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Name Kassevitch, Vadim B.
Job Title Vice President, Univ. of St. Petersburg; Director, Lab for 
Organisation Univ of St. Petersburg 
Address 11, Universitet. nab. 
Postal Code 199034 
City St. Petersburg 
Country Russian Federation 
Phone + +7 812 328 7732
Email kasevich_(on)_vbk.usr.pu.ru [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL http://go.to/Kassevitch 
Specialism Speechtechnology:
Speech Recognition 
PhotographDescription or CV

Curriculum Vitae

 KASSEVITCH (Kasevich), Vadim B., PhD, Dlitt Vice Rector, University of
 St. Petersburg, Russia Professor of Burmese and General Linguistics,
 Dept. of Oriental Studies and Dept. of Philology; Director, Laboratory
 for Computer Application in the Humanities, University of St.
 Petersburg, Russia

 Vice President, The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg

 Editor-in-Chief, Jazyk i rechevaja dejatel'nost' [Language and
 Language Behavior]

 Born Sept. 21, 1941 (Sverdlovsk, USSR).

 1963 - graduated from Faculty of Oriental Studies, University of
 Leningrad, Diploma of Honours in Burmese language and literature.

 1968 - Candidate of Philology (=PhD) Dissertation (Problems in Burmese
 Phonology), Univ. of Leningrad.

 1968-1984 - Assistant Lecturer, Associate Professor in Burmese,
 Faculty of Oriental Studies, Leningrad.

 1982 - Doctor of Sciences (=Docteur-es-lettres d'Etat) Dissertation
 (Phonological Problems in General and Oriental Linguistics), Univ. of

 1984 - promoted to Full Professor, Depts. of Chinese and of General

 1985 - Director, Lab. for Computer Application in the Humanities.

 2000 - Appointed Vice Rector for Educational Policy and Curriculum
 Courses taught:

 Burmese grammar, Burmese phonetics, Translation from Russian into
 Burmese, Buddhism in Burma, Burmese folklore, Ethnic minorities in
 Burma, Genealogical and typological classification of SEA languages,
 General linguistics, Linguistic typology, Models of speech perception,
 Language and culture, Philosophy of language, etc.

 Visiting professor: Humboldt Univ. zu Berlin (1982), University of
 California, Berkeley and Los Angeles (1990), Universite Paris-III,
 Sorbonne Nouvelle (1994), University of Utrecht (1998), University of
 Mannheim (1999), Bard College, NY (2000), etc.


 About 250 scholarly publications including, among others:

 Elements of General Linguistics (M.: Nauka, 1977, in Russian);

 A Concise Grammar of Burmese (M.: Russkij Jazyk, 1977, in Russian);

 Phonological Problems in General and Oriental Linguistics (M. Nauka,
 1983, in Russian);

 A Quantitative typology of Asian and African Languages (Leningrad:
 Leningrad Univ. Press, 1984; ed., co-ed.: S.Yaxontov, in Russian);

 Morphonology (Leningrad: Leningrad Univ. Press, 1986, in Russian);

 Semantics. Syntax. Morphology (M.: Nauka, 1988, in Russian);

 Accent and Tone in Speech and Language (Leningrad: Leningrad Univ.
 Press, 1990, in Russian; co-authors: E.Shabelnikova and V.Rybin);

 Problems in Speech Perception (St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Univ.
 Press, 1994, in Russian; co-author: A.Ventsov);

 Buddhism, Worldview, and Language (St. Petersburg: Peterburgskoje
 Vostokovedenije, 1996, in Russian);

 Abreges des conferences sur la phonologie (Paris: Univ. Paris-III,
 1996) Zero in Phonological Description: Chinese and Burmese. Word,
 1970, vol. 26 (co-author: N.Speshnev);

 Some Logical Aspects of the Concept of the Phoneme. Linguistics, 1974,
 N 126;

 Zum Problem des Monosyllabismus der Burmesischen Sprache.
 Linguisticshe Studien. Reihe A. Berlin, 1981, N 82;

 Hierarchy of Levels in Speech Perception. In: Proc. of the 11^th
 Intern. Congress of Phonetic Sciences. Tallinn, 1987 (co-auth.:

 On Phonology-Morphology Interface in Sino-Tibetan Languages. In:
 Current Issues in Sino-Tibetan Linguistics. Osaka, 1994;

 Logique, analogie et empirisme dans l'analyse linguistique. In:
 Fondements de la recherche linguistique: Perspectives
 epistemologiques. Lausanne, 1995 (Cahiers de lTILSL, N 6);

 On Universal Grammar and Cognitive Primitives. In: B.Bichackjian et
 al. (eds) Becoming Loquens: More Studies in Language Origins.
 Frankfurt am Mein

 Abreges des conferences sur la phonologie (Paris: Univ.Paris-III, 1996)

 Culture-dependent differences in grammar and discourse. In: Proc. of the
 16th Intern. Congress of Linguists. Plenary lectures. Paris, 1997.
 Autonoumous tiers and speech perception. Language Design. Journal of
 Theoretical and Experimental Linguistics. 1998, Vol.I (coauth.A. Ventsov).

 Participation in international conferences:

 8th and 11th Intern. Congresses of Phonetic Sciences (Leeds, 1975;
 Tallinn, 1987);

 Colloque 'Fondements de la recherche linguistique: Perspectives
 epistemologiques' (Lausanne, 1992);

 Annual Meeting of the Language Origins Society (Oranienbaum, 1993);

 XXVII Intern. Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics
 (Sevres, 1994);

 3rd Intern. Conference on languages of Far East, Southeast Asia, and
 West Africa (Moscow, 1995);

 XVI Congres International des Linguistes (Paris, 1997, plenary
 lecture), etc.

 Southeast Asia: Looking Back, Looking Forward (Hamburg, 1998, Panel
 Convernor), etc.

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