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Category:   E-Material
Subject:   ILLC Research Reports and Technical Notes 2001
From:   Marco Vervoort
Email:   vervoort_(on)_science.uva.nl
Date received:   14 Jan 2002

ILLC Scientific Publications ---------------------------- This document contains the titles of the reports that were published by the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC) this year. All ILLC reports are available from the ILLC bureau: ILLC Bureau University of Amsterdam Plantage Muidergracht 24 NL-1018 TV Amsterdam The Netherlands Many reports are also electronically available, by WWW at <http://www.illc.uva.nl/Public ations>http://www.illc.uva.nl/Public ations and or FTP at <ftp://f tp.science.uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/>ftp://ftp.science .uva.nl/pub/theory/illc/researchreports/ The ILLC bureau may be contacted by email, at illc_(on)_science.uva.nl Reports are numbered Series-Year-Number, where `Series' is one of PP = Prepublication Series MoL = Master of Logic Thesis ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Report PP-2001-01 Title: Complexity of Intuitionistic Predicate Logic with One Variable Author: Maarten Marx Report PP-2001-02 Title: Simulating polyadic modal logics by monadic ones Author: G. Goguadze, C. Piazza, Y. Venema Report PP-2001-03 Title: Consciousness at the Cutting Edge between World and Brain: The Interaction between Perception, Imagination, Thought, and Language Author: Renate Bartsch Report PP-2001-04 Title: Relation Algebra with Binders Author: Maarten Marx Report PP-2001-05 Title: The Good, the Bad and the Far-fetched Author: Michael Morreau Report PP-2001-06 Title: What Vague Objects are like Author: Michael Morreau Report PP-2001-07 Title: Generating Polysemy: Metaphor and Metonymy Author: Renate Bartsch Report PP-2001-08 Title: Analyzing the Core of Categorial Grammar Author: C Areces, R. Bernardi Report PP-2001-09 Title: Characterization of Strongly Equivalent Logic Programs in Intermediate Logics Author: Lex Hendriks, Dick de Jongh Report PP-2001-10 Title: An Elementary Construction for a Non-elementary Procedure Author: Maarten Marx, Szabolcs Mikulas Report PP-2001-11 Title: Meaning and Use of Indefinite Expressions Author: Paul Dekker Report PP-2001-12 Title: Dynamics and Pragmatics of ``Peirce's Puzzle'' Author: Paul Dekker Report PP-2001-13 Title: ``She'' 's Character Author: Paul Dekker Report PP-2001-14 Title: On If and Only Author: Paul Dekker Report PP-2001-15 Title: Bi-Directional Optimality Theory: An Application of Game Theory Author: Paul Dekker, Robert van Rooy Report PP-2001-16 Title: Words with Attitude Author: J. Kamps, M. Marx Report PP-2001-17 Title: Situation Calculus as Hybrid Logic: First Steps Author: P. Blackburn, J. Kamps, M. Marx Report PP-2001-18 Title: Reasoning About Space: The Modal Way Author: M. Aiello, J. van Benthem, G. Bezhanishvili Report PP-2001-19 Title: Repairing the Interpolation Theorem in Quantified Modal Logic Author: C. Areces, P. Blackburn, M. Marx Report PP-2001-21 Title: Comparing Levels of Bisimulation Quantifiers Logic with the mu-calculus Author: Giovanna D'Agostino, Giacomo Lenzi Report PP-2001-22 Title: A Unifying Completeness Theorem in Quantified Modal logic Author: Giovanna Corsi Report MoL-2001-01 Title: Extending Focus Theories: Particles in Focus Author: Levan Khavtasi Report MoL-2001-02 Title: An Extension of Game Logic with Parallel Operators Author: Iouri Netchitailov Report MoL-2001-03 Title: Uncertainty in the Common Ground Author: Marie Nilsenov\'a Report MoL-2001-04 Title: On Optimization in Discourse Generation Author: Jason Mattausch Report MoL-2001-05 Title: Intentional Identity and the Edelberg Asymmetry Author: Rasa Leijting - Paul\'ekait\'e Report MoL-2001-06 Title: Towards Concept-based Structuring of Electronic Information Author: Jon Ragetli Report MoL-2001-07 Title: Updating Epistemic Uncertainty: an essay in the logic of information change Author: Ben Rodenh\"auser Report MoL-2001-08 Title: Text Categorization and Prototypes Author: Alexander Bergo Report MoL-2001-09 Title: Finite Projective Formulas Author: Nick Arevadze Report MoL-2001-10 Title: Isn't my question a real question? A Pragmatic Approach to Polar Questions Author: Marcello Vavassori Report MoL-2001-11 Title: Modal definability in topology Author: David Gabelaia Report MoL-2001-12 Title: On the Turning Verbs into Nouns Author: Darrin Hindsill Report MoL-2001-13 Title: Is Multiplication Harder than Addition? Arithmetical Definability over Finite Structures Author: Troy Lee Report MoL-2001-14 Title: Frog Leaps and Human Noises: An Optimality Theory Approach to Cultural Change Author: Andreas P. Giannakoulopoulos

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