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Category:   E-Announce
Subject:   AGFL parser generator
From:   Cornelis H.A. Koster
Email:   kees_(on)_cs.kun.nl
Date received:   23 Jan 2004

The AGFL system is a parser generator for natural language applications available under the GPL/LGPL licence, including the EP4IR grammar and lexicon of English, which was developed for Information Retrieval applications. Version 2.3 of the AGFL system is now available, which produces much faster parsers than previous versions: the English parser generated from EP4IR, including a lexicon of 300000 wordforms and collocations, performs a robust best-only analysis of free text at more than 1000 words per second on a 700 Mhz SUN workstation. You are invited to take a look at the AGFL website www.cs.kun.nl/agfl/ where you can try the EP4IR parser and download UNIX/LINUX or WINDOWS versions of the AGFL system or the EP4IR parser. Cornelis H.A. Koster Dept.Comp.Sci. (AGFL project) University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands kees_(on)_cs.kun.nl

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