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Category:   E-Material
Subject:   Natural Language Engineering Volume 8:4
From:   Sarah Nichols
Email:   sarah_(on)_sarahnichols.com
Date received:   24 Jan 2003

For more information, visit http://journals.cambridge.o rg/jid_NLE Table of contents Dedication to William A. Gale KENNETH CHURCH Introduction to the special issue on evaluating word sense disambiguation systems PHILIP EDMONDS, ADAM KILGARRIFF Evaluating sense disambiguation across diverse parameter spaces DAVID YAROWSKY, RADU FLORIAN Parameter optimization for machine-learning of word sense disambiguation V. HOSTE, I. HENDRICKX, W. DAELEMANS, A. VAN DEN BOSCH Combining Classifiers for word sense disambiguation RADU FLORIAN, SILVIU CUCERZAN, CHARLES SCHAFER, DAVID YAROWSKY Word sense disambiguation with pattern learning and automatic feature selection RADA F. MIHALCEA The role of domain information in Word Sense Disambiguation BERNARDO MAGNINI, CARLO STRAPPARAVA, GIOVANNI PEZZULO, ALFIO GLIOZZO Evaluating lexical resources using SENSEVAL NICOLETTA CALZOLARI, CLAUDIA SORIA, FRANCESCA BERTAGNA, FRANCESCO BARSOTTI

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