Training and Education


ELSNET aims at building and providing competence in language and speech technology. It provides the HLT community with properly trained human resources, both at the university level, and at the level of specific training actions for professionals already active or about to become active in the field. The focus is on interdisciplinarity (e.g. language, speech, and other modalities), on emerging new technologies, and on porting technologies to other languages.

ELSNET Summer School

The 13th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication in 2007
The 2007 Summer School was dedicated to Advanced Dialogue Systems: Affectivity, Adaptability and Multimodality.
It took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from 16 - 27 July 2007.
Organizers were Queen's University and the University of Ulster.
Website: http://www.cs.qub.ac.uk/elsnet2007/
The 12th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication in 2006
The 2006 Summer School was dedicated to Information Fusion in Natural Language Systems.
It took place in Hamburg, Germany, from 03 - 14 July 2006.
Organizer was the University of Hamburg.
Website: http://nats-www.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/view/Main/ELSNET06

The 11th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication in 2003
The 2003 Summer School was dedicated to Language and Speech Technology for Language Learning. It took place in Lille, France from 7 - 18 July 2003. Organizer was the University of Lille-3.
Website: http://www.elsnet.org/ess2003.html
The 10th ELSNET Summer School on Language and Speech Communication in 2002
This summer school was dedicated to Evaluation and Assessment of Text and Speech Systems. It took place in Odense, Denmark, from 15 - 26 July 2002. Organizer was the natural Interactive Systems Laboratory (NISLab) of the University of Southern Denmark. More information on http://summerschool2002.nis.sdu.dk/
Videotaped lectures of this school can be seen at http://media.nis.sdu.dk/elsnet/ (use IE)
The 9th ELSNET European Summer School on Language and Speech Communication in 2001
This summer school was dedicated to Text and Speech Corpora. It took place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 16-27 July 2001. Organizer was The Institute of Formal and Applied Linguistics of Charles University. The website is http://ufal.ms.mff.cuni.cz/~ess2001/

ELSNET has organized the Summer School on Language and Speech Communication since 1993. Information on previous summer schools is still available.

Other events

TRAIN-IT is geared towards (future) entrepreneurs who plan to start-up a business in Information Society Technology. For participants of finished or ongoing IST projects, the course is free of charge.
TRAIN-IT offers a six-day hands-on crash-course on how to write an investor winning business plan. Courses are held in our modern training facilities.

Internet supported education

At Eurospeech'99 ELSNET organized the Education ArenA, an afternoon full of entertaining demonstrations. What was on show? There was a lot of software that demonstrated interactively the use of speech analysis techniques, from signal processing to auditory functions, LPC vocoders, speech synthesis and HMM visualisation. These kinds of demonstrations really had the student in mind and aimed to elucidate difficult notions in an easy and flexible way. General-purpose tools were offered by WinSnorri, Praat for speech analyses, while the CSLU toolkit can be used for the rapid development of dialogue systems.Experimentation with a dialogue system (also with talking agent) was also on show in the KTH speech surfer. More elaborate tutorials were present as well. The heavy investment by Sensimetrics in the speech production and perception CD-ROM paid off in an exemplary tutorial. But also on less ambitious levels there were very good demonstrations of interactive learning.
ELSNET has produced a CD-ROM with software and courseware of most demonstrations at the Education ArenA 1999.
This version is now out of stock.
A similar CD-ROM has been produced in connection with the Education ArenA at Eurospeech 2001. This version is still available. If you are interested in trying the demos yourself, send an email message with your affiliation and address details to elsnet@elsnet.org.
Workshop on Computer and Internet Supported Education
At the EACL '99 conference in Bergen, Norway, ELSNET co-organized a workshop on Computer and Internet Supported Education in Language and Speech Technology. The idea for this workshop was motivated by positive experiences with the Socrates Thematic Network for Speech Communication Sciences.

European Masters

The European Masters in Language and Speech presents a flexible and innovative scheme in which all European universities and students can participate, endorsed by the International Speech Communication Association (ISCA) and the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL).

For more information, see: http://www.cstr.ed.ac.uk/euromasters and learn how universities and students can participate in the scheme. Currently approved programmes are organised by the universities of Aalborg, Utrecht, Sheffield, Bonn, Saarbruecken, Brno, Athens, Patras and UPC Barcelona. In preparation are programmes at Edinburgh, Leuven, Erlangen, Stuttgart and EPFL Lausanne.


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