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Update this itemAPI for Sentiment & Emotion analysis
Description: Attributing author sentiment and emotion to entities in text
Comment: Free trial
Submitted: 03-10-2012 by: Vidar Brekke

Update this itembrat rapid annotation tool
Description: Open-source web-based annotation tool for text-bound and relational annotations
Comment: Presented at EACL 2012 System Demonstration Session
Submitted: 24-02-2012 by: Pontus Stenetorp

Update this itemConveyAPU
Description: simple to use REST web service that provides programmatic access to a powerful text analytics engine.
Comment: Free trial
Submitted: 11-10-2012 by: Vidar Brekke

Update this itemInbox Translation
Description: Inbox Translation is a professional translation agency based in London, UK. We offer bespoke language services in more t
Submitted: 12-11-2013 by: Flo

Update this itemlingWAVES aligner
Description: tool for automatic and manual segmenting, labeling and annotation
Submitted: 03-04-2008 by: Ingolf Franke

Architectures for NLP

Update this itemIntellexer - Semantic Research and Semantic Software Development
Description: Document Summarization, Document Comparison, Corporate Knowledge Management.
Comment: Why Semantics? Read at http://www.intellexer.com/why_semantics.html
Submitted: 07-02-2006 by: Yulia Mikheeva

Update this itemLingBench IDE (Natlanco)
Description: LingBench IDE is an Integrated Development Environment for Linguists and Computer Linguists to Model a Natural Language.
Comment: Light version available as downloadable shareware
Submitted: 08-10-2003 by: Filip De Brabander

Update this itemVisualText ®
Description: Complete graphical development environment for language-engineering of NLP systems.
Comment: Features the NLP++ ® programming language, automated rule generation, integrated knowledge base.
Submitted: 19-05-2001 by: Amnon Meyers

Bigram statistics

Update this itemBigram Statistics Package
Comment: Perl, free, new version v 0.3
Submitted: 11-02-2002 by: Ted Pedersen


Update this itemDocument Comparator
Description: Semantic solution to compare text files of different types and retrieve the files that are similar in meaning.
Comment: Try Online Comparator: http://comparator.intellexer.com/demo_comp.php
Submitted: 05-04-2006 by: Yulia Mikheeva

Update this itemTextweiser - text classifier
Description: Textweiser is a software that categorizes text automatically. It focuses on the classification of unstructured data.
Submitted: 08-06-2011 by: Rona Linke

Context-sensitive dictionaries

Update this itemOffice Dictionary (Lingenio)
Description: context-sensitive lookup, using extended linguistic and lexical data to arrive at precisely the meaning and the transla
Comment: German-English, and German-French, large vocabulary
Submitted: 13-04-2005 by: Maria Strobel

Conversational Dialog Applications and Software Development Tools

Update this itemThe Voice User Interface Company
Description: Design, development and assessment of telephony based voice user interfaces
Comment: Walter Rolandi, Ph.D. Speech Application Consultant
Submitted: 12-01-2002 by: Walter Rolandi, Ph.D.

Cross-Lingual Information Retrieval

Update this itemAutomatic Unicode Converter (AutoUniConv)
Description: C/C++ library that automatically identifies an input's charset and converts it to Unicode.
Submitted: 21-06-2010 by: Rona Linke

Update this itemSemantix Cross-Lingual Query Enhancer
Description: The Semantix Cross-Lingual Query Enhancer enables communication across linguistic barriers.
Submitted: 25-06-2001 by: Nicole Johnston


Update this itemEmdros text database engine
Description: database engine for analyzed or annotated text
Comment: Open Source. Includes query language. Especially good for syntactic analyses.
Submitted: 05-02-2005 by: Ulrik Petersen

Deutsch Chinesisch Übersetzungen

Update this itemDeutsch Chinesisch Übersetzungen
Description: Deutsch Chinesisch Übersetzer Übersetzungen
Comment: Deutsch Chinesisch Übersetzer Übersetzungen
Submitted: 07-03-2011 by: Übersetzer

Directory of companies

Update this itemArabic calligraphy
Description: Arabic calligraphy Service
Comment: You can get a glamorous Arabic calligraphy art for your text
Submitted: 09-12-2014 by: A.Kandil

Update this itemELSNET's Directory of Language and Speech Technology Organisations
Comment: Add your company via the web form
Submitted: 29-11-2002 by: Steven Krauwer

Update this itemJR Language Services
Description: Premium Translation Services
Comment: High Quality Fast Translations
Submitted: 18-09-2007 by: Jackie Ruffolo

Update this itemThe Lingua Team
Description: Advanced linguistic services for software and technology companies
Comment: Lexicon creation, computational linguistics, NLP and speech related services in over 90 languages
Submitted: 30-01-2014 by: Avelino Garcia

Directory of products

Update this itemWorld Language Resources
Description: Directory of language products and services, organized by language or product
Submitted: 22-01-2001 by: Steven Krauwer

Update this itemWorld Language Resources
Description: Directory of language products and services, organized by language or product
Submitted: 30-01-2014 by: Steven Krauwer

Update this itemWorld of Reading, Ltd.
Description: Over 100 languages - Software for ages 0-99 and machine translation
Comment: Best choices, best prices
Submitted: 02-01-2002 by: Cindy Tracy

Electronic dictionaries

Update this itemElectronic dictionaries for 35 languages
Description: ECTACO talking dictionaries for 25 languages include up to 1,000,000 words, grammar, text translation and voice recognit
Comment: Free shipping within the US and Canada!
Submitted: 03-09-2004 by: Ann Smith


Update this itemLinguistic Exploration Tools and Resources
Comment: A rich, annotated collection of useful pointers, maintained by Steven Bird at LDC
Submitted: 07-07-2004 by: Steven Krauwer

Foreign language learning

Update this itemBusiness language training
Description: Business language training, language coaching, language courses
Comment: Language training
Submitted: 18-11-2009 by: Desislava Nikolova

Update this itemLanguage Schools - Boston Language
Description: Leading language school in Boston, MA, offers language education including Spanish, French, German, Italian, and more.
Submitted: 16-04-2008 by: Sirikaram Khalsa

Update this itemSpanish Language Source
Description: An online directory of Spanish language schools in the U.S,, Latin America and Spain
Comment: Some programs include private tutoring, cultural field trips and tango dancing.
Submitted: 04-01-2009 by: Adriana Pons

Update this itemSpanish Translation
Description: Comprehensive Spanish learning resource center, with free educational materials and English-Spanish translation!
Submitted: 09-07-2009 by: Arielle

HMM Toolkit

Update this itemA HMM mini-toolkit and an exercise/tutorial sheet
Description: HMM toolkit written in c++, for Linux
Comment: Used in my 1-semester Machine Learning grad course
Submitted: 23-10-2009 by: Anand Venkataraman

Update this itemHTK V3.0
Description: Portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models
Comment: free; library modules and tools in C source form
Submitted: 11-02-2002 by: Steven Krauwer

Language Identification

Update this itemLingua-Systems' language identifier (lid)
Description: lid is a C/C++ language and encoding identification library for Unix-like operating systems
Comment: library and online demo
Submitted: 21-06-2010 by: Rona Linke

Learn any Language Online through Skype

Update this itemLearn any Language Online through Skype
Description: Native Monks provides customized one-to-one language lessons across hundreds of languages. Students can go through our e
Comment: Paid Course
Submitted: 19-04-2017 by: Sarah Thomas

Literature Analyzer

Update this itemP.A.N.
Description: Parses and analyzes virtually any text.
Comment: Parses text, determines sentance structure, determine mood/tone of sentance, identifies key imagery
Submitted: 23-03-2011 by: Benjamin Bowes

Machine Translation

Update this itemENGLISH into plain ENGLISH Machine Translation
Description: ENGLISH into plain ENGLISH Machine Translation with on-line demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 26-02-2009 by: Langsoft, Sprachlernmittel

Update this itemGerman-English Machine Translation
Description: German-English Machine Translation with demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 28-09-2005 by: LANGSOFT

Update this itemKataku (Toggletext)
Description: Translates between English and Bahasa Indonesia via the web and sms.
Comment: Allows access to a text/webpage translation system and a translation dictionary
Submitted: 19-12-2003 by: Helen McKay

Update this itemMoses for Mere Mortals
Description: Bash scripts and Windows executables add-ins that, together, create a basic translation chain prototype
Comment: GNU General Public License v3
Submitted: 19-11-2014 by: João Rosas

Update this itemPetaMem
Description: intelligence systems capable of natural language communicationwith humans
Comment: NLP
Submitted: 22-04-2003 by: Jelinek

Update this itemReverso (Softissimo)
Description: Family of machine translation products
Comment: content gisting & translation productivity tools for PC, Mac, Intranet, Internet
Submitted: 20-12-2000 by: Softissimo Sarl

Update this itemReverso (Softissmo)
Description: On-line machine translation portal
Comment: On-line demo available
Submitted: 20-12-2000 by: Softissimo Sarl

Update this itemTranslate (Lingenio)
Description: Series of machine translation products
Comment: Translates between German and English, and German and French
Submitted: 13-04-2005 by: Maria Strobel

Update this itemWebtranslate (Lingenio & digital publishing)
Description: free online translator for German-English and German-French
Comment: It is based on Translate technology and gives you a quick impression of the way you can translate with the Translate pro
Submitted: 13-04-2005 by: Maria Strobel

Multilingual Information Management, Terminology Management and CAT tool

Update this itemARAYA Suite
Description: Integrated Translation Management Tool
Comment: Available as translation server or stand alone application; java based; includes an XML-RPC server
Submitted: 19-05-2007 by: Dr. Klemens Waldhör

Update this itemDéjà Vu by Atril
Description: Productivity tools for translators: Translation Memory; Terminology Management; Text Alignment
Comment: Commercial product
Submitted: 11-02-2002 by: Antonio S. Valderrábanos

Update this itemGlobalSight Translation Management System
Description: SaaS for open source translation management system. A complete package for translation companies and the entreprise.
Comment: A complete package for language service providers
Submitted: 02-11-2012 by: Emre Akkas

Update this itemMultiCorpora Multilingual Information Management Tools
Description: Index and search through bilingually-paired documents, terminology extraction, management, pre-translation and much more
Comment: Commercial Software, new generation of CAT / Multilingual Information Management Tool.
Submitted: 20-07-2001 by: Dan Gervais

Update this itemTRANSIT (Language Technologie)
Description: Description: Productivity tools for translators: Translation Memory; Terminology Management; Text Alignment
Comment: The best software for translators
Submitted: 21-11-2003 by: Lidia Cámara

Natural Language Generation

Update this itemThe B2Z complete list of Natural Language Generation Systems
Description: A maintained, as near to complete as we can make it, list of natural language generation systems with pointers
Comment: new additions welcome anytime.
Submitted: 19-01-2003 by: John A. Bateman and Michael Zock


Update this itemElite TransLingo
Description: Official document translation and website localization services
Comment: Quality Translation Services With Affordable Rates
Submitted: 14-11-2010 by: Mike

Update this itemenglish-german translations
Description: Our english-german translations are top quality
Submitted: 03-02-2011 by: Frank Polinga

Proofing tools

Update this itemCordial
Description: Check grammar mistakes in your french texts
Comment: additionnal functions : grammar analysis, word to word translation (eng, germ, it, etc.), dictionary, synonyms, rules,
Submitted: 26-03-2001 by: Patrick Séguéla

Update this itemErrorSpy
Description: Computer-Aided Quality Assurance of Translations
Comment: Checks Terminology, Numbers, Completeness, Acronyms, Typography and generate reports
Submitted: 08-01-2005 by: François Massion - DOG GmbH

Question answering

Update this itemQuestion answering software program
Description: Question answering with demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 28-09-2005 by: LANGSOFT

Software Registry

Update this itemThe Natural Language Software Registry
Description: Listing and descriptions of NLP Software
Comment: Maintained by DFKI
Submitted: 29-09-2000 by: Steven Krauwer

Speech Companies

Update this itemART, Advanced Recognition Technologies Inc.
Description: Embedded Speech and Handwriting Recognition for Wireless Devices
Submitted: 12-12-2001 by: Jennifer Axelrad

Update this itemBabel Technologies S.A.
Description: Text-To-Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification
Submitted: 29-10-2001 by: Vincent Fontaine

Update this itemLoquendo
Description: Voice Technologies and Platforms, Voice Web Browsing
Submitted: 29-05-2001 by: Roberto Gemello

Update this itemQwertyStudios Speech Lab
Description: The home for text-to-speech applications such as Speaking Notepad and 1st Read It Aloud!
Comment: Free download of text-to-speech software available
Submitted: 07-04-2006 by: Konstantin Artemev

Update this itemRussisch Deusch Übersetzungen
Description: Wir bieten Übersetzungen in alle Sprachen an
Comment: besonders Übersetzungen russisch / deutsch
Submitted: 16-05-2011 by: Russisch Deutsch Übersetzer

Update this itemSakrament
Description: Sakrament products: Sakrament TTS/ ASR Engine SAPI 5.x, multilingual SDKs, Sakrament SpeechBox for embedded solutions
Comment: Sakrament technology allows to integrate solutions into existing voice processing platforms/ develop new applications
Submitted: 01-10-2002 by: Ostapenko Alexander

Update this itemSVOX AG, Zurich / Switzerland
Description: Leading provider of high quality embedded speech output solutions.
Comment: Market leader in European automotive industry.
Submitted: 18-07-2005 by: Norman Rohr

Update this itemVocapia Research
Description: Speech technology software and services
Submitted: 01-04-2013 by: Bernard Prouts

Speech Interfaces for the Web

Update this itemSpeecHTML (Vocalis)
Description: Using websites to provide self-service applications over the phone
Submitted: 19-09-2000 by: Steven Krauwer

Speech Recording Applications

Update this itemSpeechRecorder
Description: Platform-independent speech recording tool with multimodal prompting and local or web-based recording
Comment: free download
Submitted: 26-10-2005 by: Christoph Draxler

Speech Science Tools

Update this itemAutomatic Speech Recognition Resources
Description: Public domain speech recognition software from ISIP
Submitted: 18-12-2000 by: Steven Krauwer

Update this itemlingWAVES
Description: modular speech signal analysis and processing software
Comment: ask for demo
Submitted: 11-11-2003 by: Ingolf Franke

Update this itemSpeech Filing System
Description: Software tools for speech analysis
Comment: Free. For Windows & Unix
Submitted: 11-02-2002 by: Mark Huckvale

Update this itemThe Emu Speech Database System
Description: A system for the creation and manipulation of annotated speech corpora.
Comment: Runs on Macintosh, Unix and Windows, freely distributed.
Submitted: 09-04-2002 by: Steve Cassidy

Update this itemWASP: Waveform Annotation Spectrogram Pitch
Description: Simple tool for student speech analysis
Comment: Free. For Windows only
Submitted: 11-02-2002 by: Mark Huckvale

speech signal analysis

Update this itemlingWAVES
Description: Modular software for speech and voice signal analysis, processing and documentation
Submitted: 02-04-2008 by: Ingolf Franke


Update this itemGrammatical and orthographical Spell-checking
Description: Grammatical and orthographical Spell-checking with demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 28-09-2005 by: LANGSOFT

Terminology Management

Update this itemAraya BiExtract
Description: Bilingual Terminology Extraction Tool; A java based tool which automatically extracts n word terms from tmx files
Comment: Product;
Submitted: 19-05-2007 by: Klemens Waldhör

Update this itemOpenNetTerminologyManager
Description: Open Source project aiming at developing a freely available pure web based terminology management system
Comment: Research prototype
Submitted: 26-02-2002 by: Dr. Klemens Waldhör

Text Classification

Update this itemLanguage Parser
Description: language parser with demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 28-09-2005 by: LANGSOFT

Update this itemRubryx
Description: Rubryx is a program of pattern classification of web sites. It allows classifying a large bulk of specialized textual in
Comment: Shareware download
Submitted: 16-02-2002 by: Vladimir Polyakov

Update this itemText attribution to a subject field
Description: Text attribution to a subject field with demo
Comment: Free download
Submitted: 28-09-2005 by: LANGSOFT

text summarization

Update this itemDocument Summarizer
Description: Semantic software solution for document summarization.
Comment: Custom Software Development and Services: http://summarizer.intellexer.com/custom_software_development.html
Submitted: 05-04-2006 by: Yulia Mikheeva

Update this itemIntellexer Document Summarizer - solution based on the semantic approach
Description: Intellexer Document Summarizer automatically generates a Summary, which is an overview of the document content.
Comment: Try online Summarizer: http://www.intellexer.com/demo_summ.php
Submitted: 12-08-2005 by: Yulia Mikheeva

Update this itemPERTINENCE : Multilingual automatic text summarization Online
Description: PERTINENCE summarizes the text content of a web page or any text , and uses exclusively linguistics technics
Comment: Try Free onligne for Document Types : TXT, HTML, WML, PDF, RTF, DOC -Word 6,95,97,2000-
Submitted: 22-12-2001 by: Abderrafih Lehmam

Update this itemPERTINENCE : Online Multilingual automatic text summarization
Description: Pertinence summarizes the text content of a web page, or texts and uses exlusively linguistics technics
Comment: Try Free Pertinence online (Explorer 5+ / Netscape6+)
Submitted: 08-04-2002 by: Abderrafih Lehmam

Translation and/or Localization Companies

Update this itemA Better Translation
Description: High quality Russian translation for your products and services: general, technical, and promotional materials
Submitted: 17-03-2010 by: Lenny

Update this itemABC Translations
Description: Offering multilingual speech services and training
Comment: Combining XML with ASP .NET to deliver services via web
Submitted: 16-08-2005 by: Dr. Brenda Fuller

Update this itemABCist - English to Russian, English to Ukrainian Professional Freelance Translator
Description: Professional services by English to Russian and English to Ukrainian freelance translator.
Comment: I work with companies and individuals. Competitive rates and high quality.
Submitted: 13-02-2010 by: Dmitrie

Update this itemAdvanced Language Translation
Description: Corporate Transaltion and Localization Services
Comment: We thrive on technical and challenging projects
Submitted: 23-04-2009 by: Merrill Gates

Update this itemAgence de traduction acoTranslations
Description: A French translation and localization agency offering multilingual services.
Submitted: 13-10-2011 by: Anthony Teixeira

Update this itemAgence de traduction Tradivarius - traducteurs néerlandais français
Description: Tradivarius, agence de traduction. Traducteurs spécialisés néerlandais français. Société à taille humaine, nous vous pr
Submitted: 08-02-2008 by: Mattart Christophe

Update this itemAmtec Translations/Vertaalbureau.nl
Description: Dutch translation services
Comment: Amtec Translations is the international trade name of Vertaalbureau.nl
Submitted: 27-06-2006 by: Wouter van den Berg

Update this itemArgentine Translator
Description: Translations into English and Spanish
Comment: Technical, commercial and scientific topics
Submitted: 14-10-2008 by: Ines Waiz

Update this itemBeTranslated Translation Services
Description: Professional translation services by a network of experienced translators
Comment: Professional translation
Submitted: 15-11-2005 by: Michael

Update this itemBubbles Translations
Description: Bubbles is a Translation firm based in the UK, providing Professional Language Translation & Localisation
Comment: Commercial website, with addition of Free Translation Tool
Submitted: 28-08-2009 by: Tom Shore

Update this itemBusiness Translation Services
Description: Agency specialized in helping business grow in new markets, translating websites and documents in more than 45 languages
Submitted: 12-12-2007 by: Jackie Ruffolo

Update this itemCalifornia Center for Translation & Interpretation
Description: Certified and notarized translation services for various types of documents
Comment: Certified translations for USCIS and courts
Submitted: 22-04-2014 by: Sophia Williams

Update this itemCertified Translations for USCIS and Academia
Description: Certified translations of birth certificates, marriage certificates, diplomas, academic transcripts
Comment: Competitve rates and fast turn around
Submitted: 22-04-2010 by: Georges Kleinberg

Update this itemCipherion - Professional Translations
Description: Professional translation agency based in Dublin, Ireland that deliver translation and localization services
Submitted: 11-05-2011 by: Arturo MG

Update this itemClaudia Serban - Medical Translations
Description: Medical Translations from English into Romanian. Romanian Medical Translator for your Medical Translations.
Comment: e.g. Research prototype
Submitted: 16-04-2006 by: Claudia Serban

Update this itemCNX Translation - Thai Translator Service
Description: Translation, proofreading, interpreting and voice recording services from English to Thai
Submitted: 23-02-2007 by: On-anong Aufranc

Update this itemConnect Translations Belgium
Description: Translation Agency specialized in German and Dutch
Comment: Translations into more than 100 languages
Submitted: 23-02-2010 by: Leopold Decloedt

Update this itemConnect-Sprachenservice GmbH
Description: Translation Agency specialized in German and Dutch
Comment: Translations into more than 100 languages, also legal translations
Submitted: 23-02-2010 by: Leopold Decloedt

Update this itemCOSMOtranslations
Description: Spanish-English / English-Spanish translation company
Comment: Language services in Spanish and English
Submitted: 15-01-2008 by: Valeria Paciello

Update this itemDatawords - Translation Agency
Description: Translation agency specialised in the translation of Asian and Arabic languages
Comment: Communication Solutions: professional translators for a high quality translation
Submitted: 23-05-2008 by: Mader Maxime

Update this itemDuits Perfect (Vertalingen)
Description: Translations from and into German and many other languages
Submitted: 17-08-2010 by: R Heerenbrink

Update this itemEasy Translation
Description: Professional translation services for almost all European languages
Comment: Specializes in website/webshop translation
Submitted: 13-08-2013 by: Arjen Kramer

Update this itemEnglish > French Translator
Description: Technical translation service from English into French.
Comment: Quality and respected deadlines at a fair price.
Submitted: 27-11-2007 by: Antoine Emeriaud

Update this itemEnglish Spanish Translations / Spanish English Translations
Description: Spanish Translations English - Spanish Translations services for companies and individuals.
Submitted: 21-10-2009 by: Valeria

Update this itemEnglish to Bulgarian Translation Agency Carel
Description: Carel is a full service English to Bulgarian translation and legalization agency located in downtown Varna, Bulgaria. We
Comment: With more than 20 years of experience translation agency Carel offers professional and affordable English to Bulgarian t
Submitted: 09-12-2011 by: Svetlin Simeonov

Update this itemEnglish to Greek Translator
Description: Professional English-Greek Translation Services
Submitted: 15-12-2010 by: Dimitris Mantas

Update this itemEnglish-Spanish-Translation.info
Description: Your guide for Resources related to English-Spanish Translations
Submitted: 17-05-2006 by: Exequiela Goldini

Update this itemEnunce, LLC
Description: Korean / English translation of legal, medical and engineering documents
Submitted: 05-01-2012 by: Enunce Staff

Update this itemeTranslationService - Translation Service provider and Editorial Office at excellent prices.
Description: Translation services at excellent value (ca. 25% less) by qualified native speaker translators.
Submitted: 16-02-2010 by: Wahl

Update this itemEVS Translations (Translation and Localisation Services)
Description: Translation and localisation services into more than 40 languages.
Comment: Website localisation
Submitted: 04-09-2009 by: Desislava Nikolova

Update this itemExigotranslations Translation Service
Description: Translation service in over 140 languages. Translation quote calculator online.
Submitted: 18-07-2008 by: Richard Welchman

Update this itemForeign Translations, Inc.
Description: Spanish, German, French, Italian translation services
Comment: & many more languages
Submitted: 16-10-2008 by: Daryl

Update this itemFrench Translation - Professional Service in the UK
Description: French Translation Services - French to English translation of technical, legal and financial texts
Comment: French Translation Services - French to English translation of technical, legal and financial texts
Submitted: 16-01-2011 by: Carrie Booth

Update this itemFrench Translation Services
Description: French Translation Services by Carrie Booth, The Translation Booth
Submitted: 23-09-2011 by: Carrie Booth

Update this itemFrey Translation Service
Description: Translation into German - English - Spanish
Comment: Mainly business and technical translations
Submitted: 22-08-2009 by: Ulrich Frey

Update this itemGATIM Language Services
Description: A fast growing online translation company, offering translation and interpreting services in all languages!
Comment: Translations in Arabic, Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Protugese, Turkish, Polish and many others
Submitted: 12-04-2009 by: E.A. Seed

Update this itemGenial Translations
Description: Business, Technical, and Scientific Translators
Comment: Network of translators providing English, German, and French technical and business translations
Submitted: 19-06-2007 by: Lucais Sewell

Update this itemGlobal Language Translation Services
Description: Translation, proofreading, multilingual voice over, interpreting, Braille
Comment: Translation in over 100 languages.
Submitted: 27-05-2010 by: Piotr Jurewicz

Update this itemGlobalme Localization
Description: Globalme is a full service language solutions provider with offices in Vancouver,BC and Portland, OR
Comment: Subtitle translation, media localization, web localization
Submitted: 02-11-2012 by: Emre Akkas

Update this itemGo Localise! Translation | Localisation | Voice Over | Dubbing
Description: Translation | Localisation | Voice Over | Dubbing
Submitted: 24-07-2008 by: David Garcia Gonzalez

Update this itemHave It Translated
Description: English into Spanish Website Translation Services
Submitted: 01-08-2008 by: Victoria Cerutti

Update this itemHeilwagen Translations
Description: Translation service for all European and Asian Languages
Comment: Spezialist fields: general industry, technology, marketing, energy, finance and law
Submitted: 19-02-2010 by: Christian Heilwagen

Update this itemHier finden Sie professionelle Übersetzer
Description: Unsere professionelle Übersetzer übernehmen Ihre niederl&atrema;ndisch Übersetzungen
Submitted: 15-02-2011 by: Susan

Update this itemiLinguists.com
Description: Professional French into English translation services
Comment: Also provides professional editing, interpretation, and localization, as well as free online translation.
Submitted: 23-01-2006 by: L Moll

Update this itemiLocalization Professional Translation Service
Description: Full suite of translation localization services for legal, corporate, technical, financial, and medical documents.
Comment: Thank you for including our site.
Submitted: 24-05-2006 by: Page Cederstrom

Update this itemIntertran Translations
Description: Intertran offers a translation service in many languages and specialized fields.
Submitted: 19-10-2009 by: annemieke

Update this itemJR Language Translation Services, Inc.
Description: Translation and Localization Services in more than 45 languages
Comment: Specializing in English/SPanish Website translation
Submitted: 07-11-2007 by: Sergio Ruffolo

Update this itemK International plc - translation services provider
Description: Text-to-speech, interpreting services
Submitted: 16-08-2005 by: Miranda Davies

Update this itemLanguage Translation Companies
Description: Provides resource on language translation companies worldwide.
Comment: List of Translation Companies
Submitted: 29-03-2012 by: Christopher

Update this itemLanguage Translation Jobs
Description: Freelance language translation jobs in over 130 languages
Comment: freelance translators, freelance translation jobs
Submitted: 23-06-2010 by: Sinoea Kaabi

Update this itemLanguage Translation Resources
Description: Provides a list of translation service providers around the world.
Submitted: 18-04-2008 by: RaviKumar

Update this itemLanguage Translation Resources
Description: Provides resource on worlwide translation service providers.
Submitted: 11-12-2008 by: Ravi Kumar

Update this itemLanguage translation software
Description: Language translation software for MS Windows, as well as non-English language keyboards.
Comment: The content of my site is similar to your site it deserveto list here.Appreciate your consideration.
Submitted: 19-03-2007 by: Karan Rajput

Update this itemLingo24 Translation Services
Description: Lingo24 provides professional language translation and other services to blue chip companies and other translation agenc
Comment: We specialise in document translation services between English and European and Asian languages.
Submitted: 17-03-2006 by: Ioana Mihailas

Update this itemLive Translation
Description: From as little as $1.99 you can have your text professionally translated online and returned within minutes! Ideal for E
Comment: We have native speaking, professional translators standing by.
Submitted: 03-06-2006 by: Philip Perks

Update this itemMcFelder Translations Language Translation and Localisation Solutions - By professional quality translators.
Description: Language translation and marketing services for international business.
Comment: Language translation and marketing services for international business.
Submitted: 11-06-2008 by: Fiona McCrae

Update this itemMenukaartvertalen.nl (De Horeca vertalers van Nederland)
Description: Translation of Menu's for Dutch restaurants and hotels
Comment: Translation to Dutch, Spanish, German, Englisch and Frensch
Submitted: 11-12-2010 by: Annelie Stoop

Update this itemMenukaartvertalen.nl Dutch company specialized in menu translations
Description: Menukaartvertalen.nl Dutch company specialized in menu translations
Comment: All languages
Submitted: 03-12-2010 by: Jorden Heres

Update this itemMichael Bastin translation
Description: English to French translations services by Michael Bastin
Comment: Professional freelance translator
Submitted: 03-06-2006 by: Michael Bastin

Update this itemMultilingual translation services
Description: Professional translation services for businesses and individuals in all sectors of activity.
Submitted: 11-03-2006 by: Kathy Blais

Update this itemNetprofi Translation Agency
Description: Professional translation services for a wide range of customers
Submitted: 04-01-2010 by: Steve Cooke

Update this itemOmniverbal
Description: Omniverbal provides high quality professional translation, transcription and interpreter services in all languages.
Submitted: 30-09-2010 by: Raven

Update this itemOnline Document Translation Services
Description: Professional document translation service at great prices. Free online quotes.
Comment: Order online and pay by credit card.
Submitted: 05-08-2016 by: Mark Jordan

Update this itemPanamerco.com
Description: Professional English to Spanish and Spanish to English Translation Services
Submitted: 04-09-2005 by: Joe Pineda

Update this itemPortuguese Translation
Description: Portuguese Translation
Comment: Portuguese Translation
Submitted: 31-12-2009 by: nicolas

Update this itemProfessional Language Services
Description: Localization and Translation service company offering high quality professional translation into over 150 languages.
Submitted: 03-10-2007 by: Surendran Haridoss

Update this itemProfessional Language Translation Services
Description: Offers translation and interpreting services to major corporations, law firms, universities, media and more.
Comment: Professional Translation Services
Submitted: 07-02-2008 by: Siri Karam Khalsa

Update this itemProfessional translation services
Description: Translation services for companies and individuals. In Dutch: Vertaalbureau & vertalingen voor bedrijven.
Comment: Professionel translations
Submitted: 05-03-2008 by: Simeon Feenstra

Update this itemRussian Phone Translation
Description: Russian English professional interpreter offers over the telephone translation of business and personal conversations.
Submitted: 08-05-2008 by: Antonia

Update this itemRussian translation services
Description: Ruslingo offers translation in various languages such as Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic etc.
Comment: Ruslingo specializes in English to Russian translations in OIL and Gas, Medical, IT fields.
Submitted: 06-05-2014 by: Supreet Narula

Update this itemRussian Translation Services
Description: Russian translation services: medical translation, legal translation, technical translation, private correspondence.
Submitted: 04-09-2007 by: Timur

Update this itemRVR Translation Service
Description: Translation service for European languages
Submitted: 16-08-2005 by: Riet Van Rompu

Update this itemSatto Translations
Description: Language translation service provider for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, German, Italian & French. Specializing
Comment: Thanks!
Submitted: 26-11-2007 by: Roberto Rey

Update this itemSchouten Translation Services
Description: Specialised in technical language translation and editing in all European languages. Based in the Netherlands.
Submitted: 02-01-2007 by: Friso Rauwerda

Update this itemScriptware Professional Translation Services
Description: Scriptware translates for professional, consumer and technical markets to and from virtually any language
Comment: Scriptware is specialized in Technical Translations to and from virtually any language
Submitted: 06-03-2007 by: Martijn

Update this itemShakti Enterprise - Translation services in India
Description: Shakti Enterprise is a leading Translation agency in India providing translation services in all Indian and foreign lang
Submitted: 22-11-2016 by: Shakti Enterprise

Update this itemSpanish Translation Services
Description: Transpanish offers Spanish Translation Services at Convenient Prices. Our English-Spanish Translations are performed by
Submitted: 17-05-2006 by: Exequiela Goldini

Update this itemSpanish Translation
Description: Spanish Translation US: 1-888-202-2488. Quality Spanish translations by expert Spanish translator teams at competitive p
Submitted: 01-04-2008 by: Patrick Briant

Update this itemSprachendienst-42.de
Description: professional online-based translation agency
Comment: Immediately submit your translation online
Submitted: 02-02-2015 by: Martin Brauser

Update this itemSTAR Translation Services
Description: Documentation Translation Services in 45 languages from one of Europes largest translation agencies
Comment: technical translation services
Submitted: 24-04-2009 by: Damian Scattergood

Update this itemStealth Translations Ltd
Description: Delivering high quality language translation services, Stealth Translations Ltd, based in Northern Ireland.
Comment: High quality medical translation services
Submitted: 01-12-2011 by: Stephen Weir

Update this itemStrictly Spanish Translation Services
Description: Provides quality English to Spanish translations, proofreading, editing, and website translation
Comment: Company based in Cincinnati, Ohio
Submitted: 16-08-2005 by: Lon Schultz

Update this itemThe Translation Guide
Description: The Translation Guide was developed to provide real world advice from industry experts.
Comment: Reference site for the translation industry
Submitted: 18-07-2006 by: Phillip Perks

Update this itemtolingo translation services
Description: professional online-based translation agency
Submitted: 09-07-2009 by: Franz Hartmann

Update this itemTomedes Translation Services
Description: Tomedes provides the best translation quote in terms of low price, high quality and fast turnaround time
Submitted: 26-02-2009 by: Ofer Tirosh

Update this itemTradivarius - Vertaalbureau en tolkenagentschap gelegen dichtbij Brussel
Description: Tradivarius - Vertaalbureau en tolkenagentschap gelegen dichtbij Brussel
Comment: Tradivarius - Vertaalbureau en tolkenagentschap gelegen dichtbij Brussel
Submitted: 17-12-2007 by: Verhelle Joëlle

Update this itemTradivarius, translation and interpreting agency
Description: Tradivarius, translation and interpretation agency, conference interpreters agency. We offer you different language comb
Comment: Tradivarius, translation and interpreting agency
Submitted: 18-12-2007 by: Verhelle Joëlle

Update this itemTradspeed Traduttori e interpreti
Description: Tradspeed offers translations to European companies for all language combinations
Comment: Our network of translators throughout Europe is specialized in technical, medical and legal translations
Submitted: 20-01-2010 by: Alessandra Rosso

Update this itemTraduction d'actes et diplomes
Description: Traduction du français à l'anglais et de l'anglais au français : acte d'état civil, diplôme, relevé, casier judiciaire
Comment: Livraison sous 24 h
Submitted: 08-10-2015 by: Jean Paul

Update this itemTraductor ingles español / Traductor inglés castellano
Description: Estudio de traducciones / interpretaciones al inglés y español
Submitted: 12-06-2010 by: Kia

Update this itemTraductor Público de Inglés Español / Traductor Público de Español Inglés
Description: Servicios de traducción inglés – español, español – inglés. Realizamos traducciones públicas, científicas, técnicas, per
Submitted: 01-12-2009 by: Valeria

Update this itemTraductor Simultáneo - Intérprete inglés español - Intérprete español inglés
Description: Traductores español inglés – inglés español especializados en el campo de la interpretación o traducción simultánea.
Submitted: 13-11-2009 by: Valeria

Update this itemTransABC Translation Services
Description: Global language translation services agency providing services from and into all the major world languages.
Submitted: 15-09-2010 by: R Ahmed

Update this itemTranslation & localization services - Merrill Brink International
Description: Merrill Brink International is a leading provider of life sciences, legal, financial and corporate language solutions fo
Comment: Merrill Brink is commited to quality and our pioneering approach of everaging technology to reduce costs, eliminate redu
Submitted: 15-07-2013 by: Ella

Update this itemTranslation Agency German Perfect
Description: For professional German translations by a EN-15038 certified translation agency
Comment: Specialized in translating from and to German by native speakers
Submitted: 17-01-2012 by: Shaun Blijstra

Update this itemTranslation agency Netherlands TVCN
Description: More than a 1.000 translators for more than a 100 languages
Submitted: 06-10-2007 by: Michel Vennema

Update this itemTranslation Chat App
Description: Transfire is a chat app that instantly translates messages into over 50 languages.
Comment: US-based TNT Creations’ TransFire app provides real-time instant messaging translation in more than 50 languages for the
Submitted: 24-08-2011 by: JPFernandez

Update this itemtranslation company
Description: Translations in any language, for example, French - English, German – French (Deutsch – Französisch), Spanish - English,
Comment: übersetzungsbüro translation agency
Submitted: 28-03-2010 by: prolanguage

Update this itemTranslation English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
Description: CET Translations provides translation and localization services
Submitted: 27-01-2009 by: Loredana Urmulita

Update this itemTranslation English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
Description: Translation and localization services
Comment: certified SAP translation partner and member of ATA
Submitted: 28-01-2009 by: Melania Belu

Update this itemTranslation English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
Description: We translate from/into all Central and Eastern as well as Western European languages: English, German, Italian, French,
Submitted: 26-01-2009 by: Hermann Korte

Update this itemtranslation jobs
Description: Multilingual translation services and translation jobs.
Comment: Provides free translator registration and quality support.
Submitted: 26-03-2008 by: Yevgeny Simzikov

Update this itemTranslation Polish Dutch
Description: Sworn translator and language trainer Polish and Dutch
Submitted: 26-04-2010 by: Dagmara Peters

Update this itemTranslation Services 24
Description: specialises in medical, legal and technical translations
Submitted: 04-01-2010 by: Scott Macfarlane

Update this itemTranslation Services Company - HQ-translate
Description: HQ-translate is a translation agency delivering high-quality language services at excellent prices. We work with all major languages: English, Czech, German, Russian, French and many more.
Comment: Certified translators and quick turnaround
Submitted: 21-02-2008 by: Bogdan Stupka

Update this itemTranslation Services in Los Angeles
Description: Certified and notarized translation services for immigration, interpretation services.
Comment: We provide translation services
Submitted: 15-06-2010 by: Mike vosough

Update this itemTranslation Services USA
Description: Language translation services by human translators. High quality translations at excellent prices.
Comment: Website translation and localization. Over 100 languages.
Submitted: 23-09-2008 by: Andrew Sylvester

Update this itemTranslation Services USA
Description: Translation Services USA offers professional spanish translation for English to Spanish and Spanish to English language
Submitted: 19-05-2008 by: henry

Update this itemTranslation Services
Description: Chinese translation, Asian language translation,English to Chinese translation, Chinese interpreting.
Comment: Professional Services
Submitted: 18-03-2008 by: Sytra

Update this itemTranslation
Description: Proffessional translation for business and individuals-
Submitted: 19-01-2007 by: Paulina

Update this itemtranslationkings.nl
Description: Vertaal bureau
Comment: Vertaal van en naar heel veel talen
Submitted: 12-11-2013 by: cor de perz

Update this itemTranslations Box
Description: Translations Box offers professional translations at very competitive rates!
Comment: Based in Sanxenxo, Spain.
Submitted: 06-12-2006 by: Frédéric Combes

Update this itemTridIndia Translation Services
Description: More than a decade's experience in translational services.
Submitted: 15-05-2013 by: Himanshu Saxena

Update this itemTrusted Translations: English-Spanish translations by expert English-Spanish translators.
Description: Trusted Translations is a leading service provider of English-Spanish translations.
Comment: We specialize in high-volume and complex English-Spanish translation services.
Submitted: 16-08-2005 by: Gustavo

Update this itemTurvasana™
Description: Translation and other language services
Comment: Internetworking, security and safety. English, Finnish and Swedish.
Submitted: 04-07-2010 by: Thor Kottelin

Update this itemuniWORLDpro - translation of websites, software & documentation
Description: uniWORLDpro - translation of websites, software & documentation
Submitted: 04-10-2008 by: Antonio Alonso

Update this itemVertaalbureau Amsterdam
Description: Onze dienstverlening is zeer gevarieerd: van het creatief vertalen van een brochure tot de spoedvertaling van een...
Comment: vertaalbureau, vertaalbureau amsterdam, vertaling nederlands engels duits frans, juridisch vertaalbureau, financieel
Submitted: 15-11-2010 by: Julia Garcia

Update this itemVertaalbureau BTS
Description: Vertaalbureau BTS Rotterdam is een business-to-business vertaalbureau. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in financiële en juridis
Submitted: 25-10-2010 by: Peter Bakker

Update this itemVertaalbureau Engels Direct
Description: Vertaalbureau Engels Direct offers high-quality translations in all fields.
Submitted: 08-04-2012 by: P Snijders

Update this itemVertaalbureau Engels-Duits-Frans
Description: Wilkens c.s. is al 20 jaar toonaangevend binnen de vertaal- wereld, en verzorgt vertalingen voor overheden, bedrijven...
Comment: vertaalbureau
Submitted: 26-11-2010 by: Joyce de Wit

Update this itemVertaalbureau Textwerk (goedkoop vertaalbureau)
Description: This is a a translation company that translates for 6 ct. per word.
Submitted: 04-10-2010 by: Jorden Heres

Update this itemVertaalbureau.co
Description: Translation agency
Comment: Translation agency Dutch English
Submitted: 21-06-2011 by: Vertaalbureau.co

Update this itemVietnam Language Service
Description: Translation and Vietnamese Language teaching
Comment: High quality and caring service
Submitted: 27-05-2006 by: Vils

Update this itemVSI Amsterdam
Description: Texttranslation, Subtitling and Voice-overs in all languages.
Comment: The Dutch office of the international VSI Group
Submitted: 08-11-2013 by: Frank van Emmerik

Update this itemWays With Words Translation Services Ltd
Description: Ways With Words is a translation company offering high quality translation services in all langauge combinations.
Comment: We also offer multilingual DTP and typesetting services.
Submitted: 12-03-2010 by: Andrew Mann

Update this itemWe Translate USA, LLC
Description: Translating your Content is our Job!
Comment: WTU is specialized in European languages: French, English, German, Dutch.
Submitted: 05-10-2015 by: Catherine Lefevre

Update this itemWebsite translation services
Description: Website translation services and multilingual SEO by wintranslation.com
Submitted: 25-06-2008 by: Felicia Bratu

Update this itemWebsite Translation
Description: Translation agency specialised in webshop and website localisation.
Comment: Professional website translation by native speakers.
Submitted: 13-08-2013 by: Arjen Kramer

Translation Services

Update this itemÜbersetzung englisch deutsch
Description: Übersetzung englisch deutsch
Comment: Übersetzung englisch deutsch
Submitted: 18-11-2010 by: E. Glaser

Update this itemÜbersetzungen
Description: Localisation in all major languages, prompt translation services, specialized vocabularies for professional translations
Comment: Quick & high-quality
Submitted: 24-03-2011 by: Martin Hock

Update this itemÜbersetzungsbüro 4U
Description: offers translations and interpreting for all possible European languages.
Submitted: 16-11-2010 by: Tom Barrie

Update this itemÜbersetzungsbüro Perfekt
Description: Fachübersetzungen in 35 Sprachen
Submitted: 06-10-2014 by: Thomas schober

Update this itemA trusted language translation services provider.
Submitted: 12-06-2014 by: Henry Watson

Update this itemAgencia traduccion | Novalo
Description: Agencia de traducción e interpretación de referencia en España.
Comment: traduccion e interpretación
Submitted: 28-06-2016 by: Maria Novalo

Update this itemAll Translation Services
Description: We provide certified translation/transcription services in India, USA, UK or anywhere in the world since last 10 years.r
Submitted: 12-08-2016 by: Robert Laen

Update this itemBeëdigde vertalingen in en uit het Spaans, Nederlands en Catalaans
Description: Sworn translator and interpreter Dutch, Spanish and Catalan in Utrecht
Comment: Translation & interpretation
Submitted: 15-01-2016 by: Elvira Villegas

Update this itemBeatrice's Translating Services
Description: Certified translating and interpreting services
Submitted: 25-10-2013 by: Derek Gertman

Update this itemCCJK Professional Translation Services
Description: CCJK offer you professional translation services into and from Chinese and other Asian and European languages as a multi
Comment: CCJK Provides Professional Language Translation Services
Submitted: 01-01-2015 by: Kristine Peterson

Update this itemCertified Translation Services | Click For Translation 
Description: The process of transferring the contents of a document from one language to another with certification which is globally
Comment: High Quality Certified Translation Services With Quick TAT
Submitted: 27-06-2017 by: Annie Bryant

Update this itemDay Translations
Description: Professional translation and Interpreting for legal, medical and certified translations.
Submitted: 22-08-2017 by: Sean Patrick Hopwood

Update this itemEnglish German Translation Gabriel Brunner
Description: english german translator website
Comment: translate website, english to german translation, translations of user manuals, CVs
Submitted: 12-11-2010 by: Gabriel Brunner

Update this itemEnglish to Spanish Raleigh
Description: English to Spanish Raleigh is a professional Spanish translation agency providing services f
Submitted: 19-01-2016 by: Lisa Arrington

Update this itemExigo Translation services
Description: Translation Service in over 140 languages by Professional translators from
Submitted: 23-04-2013 by: Richard Welchman

Update this itemFreelance Translation Studio
Description: translation and localization services Armenian, Azerbaijan, Belorussian, Kazakh, Kirghiz, Moldavian, Russian, Tajik, Tur
Submitted: 29-12-2010 by: Hanna Sles

Update this itemGerman Translation Services
Description: German Translation Services by Johanna Bethke, Take my Word for it!
Submitted: 23-09-2011 by: Johanna Bethle

Update this itemGPI Translation Services
Description: GPI is a team of language, technology, project management and business professionals with over 20 years
Comment: Translation Services
Submitted: 20-06-2012 by: Martin Spethman

Update this itemImmigration document translation | ClickForTranslation
Description: Get your passport translated into one of over 30 language options. For immigration purpose guarantee acceptance by U.S.
Comment: Click For Translation
Submitted: 18-11-2016 by: Andrew

Update this itemInbox Translation
Description: Inbox Translation is a professional translation agency based in London, UK. We offer bespoke language services in more t
Submitted: 14-01-2014 by: Flo

Update this itemLanguage Translation Services
Description: Shakti Enterprise is a certified translation agencies in india provide translation services for all languages
Comment: Translation Company
Submitted: 09-07-2014 by: Sunil Mishra

Update this itemLektorat copyediting translation
Description: german copyediting company
Submitted: 11-07-2011 by: Sabine Hansen

Update this itemLinguaLinx Translation Services
Description: Translation/localization company based in the United States with offices in Europe and Asia.
Submitted: 26-01-2016 by: Jay Chang

Update this itemMetamorfose Vertalingen
Description: Dáárom kiest u voor ons vertaalbureau: - Wij reageren snel op uw aanvraag - Wij werken uitsluitend met ervaren native s
Submitted: 18-02-2015 by: Dmitry Granicin

Update this itemMilatova International Translations Ltd.
Description: Translation services specialized in Hebrew
Comment: Located in Israel
Submitted: 15-06-2010 by: Patricia de Hemricourt

Update this itemOnline Translation Services
Description: The Marketplace for translations in all languages
Submitted: 14-08-2016 by: A.Scholten

Update this itemParliament Translation Services
Description: Parliament Translation offers the highest quality translators and translation services in Spanish, English & more.
Comment: Translation & interpretation
Submitted: 13-01-2011 by: David Greenberg

Update this itemProfessional French Translator
Description: Anthony Teixeira is an English to French translator mostly working in the fields of computer sciences, software & games
Submitted: 14-07-2017 by: Anthony Teixeira

Update this itemProfessional Interpreting
Description: Interpreting and Translating Services across Los Angeles and neighboring areas.
Submitted: 09-12-2016 by: Jessi Ross

Update this itemProfessional Translation Services
Description: Translate By Humans provides High-Quality,Low cost Online Professional Translation services by Professional Translator.
Comment: Online Translation Services
Submitted: 04-03-2012 by: Bob Ross

Update this itemSearching german translations?
Description: Our german translations are top quality
Submitted: 15-02-2011 by: Fran

Update this itemShakti Enterprise - Translation services in India
Description: Shakti Enterprise is a leading Translation agency in india providing a certified and quality translation services in all
Submitted: 22-11-2016 by: Shakti Enterprise

Update this itemSpanish translation service - Concordia Translations
Description: We provide global language solutions including native translation into 20 languages.
Submitted: 25-03-2011 by: Jesus Hernandez

Update this itemSpanish Translation
Description: 1-800-Translate | Professional translation agency certified in Spanish legal, real time, medical, phone interpretation
Submitted: 17-09-2013 by: Sheri Brown

Update this itemSworn translation agency
Description: Translation office in Istanbul providing online translation service with credit card.
Comment: hımm
Submitted: 01-07-2017 by: MURAT CANA

Update this itemSworn translation and interpreting agency | NARTRAN Translations
Description: If you are looking for high-quality translations and interpretations, accuracy, reliability, specialization, punctuality
Comment: Translator and interpreter in different languages
Submitted: 08-02-2012 by: Elena

Update this itemTedopres Technisch Vertaalbureau
Description: Vertaalbureau met 40 jaar ervaring met technische vertalingen, documentatie vertalen en handleidingen vertalen
Comment: Technisch vertalen
Submitted: 23-09-2011 by: Tessa Peters

Update this itemTextualia traducciones
Description: Translation Services
Comment: traducciones juradas, francés, inglés
Submitted: 01-07-2014 by: Eva Moreno

Update this itemTMA Translations
Description: Professional quality translation services
Comment: Accurate and Fast
Submitted: 29-03-2012 by: Susan McCormick

Update this itemTraducción en inglés
Description: Transpanish ofrece servicios profesionales de traducción en inglés.
Submitted: 17-03-2011 by: Paula Peralta

Update this itemTraducciones urgentes
Description: Traducciones urgentes online realizadas por profesionales. Spanish translation services.
Submitted: 23-06-2011 by: Marius C

Update this itemTransABC Translation Services
Description: Global language translation services agency providing services from and into all the major world languages.
Submitted: 15-09-2010 by: R Ahmed

Update this itemTranslate texts in 22 languages
Description: Certified translations in 22 languages by one of our 3000 translators
Submitted: 05-02-2012 by: Huy Do

Update this itemTranslation agency / Übersetzungsbüro: Übersetzung Englisch Deutsch
Description: Translation agency for translations into english, german, french, spain
Submitted: 27-05-2010 by: Thomas Benchakroun

Update this itemTranslation agency Dutch-Russian-German
Description: Sworn translator and interpreter Dutch, Russian and German in Eindhoven
Submitted: 11-02-2015 by: Andrei Korostelev

Update this itemTranslation Agency Fairlingo
Description: Fairlingo is an ISO certified translation agency in the cloud.
Comment: Translations starting from €0,07 per word
Submitted: 24-03-2017 by: Mick Bakker

Update this itemTranslation Agency in Spain
Description: Professional translation services
Comment: Contact now
Submitted: 16-05-2017 by: La Xabrica Traducciones

Update this itemTranslation agency Textwerk
Description: Professional translation agency
Submitted: 28-05-2014 by: Eline

Update this itemTranslation Agency that ensures all your European communication needs | Europeanwide Translations
Description: Europeanwide Translations provides a complete translation service in any language and in any area.
Submitted: 02-08-2014 by: Mark Smith

Update this itemTranslation agency Vertaalbureau Perfect: your translation agency for over 36 languages
Description: The Dutch translation agency Vertaalbureau Perfect has expertise in providing translations in more than 36 languages.
Comment: Translation agency Vertaalbureau Perfect: your translation agency for over 36 languages
Submitted: 06-10-2014 by: Florian Groeneweg

Update this itemTranslation Agency | ISO-9001 QA Certified Language Services
Description: 1-800-Translate | Professional translation agency certified in legal, real time, medical, phone interpretation and over
Submitted: 22-04-2014 by: Sheri Brown

Update this itemTranslation Agency
Description: We are a professional translation agency offering you the best translation services across the world in all languages.
Comment: Translation agency, Translation Company, Interpreting Services, Subtitle Translation, Subtitling and Interpretation serv
Submitted: 20-04-2012 by: Somya

Update this itemtranslation companies in India
Description: Translation company in India, trusted language services provider company in Pune , Mumbai , Bangalore , Chennai , Delhi
Comment: translation companies in India
Submitted: 18-05-2016 by: neo

Update this itemTranslation platform FindCircles
Description: Marketplace of professional translations
Comment: Translations to and from all languages
Submitted: 21-01-2015 by: Ruben Cornelissen

Update this itemTranslation services
Description: We are language Translation services Provider abound to help you to communicate effectively around the world. We offer T
Submitted: 13-03-2012 by: Somya Trans

Update this itemUniversal Translation Services
Description: international translation agency open 24/7 high competitive prices
Comment: 1500 translators available prices from 0.10 usd till 0.12 usd per word
Submitted: 31-07-2017 by: ahj Huisman

Update this itemVertaalbureau ANG, ANG Translation Agency
Description: Provide professional translation, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Arabic ETC
Comment: ANG provides translations in over 25 languages​​. We work all over the world with more than 110 professional translators
Submitted: 29-01-2014 by: Paul Rolman

Update this itemVertaalbureau in Maastricht
Description: Full-service vertaalbureau
Submitted: 02-04-2013 by: J. Peeters

Update this itemVertaalbureau Perfect
Description: Translation company
Comment: Translate German English French Spanish Dutch Russian
Submitted: 19-09-2011 by: Marin Eleveld

Update this itemVertaalbureau Perfect
Description: Wij zijn het voordeligste gecertificeerde vertaalbureau van Nederland.
Comment: Vertaalbureau, voordelig, gecertificeerd, snel, servicegericht, Nederland, Juridisch, Medisch, Technisch
Submitted: 08-09-2011 by: Marin Eleveld

Update this itemVertaalbureau Textwerk
Description: Textwerk is a translation agency. We currently translate to Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish.
Submitted: 03-10-2010 by: A.Stoop

Update this itemVIALAN Translation Concepts, Inc
Description: Language translations
Comment: English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Russian
Submitted: 20-05-2011 by: Alla Khoroshkova

Update this itemVSI Amsterdam
Description: Translation, Subtitling & Voice-overs
Comment: Dutch office of the international VSI Group
Submitted: 07-11-2013 by: Frank van Emmerik

Update this itemYoshino Trad
Description: A Japanese translation agency specialized in video games and software localization
Submitted: 14-07-2017 by: Anthony Teixeira


Update this itemLingua::Translit
Description: It allows you to convert text from one writing system to another, following national and international standards
Comment: Perl Module and Online Demo
Submitted: 16-10-2009 by: Rona Linke

Word formation, morphology and inflection

Update this itemCanoo WMTrans Products - morphology software for German, English, Italian
Description: Smart text processing software for indexing, text mining, word stemming, spelling and grammar checking applications
Comment: Demos based on WMTrans can be tested at http://www.canoo.net
Submitted: 22-05-2003 by: Sandra Wendland

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