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Subject:   [ESSLLI 2010] Call for Bids
Email:   areces_(on)_pluton.loria.fr
Date received:   18 Sep 2008
Deadline:   15 Nov 2008
Start date:   Aug 2010

Please distribute as widely as possible and excuses for multiple posting. ************************************************ * Call for Bids to Host the 22-th ESSLLI, 2010 * ************************************************ The Association for Logic, Language and Computation (FoLLI) and the ESSLLI Standing Committee invite proposals to host the 22-nd European Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (ESSLLI), to be held in August 2010. *** The ESSLLI Summer School *** ESSLLI is a summer school which takes place two weeks in the summer, every year since 1989. The school hosts approximately 50 courses at both introductory and advanced level, and convokes around 400 participants each year from all over the world. The main focus of the program of the summer schools is the interface between linguistics, logic and computation. Courses, both introductory and advanced, cover a wide variety of topics within the combined areas of interest: Language and Computation, Language and Logic, and Logic and Computation. Workshops are also organized, providing opportunities for in-depth discussion of issues at the forefront of research, as well as a series of invited lectures. Detailed information about the ESSLLI organization can be found in the ESSLLI general guide, and the organizing and program committee guides. The guides can be obtained via the Standing Committee secretary. *** Submission Procedure *** At this time we seek draft proposals from prospective bidders. Based on an evaluation of the draft proposals, promising bidders will be asked to provide additional information for the final selection procedure. The ESSLLI Standing Committee (SC), in consultation with the management board of FoLLI, will finally select the site, the organizing committee, and the program committee, and supervise the subsequent organization. *** Draft Proposals *** Draft proposals should identify a target site, date and organizing team with a chair who will be responsible for the overal organization. The organization committee is responsible for all matters having to do with the practical organization. Draft proposals should at least include information on: -> Location (accessibility; school venue; accommodation and facilities) -> Proposed dates and organizing team -> Endorsement by hosting organization -> Local Language, Logic, and Computation community -> Meeting and accommodation venues; audiovisual equipment -> Catering and reception facilities; social program opportunities -> Budget estimates *** Proposal Assessment *** Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria (unordered): -> Experience of organizing team, involvement in previous ESSLLIs -> Local endorsement -> Appropriateness of proposed dates -> Accessibility and attractiveness of proposed site -> Adequacy of campus facilities for the anticipated number of registrants -> Adequacy of residence accommodations and food services in an appropriate range of price categories and close to the conference facilities -> Adequacy of budget projections -> Geographical and national balance with regard to meetings in the decade prior to 2010: Birmingham (2000), Helsinki (2001), Trento (2002), Wien (2003), Nancy (2004), Edinburgh (2005), Malaga (2006), Dublin (2007), Hamburg (2008), Bordeaux (2009) *** Important Dates *** -> September 15, 2008, call for bids posted -> November 15, 2008, draft proposals due -> November/December, 2008, SC provides feedback -> January 31, 2009, final proposals due -> February, 2009, bid selected at ESSLLI SC meeting Information about FoLLI and ESSLLI can be found at: http:// www.folli.org/. If you want to consult the ESSLLI guidelines, or have any other queries about drafting your bid, please contact Sophia Katrenko or Paul Dekker. Draft proposals should be sent to: Sophia Katrenko Paul Dekker Informatics Institute ILLC/Department of Philosophy Faculty of Science Faculty of Humanities Universiteit van Amsterdam Kruislaan 419 Nieuwe Doelenstraat 15 NL-1098 VA Amsterdam NL-1012 CP Amsterdam The Netherlands +31 (0)20 525 6786 +31 (0)20 5254541 +31 (0)20 525 6896 (fax) +31 (0)20 5254503 (fax) katrenko_(at)_science.uva.nl p.j.e.dekker_(at)_uva.nl _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(at)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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