Project description: Corpus of Spoken Martian (Example description)

[ ID = 0014 ] CSM 
Project nameCorpus of Spoken Martian (Example description) 
Short name or acronymCSM 
Project URL http://www.elsnet.org/martian.html 
Project description

The Spoken Martian Corpus project was aimed at the construction of a database of
contemporary standard Martians as spoken by adults on the planet of Mars and 
its surrounding moons. The intended size of the corpus was ten million words 
(about 1,000 hours of speech), two thirds of which would originate from the 
planet itself and one third from its moons. In version 1.0, the results are 
presented that have emerged from the project. The total number of words 
available here is 0.
Martian (moonish)
Project durationJun 1998 - Mar 2004
Name Andre Kuiper
Address Institute of Interplanetary Language Studies 
City Baikalnur
Country Russian Federation 
Phone+7 12345678 
Fax+7 87654321 
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