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Subject:   [CLA'09] Draft program & conference registration
Email:   chair.cla2009_(on)_imcsit.org
Date received:   03 Aug 2009
Start date:   12 Oct 2009

Dear Colleague, We apologize if you received the CLA'09 draft program more than once. Information how to permanently unsubscribe from the list can be found on the bottom of this e-mail. Please forward this message to colleagues that may be interested in our conference. Sincerely, CL-A Organizing Committee Computational Linguistics - Applications Workshop (CLA'09) http://cla.imcsit.org/ event of International Multiconference on Computer Science and Information Technology (IMCSIT 2009) 12-14 October 2009, Mragowo, Poland Register for the conference | Keep me informed CLA'09 DRAFT PROGRAM October 13th, 2009 - Tuesday Part 1. 09:15-16:45 - Demonstrations 09:15 - 11:30. Information retrieval 1. Graphical, type-checking dependency tree editor Author: Tomas By Country: Portugal 2. An Evaluation of Concept Suggestion Strategies for Professional Multimedia Archives Authors: Marco A. Palomino, Michael P. Oakes Country: United Kingdom 3. Development and Evaluation of AnHitz, a Prototype of a Basque-Speaking Virtual 3D Expert on Science and Technology Authors: Igor Leturia, Arantza del Pozo, Kutz Arrieta, Urtza Iturraspe, Kepa Sarasola, Arantza Diaz de Ilarraza, Eva Navas, Igor Odriozola Country: Spain 4. Language and Location: Map Annotation Project - A GIS-Based Infrastructure for Linguistics Information Management Authors: Yichun Xie, Helen Aristar-Dry, Anthony Aristar, Hunter Lockwood, Josh Thompson, Dan Parker, and Ben Cool Country: USA 5. A TimeML Compliant TimEx Tagger for Italian Authors: Tommaso Caselli, Felice Dell'Orletta, Irina Prodanof Country: Italy 6. Real-time unsupervised classification of Web Documents Authors: Anthony Sigogne, Matthieu Constant Country: France 10:45-11:15. Coffee break 7. Language Model-Based Sentence Classification for Opinion Question Answering Systems Authors: Saeedeh Momtazi, Dietrich Klakow Country: Germany 11:30-13:30. Parsing issues; Linguistic resorces 1. A Semi-Automatic TAG Syntactic Tagging Tool for Constructing an Arabic Treebank Authors: Fériel Ben Fraj, Chiraz Ben Othmane Zribi, Mohamed Ben Ahmed Manouba Country: Tunisia 2. Parsing pregroup grammars in polynomial time Author: Katarzyna Moroz Country: Poland 3. Dependency Based Valence Induction for an Italian FrameNet Authors: Luca Dini, Alessio Bosca Contry: Italy 4. An Integrated Environment for Management and Exploitation of Linguistic Resources Authors: Ranka Stankovic, Ivan Obradovic Contry: Serbia 5. Ontological Semantics in Modified Categorial Grammar Author: Bartlomiej Antoni Szymczak Country: Denmark 6. Developing a Persian Chunker Using a Hybrid Approach Authors: Soheila Kiani, Tara Akhavan, Mehrnoush Shamsfard Country: Iran 7. Computing the hierarchy of articulary dimensions Authors: Krzysztof Dyczkowski, Norbert Kordek, Pawel Nowakowski, Krzysztof Stronski Country: Poland 8. Looking for new words out there Authors: Filip Gralinski, Marcin Walas Contry: Poland 13:30-14:30. Lunch break 14:30-16:00. Use of NLP tools in practical applications 1. lipik.in - an Adaptive Text Entry Interface for Complex Scripts using Stochastic Language Models Authos: Amit Jain Country: United Kingdom 2. TermPedia for Interactive Document Enrichment: Using Technical Terms to Provide Relevant Contextual Information Authors: Proscovia Olango, Gerwin Kramer Country: The Netherlands 3. LingURed: Language-Aware Editing Functions Based on NLP Resources Authors: Cerstin Mahlow, Michael Piotrowski Country: Switzerland 4. Using Natural Language to Improve the Generation of Model Transformation in Software Design Authors: Jean-Remi Falleri, Violaine Prince, Mathieu Lafourcade, Michel Dao, Marianne Huchard, Clementine Nebut 5. On-line and off-line translation aids for non-native readers Authors: Eric Wehrli, Luka Nerima, Violeta Seretan, Yves Scherrer Country: Switzerland 6. It's all about the Trees. Towards a Hybrid Syntax-Based MT System Author: Marcin Junczys-Dowmunt Country: Poland 16:00-16:30. Coffee break 16:30-16:45. Voting for the best demonstration Part 2. 16:45-18:30. Demo-poster session 16:45-17:00. Award-giving ceremony 1. Best demonstration in each of the three topic 2. Best demonstration of the CL-A Workshop 17:00-18:30. Demo-poster session Register for the conference | Keep me informed CLA'09 Committees See here. Useful links * Mragowo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mr%C4 0owo * IMCSIT: http://www.imcsit.org/ * IMCSIT 2009 Conference Papers Submission: http://www.papers.imcsit.org/ CLA - where science meets reality ! -- To unsubscribe from this list visit: this link To change your e-mail address visit: this link _______________________________________________ Elsnet-ceenis mailing list Elsnet-ceenis_(at)_mailman.let.uu.nl http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-ceenis

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