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ELSNET is the European Network in Human Language Technologies (http://www.elsnet.org)
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Our home base:

ELSNET is hosted by the Utrecht institute of Linguistics OTS (UiL OTS) of the Faculty of Humanities of Utrecht University


ELSNET WWW: http://www.elsnet.org
Visiting address: Drift 10 Map: Google
Mail and courier address: Trans 10 Phone: +31 30 253 6050
3512 BS Utrecht
The Netherlands Email: elsnet@utrecht.elsnet.org


Steven Krauwer
ELSNET Co-ordinator
Phone: +31 30 253 6050
Email: elsnet@utrecht.elsnet.org
WWW: http://utrecht.elsnet.org


ELSNET, Utrecht University and the other members of the ELSNET consortium
are not responsible for

Although we take great care to avoid publishing links to sites that might
contain offensive or inappropriate material, we would be most grateful if
you would notify us in case you encounter such references on our site.


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