associated with each entry) and ease of access of the information. If electronic dictionaries compare favourably with paper dictionaries (size, ease of access), they are still far from perfect in particular with regard to content and access. Coverage is certainly not the only criterion for evaluating a dictionary, because, what is a large dictionary good for if the data is not easily accessible? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ The goal of this special issue is to discuss challenges inherent to the building and use of electronic dictionaries and approaches and techniques to address them. We welcome work on any of the following issues: o the problem of building a dictionary (method, know-how); o types of information to be stored in a dictionary; o representation, structuring (indexing) and visualisation of the data; o the problem of accessing information (aids for navigation, interface, strategies); o acquisition of lexical data (corpus), reuse of existing data; o coherency checking; o problems related to multilinguality; o possibilities given to the user or lexicographer to edit entries (annotation, updating); o the usage of dictionaries by people (learning/teaching; writing) and by machines (NLP). Given the wide spectrum of needs we welcome work from any of the following perspectives, linguistics, computer science, psycholinguistics, language learning, ergonomics, etc. provided the contibution contains a computational element. Reviewers ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ - Christian Boitet (GETA, Grenoble) - Nicoletta Calzolari (CNR, Pisa) - Christiane Fellbaum (University of Princeton) - Charles Fillmore (University of Berkeley) - Ulrich Heid (IMS-CL, University of Stuttgart) - Jean-Marie Pierrel (ATILF, Nancy) - Alain Polguère (University of Montreal) - Thiery Selva (GRELEP, K.U.Leuven, Belgium) - Gilles Sérasset (GETA, Grenoble) - Monique Slodzian (CRIM, INALCO, Paris) - Patrick St. Dizier (University of Toulouse) - Jean Véronis (University of Aix en Provence) - Piek Vossen (Irion Technologies, Delft, The Netherlands) - Leo Wanner (University of Stuttgart) Format ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Papers (25 pages maximum) may be submitted in Word, Postscript or PDF. The Hermes style sheets are available at Lavoisier and from the TAL journal web site (http://www.atala.o rg/tal/hermes/cons_actes.htm). Language ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ The papers may be written either in French or in English (non-French speaking authors only) Schedule ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ The submission deadline is 15 December 2002. People intending to submit a paper should contact Michael Zock (zock_(on)_limsi.fr) before October 31st. Articles will be reviewed by a member of the editorial board of the journal (http://www.atala.org/tal/ redaction.html) and two external reviewers chosen by the editors of the special issue. Editorial board decisions and referees' reports will be transmitted to the authors by March 1st, 2003. Final versions of accepted papers will be required by June 1st, 2003. Publication is planned for the summer of 2003. Submission ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------ Submissions (25 pages maximum, following the Hermes style sheet) should be sent either electronically (zock_(on)_limsi.fr), or by surface mail (five copies) to Michael Zock Limsi-CNRS, B.P. 133 F-91403 Orsay-Cedex, FRANCE ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------

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