Special session at Eurospeech 2003

Towards a Roadmap for Speech Technology

Thursday, September 4 2003

Special session at Eurospeech 2003 in Geneva (September 1 - 4)

Organized by ELSNET


A roadmap comprises an analysis of the present situation, a vision of where we want to be in, say, ten years from now, and a number of intermediate milestones that would help in setting intermediate goals and in measuring our progress towards our goals. The function of the roadmap is not to impose anything on anyone, but rather to provide a broadly supported definition of a context in which to position the community's efforts, which would allow us to identify common priorities for joint activities in e.g. research, resources and training. In order to arrive at a broadly supported roadmap, continuous consultation of our community is a necessity, and it is in this context that we have organized this special session, where we want

  • to confront the audience with the present state of the roadmap with respect to speech technology and related areas,
  • to ask a few prominent and visionary representatives of our community to present their visions of the future,
  • to have an exchange of views with the audience in order to move towards a consensus view of our roadmap.

Session format:

The session will start with a brief introduction to ELSNET's roadmapping activities, followed by four invited talks and an open panel discussion.

13:30-13:35 Introduction Steven Krauwer ELSNET/Utrecht University
13:35-13:55 ôDo not attempt to light with match!ö: Some thoughts on progress and research goals in Spoken Dialog Systems Paul Heisterkamp DaimlerChrysler
13:55-14:15 Multimodality and speech technology: Verbal and non-verbal communication in talking agents Bj÷rn Granstr÷m and David House KTH (Royal Institute of Technology)
14:15-14:35 Roadmaps, Journeys and Destinations Speculations on the Future of Speech Technology Research Ron Cole Center for Spoken Language Research
14:35:14:55 Spoken Language Output: Realising the Vision Roger Moore 20/20 Speech LTD
14:55-15:30 Panel and Discussion Steven Krauwer and JosÚ Manuel Pardo M˙˝oz ELSNET/Utrecht University and Universidad PolitÚcnica de Madrid

Session organisers:

Steven Krauwer (steven.krauwer@elsnet.org) and Jose Pardo (pardo@die.upm.es)

Session report:

A draft report of this session by Jose Pardo is available.


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