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ELSNET is the European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies, funded by the European Communities' HLT Programme. ELSNET's objective is to bring together the key players in language and speech technology, both in industry and in academia. To encourage interdisciplinary co-operation ELSNET organises a variety of events and services to the language and speech community, such as:
  • Summer schools and courses on topics related to NL and Speech integration.
  • Innovative actions in the field on language and speech resources.
  • Pilot studies, initiation of new projects.
  • The bi-monthly newsletter ELSNews, the web site, ELSNET's electronic mailing list.
  • Books and survey reports.
  • Collection of training materials.
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Coming Up

Recent or coming events supported by ELSNET

CLS 2010

Interdisciplinary Summer School, Workshop, and Round Table in Computational Linguistics

August 22 - September 3 2010, Zadar, Croatia


Reversing Language Shift: How to Re-awaken a Language Tradition

September 13 - 15, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom

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