ELSNET's Focus 2000-2002

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ELSNET's six-dimensional space

ELSNET's own decomposition of the universe is not based on a traditional taxonomy of the field (as we are trying to build up above), but rather on a taxonomy of the general support activities one could undertake in order to facilitate research and development at large. The following six dimensions define the space in which ELSNET operates:
Transfer of knowledge and expertise
This comprises a variety of flows of knowledge and expertise, e.g. between academia and industry (in both directions), between languages (porting technologies from one language to another), across disciplines, or from developers to deployers. This dimension forms the basis of our training, dissemination and referral services.
Shared goals
In order to create contexts for joint efforts to face major challenges, ELSNET will produce road maps for various sub-fields of HLT, which will help establishing common goals and priorities.
In order for researchers and developers to be able to monitor their own progress, also in comparison with others using different methods, it is important that there are facilities to support this. ELSNET will offer a platform for discussion and further dissemination of evaluation expertise and experience on both sides of the Atlantic.
Shared language resources
Language resources are essential, both to support research and development, and to support evaluation. As new types of application areas emerge (e.g. multimodal applications), new types of resources will be needed. ELSNET will actively explore the desirability and feasibility of possible new types of resources required by new applications, in close concertation with other bodies involved in the production and distribution of language resources.
Promotion of best practice
For any potential technology integrator or deployer, it is important to have immediate access to what counts as best practice. Progress (both from the technologist's and from the user's point of view) is hampered when every developer, integrator or deployer has to rediscover which technologies can be safely used for his purposes. ELSNET aims at becoming a repository for best practices in the field.
Interoperability by means of standardisation
One important condition for being able to join forces within a community is the existence and usage of proper standards, ensuring at least interoperability between systems, data and components. ELSNET will actively engage in the promotion of emerging and de facto standards.

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