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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   SEMPRO 2001: Second Call for Participation
From:   SEMPRO - Semantic Processing Workshop
Email:   sempro_(on)_cogsci.ed.ac.uk
Date received:   09 Jul 2001
Start date:   31 Jul 2001

Call for Participation SEMPRO-2001: COGNITIVELY PLAUSIBLE MODELS OF SEMANTIC PROCESSING (A workshop in conjunction with the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society) July 31st, University of Edinburgh http://www.hcrc.ed.ac.uk/%7Es empro/ The goal of this workshop is to be a forum and a meeting point for researchers developing models of semantic / pragmatic processing (computational and non-computational) motivated by psychological evidence or corpus studies, with a focus on human language processing. This year's workshop will feature papers on: - incrementality and underspecification in semantic processing - lexical access and disambiguation - anaphora resolution - scope assignment We would especially like to encourage the exchange of results between psychological experimentation, computational modelling, and corpus-based work. INVITED SPEAKERS: Julie Sedivy (Brown), Tony Sanford (Glasgow). ACCEPTED PAPERS: the workshop will include both presentations and a poster session. A preliminary list of accepted papers is available at http://www.hcrc.ed.ac .uk/%7Esempro/program.html REGISTRATION: The registration fee will be £40 for regular participants and £20 for students. (The fee covers coffee breaks, lunch and a copy of the proceedings.) The preferred form of registration is to complete the registration form on the web page of the workshop with your credit card details, and fax it to: Eva Steel SEMPRO organization c/o Informatics / HCRC 2 Buccleuch Place University of Edinburgh Edinburgh EH8 9LW U.K. Tel: +44 131 650 2804 Fax: +44 131 650 4587 It will also be possible to register on site via credit card or cash (UK pounds only), but early registration is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED. ACCOMODATION: Several types of accomodation are listed in the pages for the Cognitive Science conference, http://www.scot-mur.demon.co. uk/coginfo.htm. We strongly encourage the participants to book early - accomodation in Edinburgh in that period is hard to find! PROGRAM COMMITTEE: Massimo Poesio (local organizer), Alan Garnham, Maria Lapata, Julie Sedivy, Rosemary Stevenson, Peter Wiemer-Hastings. PRELIMINARY PROGRAM: Here is a preliminary list of the talks. The abstracts of oral and poster presentations will appear on the Web site. 8 - 9: REGISTRATION, COFFEE. 9 -10: INVITED TALK 1 - Tony Sanford (University of Glasgow) Denial as the determiner of focus patterns with negative quantifiers. 10 -11:20 ANAPHORA RESOLUTION 10 -10:40 Pronominal Interpretation: Implications for the Architecture of the Sentence Processing System (Maria-Mercedes Pinango, Petra Burkhardt, Dina Brun, Sergei Avrutin) 10:40-11:20 A computational model of human coreference judgments (Peter Wiemer-Hastings, Carlo Iacucci) 11:20-11:40 COFFEE BREAK 11:40-12:20 The Effects of Animacy, Thematic Role and Surface Position on the Focusing of Entities in Discourse (Jamie Pearson, Rosemary Stevenson, Massimo Poesio) 12:20- 1 Why reading Dickens is easy (and reading Needham can be hard) (Martin Pickering, Steven Frisson) 1 - 2:30 LUNCH AND POSTER SESSION (see below) 2:30- 3:30 INVITED TALK 2: Julie Sedivy (Brown University), TBA. 3:30- 4:50 SCOPE AMBIGUITY 3:30- 4:10 Processing of Scope by Children and Adults (K.B. Paterson, S. P. Liversedge, D. White, R. Filik, C. Rowland) 4:10- 4:50 How adults and children manage stress in ambiguous contexts (Silvia Gennari, Andrea Gualmini, Luisa Meroni, Simona Maciukaite and Stephen Crain ) 4:50- 5:10 Tea 5:10- 6:30 LEXICAL KNOWLEDGE AND WORD-SENSE DISAMBIGUATION 5:10- 5:50 A Rational Analysis of Semantic Processing by the Left Cerebral Emisphere (Scott McDonald, Chris Brew) 5:50- 6:30 Connectionist modelling of semantics using context vectors (Padraic Monaghan, Richard Shillcock) RESERVE PAPERS: Focus Operators and Syntactic Ambiguity (Ruth Filik) Interpreting 'other': From Cognitive Grammar to a corpus study of multimodal dialogues (Susanne Salmon-Alt) POSTER SESSION: Models of Anaphora Processing and the Binding Constraints (Antonio Branco) Improving Supervised WSD by Including Rough Semantic Features in a Multi-Level View of the Context (Eric Crestan and Marc El-Beze) Argument Linking and Spatial Cognition (Alistair Knott) Blending, Analogy, and Counterfactuals (Mark Lee and John Barnden)

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