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***************************************************************** 2012 INTERNATIONAL SPRING SCHOOL IN FORMAL LANGUAGES AND APPLICATIONS SSFLA 2012 (formerly International PhD School in Formal Languages and Applications) Tarragona, Spain April 2-6, 2012 Organized by: Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics (GRLMC) Rovira i Virgili University http://grammars.grlmc.com/ssfla2012/ ***************************************************************** AIM: SSFLA 2012 offers a broad and intensive series of lectures at different levels on selected topics in language and automata theory and their applications. The students choose their preferred courses according to their interests and background. Instructors are top names in their respective fields. The School intends to help students initiate and foster their research career. The previous event in this series was FSFLA 2011 (http://grammars.grlmc.com/fsfla2011/). ADDRESSED TO: Undergraduate and graduate students from around the world. Most appropriate degrees include: Computer Science and Mathematics. Other students (for instance, from Linguistics, Electrical Engineering, Molecular Biology or Logic) are welcome too provided they have a good background in discrete mathematics. The School is appropriate also for people more advanced in their career who want to keep themselves updated on developments in the field. There will be no overlap in the class schedule. COURSES AND PROFESSORS: - Eric Allender (Rutgers), Circuit Complexity: Recent Progress in Lower Bounds [introductory/advanced, 8 hours] - Amihood Amir (Bar-Ilan), Periodicity and Approximate Periodicity in Pattern Matching [introductory, 6 hours] - Ahmed Bouajjani (Paris 7), Automated Verification of Concurrent Boolean Programs [introductory/advanced, 10 hours] - Andrea Corradini (Pisa), Computational Models Based on Rewriting [introductory, 12 hours] - Bruno Courcelle (Bordeaux), Automata for Monadic Second-order Model Checking [intermediate, 8 hours] - Manfred Droste (Leipzig), Weighted Automata and Weighted Logic [introductory/advanced, 8 hours] - Jörg Flum (Freiburg), The Halting Problem for Turing Machines [introductory/advanced, 6 hours] - Aart Middeldorp (Innsbruck), Termination of Rewrite Systems [introductory/intermediate, 8 hours] REGISTRATION: It has to be done on line at http://grammars.grlmc.com/ssfla2012/Registration.php FEES: They are variable, depending on the number of courses each student takes. The rule is: 1 hour = - 10 euros (for payments until January 22, 2012), - 15 euros (for payments after January 22, 2012). PAYMENT PROCEDURE: The fees must be paid to the School's bank account: Uno-e Bank (Julian Camarillo 4 C, 28037 Madrid, Spain): IBAN: ES3902270001820201823142 - Swift/BIC code: UNOEESM1 (account holder: Carlos Martin-Vide GRLMC; account holder's address: Av. Catalunya, 35, 43002 Tarragona, Spain) Please mention SSFLA 2012 and your name in the subject. A receipt will be provided on site. Remarks: - Bank transfers should not involve any expense for the School. - People claiming early registration will be requested to prove that the bank transfer order was carried out by the deadline. - Students may be refunded only in the case when a course gets cancelled due to the unavailability of the instructor. People registering on site at the beginning of the School must pay in cash. For the sake of local organization, however, it is much recommended to do it earlier. ACCOMMODATION: Information about accommodation is available on the website of the School. CERTIFICATE: Students will be delivered a certificate stating the courses attended, their contents, and their duration. IMPORTANT DATES: Announcement of the programme: December 10, 2011 Starting of the registration: December 10, 2011 Early registration deadline: January 22, 2012 Starting of the School: April 2, 2012 End of the School: April 6, 2012 QUESTIONS AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Lilica Voicu: florentinalilica.voicu_(at)_urv.cat WEBSITE: http://grammars.grlmc.com/ssfla2012/ POSTAL ADDRESS: SSFLA 2012 Research Group on Mathematical Linguistics (GRLMC) Rovira i Virgili University Av. Catalunya, 35 43002 Tarragona, Spain Phone: +34-977-559543 Fax: +34-977-558386 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Diputació de Tarragona Universitat Rovira i Virgili

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