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Category:   E-Material
Subject:   IBM releases LanguageWare Resource Workbench
From:   Bart Mellebeek
Email:   bmellebeek_(on)_ie.ibm.com
Date received:   05 Jan 2007

IBM's LanguageWare Resource Workbench can be downloaded at http://alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/lrw LanguageWare is a software component that provides linguistic processing for a variety of products and solutions in more than 20 languages. It comprises a Java library with a set of language resources. The library encodes the language models, and the resources (dictionaries) encode the lexical entries for each language and contain language-specific processing logic, such as logic for handling decomposition, spelling correction, morphology, hyphenation, language identification, etc. LanguageWare provides a variety of functions including language identification, spelling correction, lexical analysis, semantic annotation, dictionary look-up and fuzzy look-up, hyphenation, and normalization. LanguageWare can be used to provide efficient annotation of text using the UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) framework. LanguageWare is used in such various products as Lotus Notes and Domino, Information Integrator OmniFind Edition (IBM's search technology), and more. There are a few different ways of creating LanguageWare dictionaries, depending on one's development environment. A user might want to integrate the development and compilation of dictionaries directly into his own application, in which case he would want to use the Java APIs and call them directly from his Java application. Alternatively, a user may want to develop language resources within an integrated environment that allows him to develop data, compile it, test it, and ultimately deploy it. This integrated environment is what LanguageWare Resource Workbench provides. LanguageWare Resource Workbench provides a complete development environment for the customization of dictionaries, rules, and associated UIMA annotators. The ultimate goal of this environment is to allow domain and language specialists to develop applications for the analysis of unstructured text without having to write any code, with the resulting application code wrapped as UIMA annotators, which can be seamlessly plugged into any application that is UIMA-compliant. (Further information about UIMA is available at alphaWorks and at SourceForge.) This technology runs on Windows® and Linux®. ------------------- Bart Mellebeek IBM LanguageWare, Dublin Software Lab, IBM Technology Campus, Dublin 15, Ireland. Tel: +353-1-815-3601 (Tieline: 7513601) _______________________________________________ Elsnet-list mailing list Elsnet-list_(on)_elsnet.org http://mailman.elsnet.org/mailman/listinfo/elsnet-list

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