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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   EAMT 2004 Workshop invitation to participate
From:   John Hutchins]
Email:   [WJHutchins_(on)_compuserve.com
Date received:   11 Mar 2004
Start date:   26 Apr 2004

European Association for Machine Translation Workshop, Malta, 26-27 April 2004 Invitation to participate The European Association for Machine Translation (EAMT) will be holding i ts Ninth Workshop in Malta on 26-27 April 2004. The meeting is one of the series of annual workshops held by EAMT and acting as a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning all aspects of machine translation within t he European and adjacent regions. The special themes for this workshop are machine-translation-related issues concerning Semitic languages, and the languages of the newly accessioned states of the European Union. The venue for the workshop will be the Foundation for International Studi es in Valetta. Information about the venue are on the website of the local organizer (www.cs.um.edu.mt/%7Emros/EAMT04) Papers to be presented. Sisay Fissaha Adafre: Formal analysis of some aspects of Amharic noun phrases Gabor Alberti and Judit Kleiber: The GeLexi MT project Haytham Alsharaf, Sylviane Cardey and Peter Greenfield: French to Arabic machine translation: the specificity of language couples Bogdan Babych and Anthony Hartley: Disambiguating translation strategies in MT using automatic named entity recognition Chris Callison-Burch, Colin Bannard and Josh Schroeder: Improving statistical translation through editing Violetta Cavalli-Sforza, Ralf D.Brown, Jaime G.Carbonell, Peter J.Jamsen, and Jae Dong Kim: Challenges in using an example-based MT system for a transnationa l digital government project Heather Fulford and Joaquin Granell Zafra: Translation memory and terminology management software: profiling CAT tool adaopters in the UK translation community Federico Gaspari: Integrating on-line MT services into monolingual web-sites for dissemination purposes: an evaluation perspective Nano Gough and Andy Way: Example-based controlled translation Petr Homola and Vladislav Kubon: A translation model for languages of accessing countries Krzysztof Jassem: Applying OED-PWN English-Polish dictionary to machine translation Balasz Kis, Gabor Hodasz, and Tamas Gröbler: Translation memory as a robust example-based translation system Alon Lavie, Katharina Probst, erik Peterson, Stephan Vogel, Lori Levin, Ariadna Font-Llitjos and Jaime Carbonell: A trainable transfer-based MT approach for languages with limited resources J. Laoudi, C.Tate and Clare R.Voss: Towards an automated evaluation of an embedded MT system Bente Maegaard: NEMLAR-a project on Arabic language resources Tayebeh Mosavi Miangah and Ali Delavar Khalafi: Statistical analysis of target language corpus for word sense disambiguation in a machine translation system Gabor Proszeky, Laszlo Tihanyi, and Gabor Ugray: Moose: a robust high-performance parser and generator Adriane Rinsche: LTC Communicator - a web-based e-communication tool Registration. A registration form is available at the workshop website (www.cs.um.edu.mt/%7Emros/EAMT04). Fees before 28 March EAMT and IAMT members: EUR55 Non-members: EUR 65 Students: EUR 30 Fees on or after 29 March EAMT and IAMT members: EUR 65 Non-members: EUR 80 Students: EUR 70 Coffee/tea breaks are included in the registration fee, but not other meals. Accommodation. Participants may book their accommodation directly through the Foundation for International Studies (see: www.cs.um.edu.mt/%7Emros/EAMT04).=20

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