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Category:   E-Conf
Subject:   International Symposium on Agent Based Modeling and Simulation
Email:   event_(on)_in.tu-clausthal.de
Date received:   15 Mar 2006
Start date:   18 Apr 2006

For info on unsubscription, see the info at the bottom of this message. We apologize for multiple copies you could receive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ _____ ABModSim 2006 _____ International Symposium on Agent Based Modeling and Simulation (Symposium N of the EMCSR)(http://www.lintar.disco.unimib.it/ABModSim/) Chairs: Stefania Bandini, Paolo Petta and Giuseppe Vizzari at the 18th European Meeting on Cybernetic Science and Systems Research - April 18-21 - University of Vienna (http://www.osgk.ac.at/emcsr/) =========== Introduction The notions of agents and multi-agent systems have been widely adopted for the modelling of complex systems in most various contexts, ranging from social sciences, to urban modelling and planning, biology, logistics and production, and many other more. However the concepts behind the term agent are often quite different, as well as the goals of the modelling and simulation activities. This leads to different approaches, methodologies and developed computational systems supporting simulation of the modeled realities. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experiences related to agent based modelling and simulation in different contexts and thus to try to identify common goals and research issues, and to possibly define common methodologies and requirements for computational supports to agent based modelling and simulation. The workshop program includes contributions from different disciplines, from economy and social sciences, to biology and computer science, discussing both methodological issues and concrete applications. Symposium Schedule Wednesday, 19.4. 11:00-13:00 =========== Lumpy Investment and Endogenous Business Cycles Dosi,G., Fagiolo,G., Roventini,A. Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks (SKIN) Ahrweiler,P., Gilbert,N., Pyka,A. A Generic Model of Collectivities Gilbert,N. Information, Efficiency, and Design: Organizational Performance in Emergency Environments Zagorecki,A., Comfort,L., Ko,K. 14:00-15:30 =========== Autonomous Inspectors in Tax Compliance Simulation Balsa,J., Antunes,L., Respicio,A., Coelho,H. Verification of Biochemical Agent-Based Models Using Petri Nets Moncion,T., Hutzler,H., Amar,P. Agent-based Simulation for Developmental Biology Christley,S., Alber,M., Newman,S. 16:00-18:00 =========== GeoAgents: A Framework for Multi-Agent Simulation within Geographical Information Systems Bruno,L., Rodrigues,A., Grueau,C., Gonçalves,A. Agent Architecture for the Simulation of Pedestrian Traffic Behavior Dijkstra,J., Timmermans,H., Jessurun,J., Vries,B.de SCA Based Crowd Simulations: From Methodology to Life Cycle Bandini,S., Federici,M.L., Vizzari,G. [discussion] ****** Thursday, 20.4. 14:00-15:30 Designing Components for Multiagent Simulation Triebig,C., Kluegl,F. A Communication-based Model for Perception and Action Duarte,N., Rossetti,R., Oliveira,E. Millions of Agents: Parallel Simulations with the Repast Agent-Based Toolkit Parry,H.R., Evans,A.J., Heppenstall,A.J. 16:00-17:30 MAS-modelling - a new principle of knowledge production? Resetarits, A. MMASS: Past, Present and Future Research Directions on the Multilayered Multi Agent Situated Systems Model Bandini,S., Manzoni,S., Simone,C. [discussion] For more information please contact Giuseppe Vizzari (giuseppe.vizzari [at) disco.unimib.it). For information about paper formatting, registration, and accomodation please see the EMCSR06 website. Related EMCSR'06 Symposium AT2AI5: From Agent Theory to Agent Implementation (April 21) (http://www.ofai.at/%7Epaolo.petta/conf/at2ai5/) With the patronage of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (http://www.aixia.it/), in occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence. ________________ Dr. Giuseppe Vizzari Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (L.Int.Ar.) Department of Informatics, Systems and Communication University of Milano - Bicocca Via Bicocca degli Arcimboldi 8 20126 Milan (ITALY) tel. +39 02 64487857 fax +39 02 64487839 e.mail giuseppe.vizzari_(on)_disco.unimib.it ------------------------------------------------------------------------ _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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