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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   EURESCO Conference on Mind, Language and Metaphor
From:   Corinne Le Moal
Email:   clemoal_(on)_esf.org
Date received:   12 Jan 2004
Start date:   24 Apr 2004

Dear Sir or Madam, Please find below information on a EURESCO Conference which may be of particular interest to you. Deadline is coming up soon...This may be your last chance to apply! Scientific programme, application form and practical information are accessible on-line via http://www.esf.org/euresco/ 04/hc04184 <http://www.esf.org/euresco/ 04/hc04184>=20 For further details on this event, please contact Ms. Anne-Sophie Gablin ( asgablin_(on)_esf.org asgablin_(on)_esf.org> ) from the Euresco Office. Many thanks also for passing on this announcement to your colleagues who may be interested in this event. Kind regards, Corinne Le Moal Publicity Officer - EURESCO Office EURESCO Office - European Science Foundation 1 quai Lezay-Marn=E9sia, 67080 Strasbourg, France Tel +33 388 76 71 35 Fax +33 388 36 69 87 <http://www.esf.org/euresco> http://www.esf.org/euresco Mind, Language and Metaphor EuroConference on the Processing of Metaphor and Metonymy - From Computers to Neuropsychology Granada, Spain, 24-29 April 2004 chair: John A. Barnden (University of Birmingham, UK) Vice-chair: Antonio Barcelona (Universidad de Murcia, E) Speakers: Antonio Barcelona (Murcia U., E); John Barnden (Birmingham U., UK); Cristina Cacciari (Modena U., I); Dan Fass (Gavagai Tech. & Simon Fraser U., CA); Rachel Giora (Tel Aviv U., IL); Sam Glucksberg (Princeton U., US); Jerry Hobbs (SRI International, US); Albert Katz (U. of Western Ontario, CA); Srini Narayanan (SRI International, US); Katja Markert (Leeds U., UK); Costanza Papagno (Milano-Bicocca U., I); Francisco J. Ruiz De Mendoza Ibanez (Rioja U., E); Michael Thomas (Inst. of Child Health, London, UK); Tony Veale (Univ. College Dublin, UK); Yorick Wilks (Sheffield U., UK). Scope: The conference covers the processing of metaphor, metonymy and other closely related forms of figurative language, whether by brains or by AI systems. It encompasses computational (symbolic and non-symbolic), psychological and neuroscientific approaches to processing. Specific topics of interest include understanding and generation, information retrieval and extraction, context handling, machine translation, identification of figurative language, child development, relationships with mental or developmental disorders, and brain regions and mechanisms involved in processing. The conference aims especially to foster increased interchange between researchers from different disciplines. Financial support: A certain number of grants will be available for young researchers - 35 or under - who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union or of an Associated State and who are active inside or outside these Memberor Associated States at the time of the event. Associated States are: Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland,Israel, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. Applications from female researchers are encouraged.

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