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Category:   E-Material
Subject:   ISLE work on Natural Interaction and MultiModality
From:   Laila Dybkjśr
Email:   laila_(on)_nis.sdu.dk
Date received:   26 Aug 2002

Dear all, The NIMM (Natural Interaction and MultiModality) working group in the ISLE (International Standards for Language Engineering) project would like to inform you about the following five reports which we hope may be of interest to you: Report 8.1: Survey of NIMM data resources including strategic report describing current and future user profiles, markets and user needs for NIMM resources. Report 9.1: Survey of annotation schemes and identification of best practice. Report 10.1: Survey of best practice and trends in metadata description. Report 11.1: Survey of existing tools, standards and user needs for annotation of natural interaction and multimodal data. Report 11.2: Requirements specification for a tool in support of annotation of natural interaction and multimodal data. The reports can be found at http://isle.nis.sdu.dk under "Reports". The reports are the result of one year of surveying whatever could be found within the area of multimodal resources, annotation schemes, metadata descriptions, tools, current and future market and user needs, user profiles and best practice. The reports are very extensive and are meant to be up-to-date, and we sincerely hope, that they may be helpful to you in some way. In the ISLE project we do not have the resources required for regularly extending the information collected with new data resources, coding schemes or coding tools. Therefore, a web-based facility has been set up at the ISLE NIMM website (see above) under each of the reports 8.1, 9.1 and 11.1, which enables any interested colleague to upload information about a NIMM data resource, annotation scheme and/or coding tools which has not been included already. We hope that our colleagues in the emerging NIMM community will use the facility to help each other by sharing their information with others and contribute to maintaining an up-to-date and valuable pool of NIMM information. Thank you and best regards, Malene Wegener Knudsen

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