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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   Attend ICSM - Montreal 3-6 October 2002
Email:   icsm2002.info_(on)_unisannio.it
Date received:   22 Aug 2002
Deadline:   20 Sep 2002
Start date:   03 Oct 2002

Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2002 16:22:06 +0200 (MET DST) Attend ICSM 2002, the International Conference on Software Maintenance, 3-6 October 2002 in Montreal, Canada. See http://www.icsm2002.org for registration and details. About ICSM 2002 The program at a glance Location Registration If you would like to be removed from our list please send an email to icsm2002.info_(on)_unisannio.it with REMOVE in the subject. About ICSM 2002 --------------- Held continuously since 1983, ICSM 2002, the International Conference on Software Maintenance, is the major international conference in the field of software and systems maintenance, evolution, and management. ICSM 2002 will take place 3-6 October 2002 in Montreal, Canada. See http://www.icsm2002.org for registration and details. ICSM 2002 presents 1 day (October 3, Thursday) featuring half-day Tutorials on software maintenance and evolution topis, and 3 days (October 4-6, Friday - Sunday) featuring 18 technical sessions with 66 papers, 3 keynotes, 3 panels, 2 industrial presentation sessions, 5 PhD presentations, and software demonstrations. ICSM 2002's theme is "Maintaining distributed heterogeneous systems". ICSM 2002 is associated with SCAM 2002 (Second International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation), DBMR (Database Maintenance and Reengineering), WSE (International Workshop on Web Site Evolution), WESS (Workshop on Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance), and STEP (Software Technology and Engineering Practice). General Chair is Ettore Merlo, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada, with Program Co-Chairs Giuliano Antoniol, University of Sannio, Italy, and Ira D. Baxter, Chief Technical Officer of Semantic Designs, USA. The Conference is sponsored by IEEE Computer Society's Technical Council on Software Engineering (TCSE) in cooperation with CRIM, Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, EDS Italia Software, Gouvernement du Quebec, Journal of Software Maintenance and Evolution / John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., Microsoft, RCOST - Research Centre on Software Technology, and Semantic Designs, Inc. The program at a glance ----------------------- See http://web. ing.unisannio.it/icsm2002/icsm_global.html for detailed program. Tuesday October 1: SCAM 2002 (Second International Workshop on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation) and DBMR (Database Maintenance and Reengineering) Wednesday October 2 WSE (International Workshop on Web Site Evolution) and WESS (Workshop on Empirical Studies of Software Maintenance) Thursday October 3 Tutorials morning: Automated Transformation Systems for Software Maintenance, Reengineering and Porting - Dr. Michael Mehlich (Semantic Designs, Inc.) Software Architecture Reconstruction - Arie van Deursen (CWI) and Claudio Riva (Nokia) A Roadmap for Integrating Technology Trends for Enterprise Integration - Dennis Smith, Liam O'Brien, Peter Aiken and Atul Bhatt Tutorials afternoon: IMDS Quality Attributes Workshop: Scenario Generation - Mario R. Barbacci (SEI) Legacy System Modernization Planning - Robert C. Seacord, Daniel Plakosh and Grace A. Lewis Software Evolution: Its Source, Nature and Control - Meir M Lehman (Imperial College in London), Juan F Ramil (The Open University) Friday October 4 Keynote: Bill Curtis, TeraQuest Metrics Inc. - "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm Not Going to Maintain This Anymore" Technical Sessions on Slicing, OO Program Analysis, Empirical Studies, Process, Tools, and Regression Testing Panels - "Lehman's laws of Software Evolution, in Context" and "How Should Software Evolution and Maintenance be Taught?" Short Papers Awards Saturday October 5 Keynote: J. Pincus, Microsoft Corporation -- "Steering the Pyramids: Tools, Technology, and Process in Engineering at Microsoft" Technical sessions on Impact Analysis, Web Reengineering, Program Comprehension, Software Metrics, Testing and Testability, and Models and Evolution Panel - "Remote software maintenance and repair of space vehicles" PhD Dissertation Section Industrial Track Session Demos Sunday October 6 Technical Sessions on Configuration Management, Reengineering, Source Code Manipulation, Formal methods, and Distributed Systems Industrial Track Session ICSM closes 4:00 p.m. Sunday October 6 - Tuesday October 8 STEP (Software Technology and Engineering Practice) Location -------- ICSM meetings will take place at: Holiday Inn Montreal-Midtown 420 Sherbrooke Street West Montreal (Quebec) H3A 1B4 Canada toll-free tel: 1-800-387-3042 tel: 1-514-842-6111 fax: 1-514-842-9381 http://www.rosdevhote ls.com/en/mtl/home.htm There is a special conference room-rate: $ CDN 135 for single or double See http://we b.ing.unisannio.it/icsm2002/icsm_location.html The location is the downtown center of Montreal, the bustling neighborhood of stores, cultural institutions, and majestic 19th century shrines, a few blocks from the 18th century Old Port. See http://web .ing.unisannio.it/icsm2002/icsm_gallery.html. There is also cheaper accommodation at: Days Inn Montreal Centre-Ville / Days Inn Montreal Downtown 215, boul. Rene Levesque Est Montreal (Quebec) H2X 1N7 Canada Toll-free phone: 1-800-668-3872 Phone: 1-514-393-3388 Fax: 1-514-395-9999 www.daysinnmontreal.com Price: $ CDN 79 (simple and double), $ CDN 89 (triple), $ CDN 99 (quadruple) To secure these rates, you must book directly by phone or fax and mention "Special rate ICSM", or book on the Reservations web-page at http://www.daysinn montreal.com/html/princ.html and enter "Special rate ICSM" in the Commentaires / Comments field. Registration ------------ Register on-line at http: //web.ing.unisannio.it/icsm2002/icsm_registration.html or by faxing, mailing, or emailing the following form with your payment. Complete the following form, and fax, mail, or email it with your payment to: IEEE Computer Society Attn: ICSM/SCAM/WESS/WSE 1730 Massachusetts Avenue NW Washington DC 20036 USA Tel +1 202 371 0101 Fax +1 202 728 0884 email register_(on)_computer.org Payment must accompany all registration forms and can be made by credit card, check, or wire transfer. The IEEE Computer Society will mail written confirmation of conference registration by postal mail within two days of receiving your registration. Your details: Name:(Family)______________________(Given)_______________________ Badge Name (defaults to First Name):_____________________________ Organization:____________________________________________________ Mailing Address: ________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ City: _________________ State/Province: _______ Zip/Post:________ Country: _______________________ IEEE Member Number: ______________ Other Member Number: _________ Telephone: _____________________ FaX ___________________________ Email Address: __________________________________________________ Include your name on the attendee list? Yes No Include your name on mailing lists? Yes No Kosher Meals Requested? Yes No Vegetarian Meals Requested? Yes No Special Needs Audio Assistance? Yes No Special Needs Mobile Assist? Yes No Special Needs Visual Assist? Yes No Calculate fees: Note: All Fees are in US Dollars Until 10 Sept 2002 After 10 Sept 2002 Your payment Member Non-Mem Student Member Non-Mem Student or Life or Life ICSM 500 625 175 600 750 200 US$_______ SCAM 130 165 50 155 195 80 US$_______ WESS 100 130 40 130 160 70 US$_______ WSE 200 300 100 250 350 125 US$_______ Wire transfer fee (only if you use wire transfer) 75 US$_______ Total: US$_______ Make payment: By credit card: __Visa __Diners Club __MasterCard __American Express Card Number: ______________________________________ Expiration Date: Month ____________ Year: _______ Signature: ______________________________________ Cardholder Name _______________________________________________ Cardholder address: _______________________________________________ __________________________________________________ City: _________________ State/Province: _______ Zip/Post:________ Country: __________________________________________ By check: Checks must be in U.S. Dollars, drawn on a U.S. Banks. Please make check payable to: IEEE Computer Society. __Personal Check __Company Check __Traveler's Check By Purchase Order: U.S. Organizations only. Original copy must accompany registration form. -----------------------------

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