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Category:   E-CFP
Subject:   Fourth Workshop on Textual Case-Based Reasoning
From:   Paulo Gomes
Email:   pgomes_(on)_dei.uc.pt
Date received:   04 Apr 2007
Deadline:   30 Apr 2007
Start date:   15 Aug 2007

[ Please circulate / Apologies for multiple postings ] ------------------------------------------------------------------ SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS Fourth Workshop on Textual Case-Based Reasoning "Textual Case-Based Reasoning: Beyond Retrieval" http://tcbr.dei.uc.pt Workshop at the Seventh International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning 15 August 2007 Belfast - Northern Ireland http://www.iccbr.org/iccbr07/ Paper Submission Deadline: 30 April 2007 ------------------------------------------------------------------ The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for the discussion of trends, research issues and practical experiences in Textual Case-Based Reasoning (TCBR). TCBR applies the Case-Based Reasoning (CBR) problem-solving methodology to situations where experiences are predominantly captured in text form. The theme of the workshop is 'Textual Case-Based Reasoning: Beyond Retrieval'. We invite submissions of two types: - Research and application papers; and - Papers that address the workshop challenge. Submission topics for research and application papers ----------------------------------------------------- We particularly welcome contributions that explore approaches that address the workshop theme. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: - Textual case authoring (e.g. from the Web, from semi-structured documents). - Adaptation of textual cases. - Explanation in TCBR. - Maintenance of textual case bases. - The relationship between textual CBR and related technologies, such as text mining, question-answering, dialogue systems, and human-language technology. - Approaches to multilingual TCBR, mixed content types (e.g. text and images) and collective TCBR. - Automated extraction of textual knowledge sources (e.g. cases, similarity measures, thesauruses, lexicons, taxonomies, ontologies & folksonomies). - Testing, evaluation, analysis and visualisation methods for TCBR. - Conversational TCBR. - TCBR case studies. Papers that address the workshop challenge ------------------------------------------ We encourage all potential workshop participants, individually or as a research group, to submit a short paper that addresses the workshop challenge (described below). Submission of a research or application paper (above) does not preclude submission of a workshop challenge paper. Accepted challenge papers will appear in the workshop proceedings, along with research and application papers. Short presentations of the accepted challenge papers at the workshop will form the basis for workshop discussions. The challenge that we propose consists in analysing the corpus of Air Investigation Reports available from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada. The reports are ordered by year and are available in English and French at: http://www.tsb.gc.ca/en/reports/ http://www.tsb.gc.ca/fr/reports/ Investigation reports are created by human experts to describe system malfunctions or procedural errors, in this case in Canadian air traffic. They are written in natural language, but may also contain images referenced from the text. They mostly share a common structure; most frequently, they are divided into sections such as Summary, Analysis, Safety Actions, and so on. Imagine that you are to use this corpus to build a TCBR system that supports human investigators. A TCBR system might support the investigators in tasks such as the following: - authoring a new investigation report; - proposing safety actions in response to a new incident; - discovering recurring unsolved problems. A non-exhaustive list of the difficulties to be overcome in building such a TCBR system includes: - the free-form vocabulary, the length of the documents, and the likelihood that section headers may not accurately describe section content; - multilingual support (English and French), and multimedia support (text and images); - possible obsolescence of cases due to, e.g., changes in aircraft manufacture, in airport infrastructure, or in policies and legal requirements. You might like to submit, for example, a 2 or 3 page paper that describes some of the problems in more detail; or a 3 or 4 page paper that proposes ways of overcoming some of these problems; or a 4 or 5 page paper that reports actual experience in addressing the problems (perhaps using the jColibri framework). We particularly welcome contributions that address the workshop theme ('Beyond Retrieval'). Format and submission --------------------- Papers of both types should be submitted in Springer LNCS format, which is the format required for the final camera ready copy, subject to the following page limits: - a maximum of 10 pages for research and application papers; and - a maximum of 5 pages for papers that address the workshop challenge. Authors' instructions along with LaTeX and Word macro files are available on the web at http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html Accepted papers will appear in the Workshop Proceedings. We also plan to edit a special issue of a journal with extended versions of a selection of the accepted contributions. Instructions for submission can be found on the workshop web site. Important dates --------------- April 30, 2007: Deadline for workshop paper submissions May 28, 2007: Notification of acceptance for workshop papers June 25, 2007: Deadline for workshop final camera-ready copies August 15, 2007: TCBR Workshop, Belfast, Northern Ireland Organising committee -------------------- Derek Bridge, University College Cork, Ireland Paulo Gomes, University of Coimbra, Portugal Nuno Seco, University of Coimbra, Portugal _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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