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ELSNET is the European Network in Human Language Technologies (http://www.elsnet.org)
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ELSNET's mailing list and searchable archive

ELSNET-list is an electronic mailing list, elsnet-list@elsnet.org It can be used to announce events or activities, to post job openings, to discuss issues or to request information relevant to the natural language and speech processing communities at large. The list is moderated. Email sent to the list is relayed to all ELSNET members, and to other list subscribers. The list is a Mailman list at Utrecht University. Subscription is open to everybody. All messages are kept in a searchable archive.


Search the ELSNET-List Archive!

You can search through the entire ELSNET-List Archive. Just type in keywords separated by spaces. The system is case-insensitive.
It is also possible to use standard boolean connectives `and', `or' and `andnot'. Search strings may be arbitrarily complex, for instance:

(natural and (language or speech)) andnot formal

You can also filter the ELSNET-List archive by category. The entire archive (filtered by category) will be shown if you don't enter any keywords.

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[E-CFP]: Calls for papers
[E-Conf]: Announcements of conferences, workshops and other events
[E-SSchool]: Announcements of summer schools, courses, etc.
[E-Announce]: Announcements
[E-Material]: Books, reports, language resources, software
[E-Discussion]: Discussion
[E-InfoReq]: Information requests
[E-Job]: Jobs available

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