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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   ELSNET
From:   Gerrit Bloothooft
Email:   Gerrit.Bloothooft_(on)_let.uu.nl
Date received:   17 May 2001
Deadline:   01 Jul 2001

ELSNET's IMAGINATION2001, a contest for young innovative researchers Win 5000 Euro by demonstrating or simulating the most imaginative idea about an application of speech and language technology at the IMAGINATION2001 special event at Eurospeech2001. All application areas are acceptable, such as aids for handicapped, games, education, wireless communication systems, performing arts, internet, agents and avatars, ambient intelligence, etc. Visit <http://www.elsnet.org/imagination20 01> for detailed information. Abstract submission deadline is July 1, 2001. Contact the organisers if there are difficulties in meeting the requirements of the contest, or if you have special requests. Gerrit Bloothooft <Gerrit.Bloothooft_(on)_let.uu.nl> Els den Os <E.A.denOs_(on)_kpn.com> IMAGINATION2001 is supported by Hewlett-Packard European Research Labs. -- ================================================================ Gerrit Bloothooft ============== Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS ============ Trans 10, 3512 JK Utrecht, The Netherlands ========== Phone: +31.30.2536042 ======== Fax: +31.30.2536000 ====== Email: Gerrit.Bloothooft_(on)_let.uu.nl ==== Internet: <http://www.let.uu .nl/%7EGerrit.Bloothooft/personal/> == ================================================================

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