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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   MA program: Linguuistics and Philosophy
From:   Ruth Kempson
Email:   kempson_(on)_dcs.kcl.ac.uk
Date received:   12 Jan 2004

Masters Program in Linguistics and Philosophy King's College London Philosophy Department offers a new one-year Masters Program in Linguistics and Philosophy, with primary emphasis in Linguistics on the syntax/semantics/pragmatics interface and in Philosophy on the sub-disciplines of Philosophy relevant to Linguistics. The aim of the degree is to broaden the inter-disciplinary base of students of Linguistics/Philosophy by exposure to the leading ideas and research issues in the neighbouring discipline, but graduates from other disciplines with suitable backgrounds are welcome to apply. It is primarily intended as a research training degree; but it also aims to improve understanding of formal/philosophical aspects of language study at a high level for those with more general interests. Students attend selected courses from a range offered across the disciplines for nine months, and then use the expertise gained to write a dissertation under supervision during the summer months. KCL Philosophy Department is a world centre for Philosophy, top-ranked both for research excellence and teaching quality, with a large and active postgraduate community. Linguistics courses on the program are taught across Philosophy and Computer Science Departments by linguists internationally established for their research work at the syntax/semantics/pragmatics interface; philosophy courses are taught by the front-ranking set of London University philosophers; and there is a required cross-disciplinary course jointly led by linguists and philosophers to bring out the links between the separate parts of the program on which students may choose to specialise. The course joins the set of inter-disciplinary Masters' programs offered by the department: Formal Grammar and Computational Linguistics (in conjunction with Computer Science Department) Philosophy of Mental Disorder (in conjunction with KCL Institute of Psychiatry) Philosophy and History of Science The program will start in October 2004. Students are encouraged to go onto a research degree, qualifications permitting. Further information about program, admission requirements and application procedure: htt p://www.kcl.ac.uk/kis/schools/hums/philosophy/frames/PG/MA%20Lin guistics/ linguisticsmenu.html Enquiries to the convenor of the program: Professor Ruth Kempson, kempson_(on)_dcs.kcl.ac.uk, Philosophy Department, King's College London, The Strand, London, WC2R 2LS, UK.

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