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European Corpus Initiative Multilingual Corpus I (ECI/MCI) only € 50.00
The European Corpus Initiative (ECI) was founded to oversee the acquisition and preparation of a large multilingual corpus (ECI/MCI) to be made available in digital form for scientific research at a low cost.
The corpus has been available on CD-ROM since 1994.

This CD-ROM is also available from ELDA and LDC

The ELSNET Summer School Book Series

Corpus-based Methods in Language and Speech Processing only € 15.90
An introduction to corpus-based methods through chapters describing statistical modeling techniques for language and speech, the use of Hidden Markov Models in continuous speech recognition, the development of dialogue systems, part-of-speech tagging and partial parsing, data-oriented parsing and n-gram language modeling.
Edited by Steve Young and Gerrit Bloothooft (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997)
The book is based on the ELSNET Summer School 1994 in Utrecht, The Netherlands
Lexicon Development for Speech and Language Processing only € 21.20
This book offers a state-of-the-art survey of methods and techniques for structuring, acquiring and maintaining lexical resources for speech and language processing.
Edited by Frank Van Eynde and Dafydd Gibbon (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2000)
The book is based on the ELSNET Summer School 1997 in Leuven, Belgium
Robustness in Language and Speech Processing (sold out, available from Springer)
This book addresses robustness issues at the speech recognition and natural language parsing levels, with a focus on feature extraction and noise robust recognition, adaptive systems, language modeling, parsing, and natural language understanding.
Edited by Jean-Claude Junqua and Gertjan van Noord (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2001)
The book is based on the ELSNET Summer School 1998 in Barcelona (Spain)
Multimodality in Language and Speech Systems only € 26.50
Edited by Björn Granström, David House, Inger Karlsson, and published by Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.
The book is based on the ELSNET Summer School 1999 in Stockholm (Sweden)
Text- and Speech-triggered Information Access only € 21.20
Edited by Steve Renals and Gregory Grefenstette (Springer Verlag, 2003)
This book is based on the ELSNET 2000 Summer School on Chios Island (Greece)
Evaluation of Text and Speech Systems (only available from Springer)
Edited by Laila Dybkjaer, Holmer Hemsen  and Wolfgang Minker (published by Springer)
This book is based on the ELSNET 2002 Summer School in Odense (Denmark)

All these books are also available from Springer


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