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Subject:   Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal Volume 5 Contents (4 Issues)
From:   Xindong Wu
Email:   xwu_(on)_emba.uvm.edu
Date received:   26 Jan 2004

Knowledge and Information Systems: An International Journal ISSN: 0219-1377 (printed version) ISSN: 0219-3116 (electronic version) by Springer-Verlag Home Page: http://www.cs.uvm.edu/%7Eka is Abstracts and PDF Files: http ://link.springer.de/link/service/journals/10115/tocs.htm or http://link.springer-ny.com/link/service/journals/10115/tocs.htm Vol. 5 Issue 4 A General Approach to Clustering in Large Databases with Noise pp. 387 - 415 Alexander Hinneburg, Daniel A. Keim An Approximate Median Polish Algorithm for Large Multidimensional Data Sets pp. 416 - 438 Daniel Barbará, Xintao Wu HDM: A Client/Server/Engine Architecture for Real-Time Web Usage Mining pp. 439 - 465 Florent Masseglia, Maguelonne Teisseire, Pascal Poncelet A Method for Developing Component-Oriented Applications: A Use-Context Driven Approach Toward Component Coordination pp. 466 - 502 Mathee Olarnsakul, Dentcho N. Batanov A Heuristic Genetic Algorithm for Solving Resource Allocation Problems pp. 503 - 511 Zne-Jung Lee, Shun-Feng Su, Chou-Yuan Lee, et al. Vol. 5 Issue 3 Web Site Synthesis Based on Computational Logic pp. 263 - 287 João M. B. Cavalcanti, David Robertson Database Technologies for L-System Simulations in Virtual Plant Applications on Bioinformatics pp. 288 - 314 Yi-Ping Phoebe Chen, Robert M. Colomb Cell Histograms Versus Color Histograms for Image Representation and Retrieval pp. 315 - 336 Renato O. Stehling, Mario A. Nascimento, Alexandre X. Falcão Compositional Verification of Knowledge-Based Task Models and Problem-Solving Methods pp. 337 - 367 Frank Cornelissen, Catholijn M. Jonker, Jan Treur Modeling Spatial-Temporal Data with a Short Observation History pp. 368 - 386 Dragoljub Pokrajac, Reed L. Hoskinson, Zoran Obradovic Vol. 5 Issue 2 An Agenda- and Justification-Based Framework for Discovery Systems pp. 133 - 161 Gary R. Livingston, John M. Rosenberg, Bruce G. Buchanan Necessary and Sufficient Pre-processing in Numerical Range Discretization pp. 162 - 182 Tapio Elomaa, Juho Rousu Discovering Similar Patterns for Characterizing Time Series in a Medical Domain pp. 183 - 200 Fernando Alonso, Juan P. Caraça-Valente, Loïc Martínez, et al. Feature Weighting and Instance Selection for Collaborative Filtering: An Information-Theoretic Approach* pp. 201 - 224 Kai Yu, Xiaowei Xu, Martin Ester, et al. A Methodology for Structural Conflict Resolution in the Integration of Entity-Relationship Schemas pp. 225 - 247 Mong Li Lee, Tok Wang Ling Data Mining: How Research Meets Practical Development? pp. 248 - 261 Xindong Wu, Philip S. Yu, Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, et al. Vol. 5 Issue 1 Online First publication p. 1 Xindong Wu and Christiane Notarmarco Knowledge-Based System Explanation: The Ripple-Down Rules Alternative pp. 2 - 25 Debbie Richards Cost Estimation for Queries Experiencing Multiple Contention States in Dynamic Multidatabase Environments pp. 26 - 49 Qiang Zhu, Satyanarayana Motheramgari, Yu Sun Maintaining Views in Object-Relational Databases pp. 50 - 82 Jixue Liu, Millist W. Vincent, Mukesh Mohania The Unified Problem-Solving Method Development Language UPML pp. 83 - 131 Dieter Fensel, Enrico Motta, Frank van Harmelen, et al. ELSNET’s mailing list elsnet-list is intended for those who are working in the field of language and speech technology. Send your messages to elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org Visit http://www.elsnet.org/list.html to search the archives. Use http://www.elsnet.org/su bscriptions.html to (un)subscribe. Go to http://www.elsnet.org for more information about ELSNET.

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