Call and Contact Centers ordered by key

[0005] WAP Forum Mountain View, CA United States
[0006] Nokia Wireless Software Solutions NOKIA GROUP Finland
[0007] PRISMA Consulting B.V. Hoofddorp Netherlands
[0008] Global One (BE) Brussels Belgium
[0009] Top$core B.V. Gouda Netherlands
[0010] Tele'Train BV Amsterdam Netherlands
[0011] Call Center Managers Association (Netherlands) Maarn Netherlands
[0012] Teledynamics BV Amersfoort Netherlands
[0013] Help Desk Institute Benelux Purmerend Netherlands
[0014] Accelerate International Bussum Netherlands
[0015] GN Netcom, Inc. Nashua, NH United States
[0016] Active Voice Corporation Seattle, WA United States
[0020] Help Desk Institute Colorado Spring, CO United States
[0021] Call Center Europe A/S Sønderborg Denmark
[0022] DSS Corporation Southfield, MI United States
[0023] Clarify, Inc. San Jose, CA United States
[0024] Quintus Corporation Fremont, CA United States
[0025] Vantive Corporation Santa Clara, CA United States
[0026] Siebel Systems, Inc. San Mateo, CA United States
[0034] Adecco Call Center Solutions Utrecht Netherlands
[0035] Eyretel, Ltd. Horsham, Sussex United Kingdom
[0036] GO Telecom BV Zwijndrecht Netherlands
[0037] Lucent Technologies Murray Hill, NJ United States
[0038] Teleperformance Nederland Tilburg Netherlands
[0040] QWIZ Atlanta, GA United States
[0041] Merchants Ltd Milton Keynes, Bucks United Kingdom
[0044] Danacom A/S Solroed Strand Denmark
[0045] Apropos Technology, Inc. Oakbrook Terrace, IL United States
[0046] Call Centre Management Association (UK) Crawley, West Sussex United Kingdom
[0049] DigiWay Consulting Boulogne-Billancourt France
[0050] Softech Telecom, Ltd. Dublin 18 Ireland
[0051] Call Centre Council of Singapore (CCCS) Singapore Singapore
[0052] Call Centre Management Association (Canada) Toronto ON Canada
[0054] Federation of European Direct Marketing (FEDMA) Brussels Belgium
[0056] Interfoon BV Raamsdonkveer Netherlands
[0057] Incoming Calls Management Institute Annapolis United States
[0061] Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, Inc. San Francisco, CA United States
[0062] UPC Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
[0063] Adaptive Innovations Richmond Hill, ON Canada
[0064] Advanstar Communications (US) Santa Ana, CA United States
[0065] Advanced Access Anaheim, CA United States
[0067] Amcom Software, Inc. Minneapolis, MN United States
[0068] American-Tel-A-Systems, Inc. McFarland, WI United States
[0070] Aspect Telecommunications San Jose, CA United States
[0071] Aubeta Telecom, LLC Seattle, WA United States
[0072] Austin Logistics Austin, TX United States
[0078] Astea Horsham, PA United States
[0079] Banksoft Irvine, CA United States
[0080] Brightware, Inc. Novato, CA United States
[0082] The ATM Forum Mountain View, CA United States
[0083] CallCenter Technology Woodstock, GA United States
[0084] Audiotex Nederland BV Rotterdam Netherlands
[0086] BBS Telecom Austin, TX United States
[0088] Cintech Cincinnati, OH United States
[0089] Comdial Corporation Charlottesville, VA United States
[0090] Database Systems Corp. Phoenix, AZ United States
[0091] Digisoft Computers, Inc. New York, NY United States
[0093] Drextec, Inc. Marlton, NJ United States
[0096] Executone Information Systems, Inc. Milford, CT United States
[0097] IEX Corporation Richardson, TX United States
[0098] Imagine, Ltd. (USA) Norcross, GA United States
[0101] BCS Technologies Englewood, CO United States
[0104] Interlynx Technology Corporation Boston, MA United States
[0105] Centermark Technologies, Inc. Higganum, CT United States
[0106] Blue-Comm BV Amsterdam Netherlands
[0107] MicroAutomation Chantilly, VA United States
[0109] General Magic Sunnyvale, CA United States
[0110] Blue Pumpkin Software, Inc. Mountain View, CA United States
[0112] Netrics, Inc. Princeton, NJ United States
[0113] Boport Tele-communication BV Maarssen Netherlands
[0114] Neuron Data Mountain View, CA United States
[0115] Call Center Network Group United States
[0116] Noble System Corporation Atlanta GA United States
[0117] BPS International BV Bergeijk Netherlands
[0118] Brightpoint, Inc. Indianapolis, IN United States
[0119] Customer Care Institute Atlanta.GO United States
[0121] Brooktrout, Inc. Needham, MA United States
[0122] Orion Market Intelligence Melbourne, Victoria Australia
[0123] PakNetX Salem, NH United States
[0124] Bureau Rietmeijer Facility Planning BV Almere Netherlands
[0125] Incontrol Business Engineers Maarssen Netherlands
[0126] PARSEC Technologies (India) Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana India
[0127] PARSEC Technologies (USA) Ltd. Mountainview, CA United States
[0128] CallMetrics Gent Belgium
[0130] Consistency Point Technologies, Inc. Milpitas, CA United States
[0131] Essent Kabelcom NV Groningen Netherlands
[0132] Portage Communications, Inc. North Bend, WA United States
[0133] CitoCom Telecommunicatie BV Utrecht Netherlands
[0134] prairieFyre Software Norcross, GA United States
[0135] Rockwell Electronic Commerce Corporation Wood Dale, IL United States
[0136] Comverse Technology, Inc. Woodbury, NY United States
[0137] Coníche International Bosch en Duin Netherlands
[0138] CPI International Marketing Services BV Capelle aan den IJssel Netherlands
[0140] CyberLan BV De Meern Netherlands
[0141] DevSoft, Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC United States
[0142] Davox Corporation Westford, MA United States
[0143] Deltanet telecom Amersfoort Netherlands
[0147] Wincroft Inc/DigiPhone Pinner, Middlesex United Kingdom
[0149] Digital Speech Systems, Inc. Richardson, TX United States
[0150] SoftBase Systems Asheville, NC United States
[0151] DigiVox Rotterdam Netherlands
[0153] SYMON Communications, Inc. Sugar Land, TX United States
[0154] Duivestein Techniek BV Leiden Netherlands
[0155] TASKE Technology Inc. Kanata, ON Canada
[0156] e-talk Corporation Irving, TX United States
[0157] Tekno Industries, Inc. Bensenville, IL United States
[0159] Teltone Corporation Bothell, WA United States
[0160] Telephony Managed Solutions, Inc. (TMSI) Burnaby, B.C. Canada
[0161] Unimax Systems Corporation Minneapolis, MN United States
[0162] Unitrac Software Kalamazoo, MI United States
[0163] Visionyze.com San Ramon, CA United States
[0164] Cisco - WebLine Communications Burlington, MA United States
[0165] Wicom Communications Ltd. Espoo Finland
[0166] xPECT Technologies Inc. Longmont, CO United States
[0167] DynaCom Consulting, Inc. Sunnyvale, CA United States
[0171] Edify Corporation Santa Clara, CA United States
[0173] PeopleSoft Pleasanton, CA United States
[0174] Direct Marketing Association (DMA) New York, NY United States
[0175] Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) Alexandria, VA United States
[0177] The Software Support Professionals Association (SSPA) San Diego, CA United States
[0181] Fujitsu Business Communication Systems Anaheim, CA United States
[0182] Intecom, Inc. Addison, Texas United States
[0183] ITS, Ltd. Azur Israel
[0184] AltiGen Communications, Inc. Fremont, CA United States
[0186] Artisoft Cambridge, MA United States
[0188] Buffalo International, Inc. Valhalla, NY United States
[0190] COM2001.com San Diego, CA United States
[0191] Computer Talk Technology, Inc. (US) Buffalo, NY United States
[0192] Coresoft Technologies, Inc. Orem, UT United States
[0194] EasyRun (US) Englewood Cliffs, NJ United States
[0195] Innings Telecom, Inc. Markham, ON Canada
[0198] MITEL Telecom Ltd Caldicot, Monmouthshire United Kingdom
[0199] NEC America, Inc. Irving, TX United States
[0200] NetCall Telecom, Inc. Gloucester, MA United States
[0201] Nortel Networks Brampton, ON Canada
[0202] Perimeter Technology Manchester, NH United States
[0203] Picazo Communications, Inc. San Jose, CA United States
[0204] StarVox, Inc. San Jose, CA United States
[0205] Teloquent Communications Corp. Billerica, MA United States
[0206] VIPswitch Inc. Brossard (Montreal), QC Canada
[0207] Vodavi Communication Systems, Inc. Scottsdale, AZ United States
[0209] Philips Nederland BV/ Business Communications Hilversum Netherlands
[0210] Energis NV Rotterdam Netherlands
[0211] Ericsson Telecommunicatie B.V. Rijen Netherlands
[0212] Westbay Engineers, Ltd. Crawley, West Sussex United Kingdom
[0213] Global TeleSystems Group, Inc. Arlington, VA United States
[0216] Telework Association (TCA) Nailsworth, Gloucestershire United Kingdom
[0218] Association for Services Management International Ft. Myers, FL United States
[0219] CCNG International, Inc. St. Louis, MO United States
[0220] Communications Managers Association New York, NY United States
[0221] Customer Support Consortium Redwood City, CA United States
[0222] Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum Fremont, CA United States
[0223] Call Center Coach, LLC United States
[0225] Cable & Wireless HKT Teleservices Hong Kong China
[0226] Call Center Solutions Brookfield, CT United States
[0228] Cincom Systems, Inc. Cincinnati, OH United States
[0229] Portal Connect Herndon, VA United States
[0231] IVRS (International) Ltd. / Interactive Technology Ltd. Causeway Bay Hong Kong
[0232] MarkeTel Systems Regina Saskatchewan Canada
[0233] Multi Channel Systems, Inc. Carrollton, TX United States
[0234] Ontario Systems Muncie, IN United States
[0235] Smallwonder Softworks, Inc. Leesburg, VA United States
[0237] Sytel Limited Bucks, Chesham United Kingdom
[0238] Telegenisys, Inc. Pleasant Hill, CA United States
[0239] WishBone Systems, Inc. Englewood Cliffs, NJ United States
[0240] BARD Technologies, Inc. Bedford, NY United States
[0241] BGW Multimedia, Inc. Montreal, PQ Canada
[0243] Promodel Corporation Orem, UT United States
[0244] Systems Modeling Sewickley, PA United States
[0246] Arial Systems Corporation Vernon Hills, IL United States
[0247] Spanlink Communications, Inc. Minneapolis, MN United States
[0248] Callware Technologies, Inc. Sandy, UT United States
[0250] Dialogic Corporation Parsippany, NJ United States
[0251] Dictaphone International, Ltd. Hammersmith, London United States
[0252] InfiNet, Inc. Dallas, TX United States
[0253] Interactive Digital, Inc. Smithtown, NY United States
[0254] Line4, Inc. Alameda, CA United States
[0255] MasterMind Technologies Washington, DC United States
[0260] NMS Communications Framingham, MA United States
[0263] WGCC Leidschendam Netherlands
[0266] Philips Speech Processing Vienna Austria
[0273] Language Line Limited London United Kingdom
[0274] Initiative Software, Ltd. Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom
[0275] Racal Recorders, Ltd. Southampton, Hampshire United Kingdom
[0276] DTS Group Limited, The Windsor, Berkshire United Kingdom
[0277] Primus UK Ltd Slough, Berks United Kingdom
[0281] E-Speech Corporation Princeton, NJ United States
[0283] IBM Voice Systems White Plains NY United States
[0284] Call Centre Association (UK) Glasgow, Scotland United Kingdom
[0286] Frontline Call & Voice Products Rotterdam Netherlands
[0289] GCC Almere Netherlands
[0290] Global One Inc. (US) Ann Arbor, MI United States
[0291] GN Netcom AS (DK) Ballerup Denmark
[0296] Infra Corporation Long Beach, CA United States
[0297] Hepworth Amersfoort Amersfoort Netherlands
[0298] Hewlett-Packard Palo Alto, CA United States
[0299] ICON Systems Breda Netherlands
[0300] International Data Corporation St. Framingham, MA United States
[0301] ATIS Washington, DC United States
[0302] MCK Communications Newton, MA United States
[0303] Mediasoft Telecom Ville Mont-Royal, QC Canada
[0304] Inference Corporation Novato, CA United States
[0306] N-Soft of North America, Inc. Rolling Meadows, IL United States
[0307] Direct Selling Association Washington, DC United States
[0310] Parity Software Development Corporation Sausalito, CA United States
[0314] Industrial Investment Council Berlin Germany
[0315] QAS Systems, Ltd London United Kingdom
[0316] Pronexus, Inc. Kanata, Ontario Canada
[0319] Qronus Interactive, Ltd. Yehud Israel
[0320] BPA Corporate Facilitation, Ltd. Honiton, Devon United Kingdom
[0321] Quality Call Solutions, Inc. Santa Clara, CA United States
[0323] Intercai Nederland BV Utrecht Netherlands
[0325] Key Net marketing services Leiden Netherlands
[0326] Voice Technologies Group, Inc. Buffalo, NY United States
[0327] Kirium Interactions Schagen Netherlands
[0328] Voysys Freemont, CA United States
[0329] Koning en Hartman BV Delft Netherlands
[0330] XTEND Communications New York, NY United States
[0333] Society of Telecommunications Consultants Carmel Valley, CA United States
[0334] Aberdeen Group Boston, MA United States
[0335] Logica, Inc. Lexington, MA United States
[0336] Affina Peoria, IL United States
[0337] Alan Morgan and Associates, Inc. Jacksonville, FL United States
[0341] Angus TeleManagement Group, Inc. Ajax, ON Canada
[0342] AT&T Solutions Florham Park, NJ United States
[0343] Barnhill Associates Englewood, CO United States
[0344] Bigby, Havis & Associates Dallas, TX United States
[0345] Brady Group Inc., The Addison, TX United States
[0346] Business Intelligence Wimbledon, London United Kingdom
[0347] Calonge & Associates, LLC San Antonio, TX United States
[0349] MarktSelect Diemen Netherlands
[0352] Mercom Systems, Inc. Lyndhurst, NJ United States
[0353] Frost & Sullivan San Jose, CA United States
[0355] Microlog Corporation Germantown, MD United States
[0357] Giga Information Group, Inc. Cambridge, MA United States
[0358] ICB Toll-Free Consultancy New York, NY United States
[0359] NCR Corporation (US) Dayton, OH United States
[0360] InfoActiv, Inc. West Chester, PA United States
[0361] Broadbase Software, Inc. Menlo Park, CA United States
[0362] Netsource Venray Netherlands
[0364] Connections Orange, CA United States
[0365] InTech Group, Inc. Exton, Pennsylvania United States
[0366] Oracle Nederland BV De Meern Netherlands
[0368] FastPlanet Technologies Denver, CO United States
[0369] Interactive Quality Services, Inc. Minneapolis, MN United States
[0371] ORCAvoice bv Oss Netherlands
[0372] Ovum, Inc. London United Kingdom
[0373] International Quality & Productivity Center Little Falls, NJ United States
[0374] ISC New York, NY United States
[0375] Periphonics Bohemia, NY United States
[0377] Philips Commercial Activities S.A (Belgium) Bruxelles Belgium
[0378] Kathy Sisk Enterprises United States
[0380] VertiQuest Technologies Inc. Orlando, FL United States
[0381] Plantronics Santa Cruz, CA United States
[0382] LIMRA International Windsor, CT United States
[0383] Lynch, Young & Company Orange, CA United States
[0384] Provite Telefoonmarketing Den Haag Netherlands
[0385] Meridien Research, Inc. Newton, MA United States
[0386] Q-Max Systems, Ltd. London United Kingdom
[0387] META Group, Inc. Stamford, CT United States
[0388] North Highland Company Atlanta, GA United States
[0389] One-to-One Service.com Urbana, IL United States
[0390] OnQueue Call Center Consulting Jamison, PA United States
[0391] PRIMA Nuns Island, PQ Canada
[0393] Servion Global Solutions, Ltd. Chennai India
[0395] Specialized Resources, Inc. Richardson, TX United States
[0397] Telephone Consultancy and Training Company, The Guildford, Surrey United Kingdom
[0398] Telesight, Inc. Chicago, IL United States
[0402] Q4MATICS BV Tilburg Netherlands
[0403] Quintop Gouda Netherlands
[0404] Quality Support B.V. Houten Netherlands
[0405] RING! Telecom Corporation (US) Fairfield, NJ United States
[0406] Daktronics, Inc. Brookings, SD United States
[0407] Scarlet Telecom Lelystad Netherlands
[0408] Info Group, The Framingham, MA United States
[0409] Infobase Services, Inc. (ISI) West Palm Beach, FL United States
[0410] Maxxar Corporation, The Wixom, MI United States
[0411] Search & Results Telemarketing BV Utrecht Netherlands
[0412] Siemens Information and Communication Networks Boca Raton, FL United States
[0413] Response Design Corporation Ocean City, NJ United States
[0415] Superfone Telecommunicatie BV Woerden Netherlands
[0416] Syntellect, Inc. Phoenix, AZ United States
[0417] ECI Telecom (US) Fort Lauderdale, FL United States
[0419] TeamForce Systems BV Oosterhout Netherlands
[0420] Tele-BS Telecom Business Services BV 'S-Hertogenbosch Netherlands
[0422] Wesson, Taylor, Wells & Associates Research Triangle Park, NC United States
[0423] Telec Electronics BV Zoetermeer Netherlands
[0424] TeleCats BV Call Processing Solutions Enschede Netherlands
[0425] WorkForce Management Group Delray Beach, FL United States
[0426] Telefuture International Holding BV Rotterdam Netherlands
[0427] XL Associates, Inc. Rockville, MD United States
[0428] Telematica International Weert Netherlands
[0429] SPARQ Amstelveen Netherlands
[0430] Telfort B.V. Amsterdam Z-O Netherlands
[0431] AHERN Communications Quincy, MA United States
[0433] Command Communications, Inc. Aurora, CO United States
[0434] CommuniTech, Inc. Elk Grove Village, IL United States
[0435] Tiptel b.v. Almere Netherlands
[0437] !Effective Rotterdam Netherlands
[0438] Ericsson STOCKHOLM Sweden
[0440] Verdonck, Klooster & Associates Zoetermeer Netherlands
[0441] Versatel Netherlands Amsterdam Netherlands
[0442] GBH Distributing, Inc. Glendale, CA United States
[0443] Viatel (us) New York, NY United States
[0445] VSN Systemen BV Venray Netherlands
[0447] MCI WorldCom, Inc. (NL) Amsterdam Netherlands
[0448] ZS Management Group Diemen Netherlands
[0449] Graham Technology Solutions Cuperino, CA United States
[0450] KAAAS Com., Inc. McKinney, TX United States
[0451] American Marketing Association (AMA) Chicago, IL United States
[0452] American Telecommuting Association (ATA) Washington, DC United States
[0454] International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) Armonk, NY United States
[0455] Oracle Corporation Redwood Shores, CA United States
[0456] Aditi Technologies Pvt., Ltd. (US) Seattle, WA United States
[0457] eHNC San Diego, CA United States
[0458] InterVoice-Brite, Inc. Dallas, TX United States
[0459] Chordiant Software, Inc. Cupertino, CA United States
[0460] Customersoft, Inc. Englewood, CO United States
[0462] HotData, Inc. Austin TX United States
[0463] Lagan Technologies, Ltd. Wildflower Way, Belfast United Kingdom
[0465] Kana Communications, Inc. Redwood City, CA United States
[0466] NetManage eSolutions Group Cupertino, CA United States
[0467] Blaze Software, Inc. San Jose, CA United States
[0468] NexCen Technologies, Inc. Acton, MA United States
[0469] Pegasystems Inc. Cambridge, MA United States
[0470] CCMA (au) Cherrybrook, NSW Australia
[0472] Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) Washington, DC United States
[0474] International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) Washington, DC United States
[0478] Coastal Technologies Upper Montclair, NJ United States
[0479] CSM Group Orpington, Kent United Kingdom
[0480] Help Desk 2000(uk) Nazeing, Essex United Kingdom
[0481] Bruton Consultancy Wales United Kingdom
[0483] POINT Information Systems, Inc. Wellesley, MA United States
[0484] Renaissance Conferences Corporation Schaumburg, IL United States
[0485] RightNow Technologies, Inc. Bozeman, MT United States
[0487] SkillCheck, Inc. Burlington, MA United States
[0488] Spider Technologies, Inc. Englewood, CO United States
[0489] Web Wonderland Spencerport, NY United States
[0490] American Society for Quality Milwaukee, WI United States
[0491] The Association of Support Professionals Watertown, MA United States
[0492] International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Geneva 20 Switzerland
[0493] Internet Connect Salt Lake City, UT United States
[0494] Primeris, Inc. Las Vegas, NV United States
[0495] NANPA (NeuStar, Inc.) Washington, DC United States
[0498] United States Telecom Association Washington, DC United States
[0500] Gartner group Stamford, CT United States
[0501] Yankee Group, The Boston, MA United States
[0502] Computer Talk Technology, Inc. (CA) Richmond Hill, ON Canada
[0503] Telemarket Resources International, Inc. Omaha, NE United States
[0504] callcentres.net North Sydney, NSW Australia
[0509] Iwatsu America Carlstadt, NJ United States
[0513] CenterForce Technologies Bethesda, MD United States
[0514] Hammer Technologies Wilmington, MA United States
[0515] Resource Software International, Ltd. (RSI) Oshawa, ON Canada
[0516] Switchview, Inc. Waterloo, ON Canada
[0519] Centurion, Inc. New Berlin, WI United States
[0520] Digital Data Voice, Inc. Eagan, MN United States
[0522] HTI Voice & Internet Solutions Marlborough, MA United States
[0523] IntraNext Systems Englewood, CO United States
[0524] NICE Systems, Ltd. Ra'anana Israel
[0525] Rochelle Communications, Inc. Austin, TX United States
[0526] Trango Software Corporation Richmond Hill, ON Canada
[0527] Wygant Scientific, Inc. Portland, OR United States
[0528] Customer Contact Optimizers Walnut Creek, CA United States
[0529] High Tech High Touch Solutions, Inc. Woodinville, WA United States
[0530] Kramer & Associates Cincinnati, OH United States
[0531] Learning Essentials, Inc. Toms River, NJ United States
[0533] CosmoCom, Inc. Melville, NY United States
[0534] ITXC Corp. Princeton, NJ United States
[0535] NetDIVE San Francisco, CA United States
[0536] Telrad Networks, Inc. Woodbury, NY United States
[0537] DCM Software Solutions Minneapolis, MN United States
[0538] Marketing Messages ® Newton, MA United States
[0539] OSC Teleservices Lubbock, TX United States
[0540] Parwan Electronics Corporation Aberdeen, NJ United States
[0543] CenterPoint Solutions Denver, CO United States
[0544] Courion Corporation Framingham, MA United States
[0545] Mountain Systems, Inc. Abingdon, VA United States
[0552] Fonix Corporation Salt Lake City, UT United States
[0553] Idioma, Ltd. Herzeliya Israel
[0555] Microsoft Speech Product Group United States
[0558] Phonetic Systems Burlington, MA United States
[0560] SyVox Corporation Boulder, CO United States
[0561] sayso! North Sydney, NSW Australia
[0562] T-NETIX Englewood, CO United States
[0566] Unisys Corporation Milton Keynes United Kingdom
[0570] Voice Signal Technologies, Inc. Woburn, MA United States
[0572] Voice Quest Sarasota, FL United States
[0574] Wildfire Communications, Inc. Lexington, MA United States
[0575] Alliance Systems, Inc. Plano, TX United States
[0577] Anatel Communications Peabody, MA United States
[0579] APPRO International, Inc. Milpitas, CA United States
[0581] Arise Computer, Inc. Mountain View, CA United States
[0582] AXIOM Technology Co., Ltd. City of Industry, CA United States
[0583] Bicom, Inc. Monroe, CT United States
[0585] ClearOne, Inc. Woburn, MA United States
[0587] Comverse Infosys, Inc. Woodbury, NY United States
[0588] CSS Laboratories Irvine, CA United States
[0589] CTL, Inc. Shelton, CT United States
[0591] e-tel corporation West Warwick, RI United States
[0595] SRI International Menlo Park, CA United States
[0596] Apple Computer, Inc. Cupertino, CA United States
[0599] Locus Dialogue Montreal, PQ Canada
[0600] BaBel Technologies, SA MONS Belgium
[0602] Oki Semiconductor Sunnyvale, CA United States
[0606] Pipkins, Inc. St. Louis, MO United States
[0607] Pyderion Contact Technologies, Inc. St. Laurent, Quebec Canada
[0608] Virtual Hold Technology Akron, OH United States
[0611] Mosaix Redmond, WA United States
[0614] Sage U.S. Holdings, Inc. Dallas, TX United States
[0615] SalesLogix Corporation Scottsdale, AZ United States
[0617] Synchrony Communications, Inc. Cincinnati, OH United States
[0621] Xantel Corporation Phoenix, AZ United States
[0622] BC-Group International Consulting & Training Dallas, TX United States
[0624] Mohr-partners Dallas, TX United States
[0625] Pacific Interpreters, Inc. Portland, OR United States
[0626] Assessment Solutions, Inc. New York, NY United States
[0627] Dynamic Instruments, Inc. San Diego, CA United States
[0629] Interface Solutions, Inc. Coral Springs, FL United States
[0630] MRA Technologies, Inc. Plano, TX United States
[0632] Spectrum Corporation Houston, TX United States
[0633] Texas Digital Systems College Station, TX United States
[0635] Remedy Corporation Mountain View, CA United States
[0636] VocalTec Communications Ltd. Herzliya Israel
[0638] Servicesoft Technologies Natick, MA United States
[0639] The Brady Group Dallas, TX United States
[0641] Initiatives Three, Inc. Portland, ME United States
[0642] Leveraged Technology, Inc. New York, N.Y. United States
[0643] PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. Bedford, NH United States
[0647] Vanguard Communications Corporation Morris Plains, NJ United States
[0648] Magnasync Corporation Hollywood, CA United States
[0649] Headset Services Limited (HSL) Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex United Kingdom
[0651] Fluent Speech Technologies Beaverton, OR United States
[0653] Speech Solutions, Inc. Boynton Beach, FL United States
[0654] United Research Labs India
[0655] Digital Dreams United States
[0656] VoiceNet, Pty. Ltd. Manly, NSW Australia
[0657] Narratek, Inc. Brookline, MA United States
[0659] Alma Information Systems (AIS) Houston, TX United States
[0660] Peter Cohen Associates Natick, MA United States
[0661] Talk 2 Me Technology, Inc. Burlington, ON Canada
[0663] Orator Technologies Ltd Auckland New Zealand (Aotearoa)
[0664] AllVoice Computing plc. Newton Abbot, Devon United Kingdom
[0665] 1st Voice Palo Alto, CA United States
[0666] ABN-VoiceAGE, LLC Lenox, MA United States
[0667] Speech Technology Wellington, FL United States
[0668] Sprint Westwood, KS United States
[0671] Impact Innovations Group Alpharetta, GA United States
[0672] ServiceWare Technologies, Inc. Oakmont, PA United States
[0673] Ziehl Associates, Inc. New York, NY United States
[0674] Business Electronics, Inc. Cheshire, CT United States
[0676] NCT Group, Inc. Westport, CT United States
[0678] IHS New York, NY United States
[0679] Microsolutions Development Corporation Plainsboro, NJ United States
[0680] PricewaterhouseCoopers New York, NY United States
[0681] UniPress Software(us) Edison, NJ United States
[0682] TelAthena New York, NY United States
[0684] E-mail Solutions Omaha, NE United States
[0685] Speedware Corporation, Inc. St. Laurent, PQ Canada
[0686] Cornerstone Peripherals Technology, Inc. Fremont, CA United States
[0687] Inova Solutions, Inc. Charlottesville, VA United States
[0689] Leah & Associates Hoffman Estates, IL United States
[0691] Diebold, Inc. North Canton, OH United States
[0692] Computer Voice Projects, Inc. Sublimity, OR United States
[0695] Voice Automated Huntington Beach, CA United States
[0696] MicroTouch Systems, Inc. Methuen, MA United States
[0697] Voice Documentation Systems, LLC Incline Village, NV United States
[0698] OmniLink Communications Lansing, MI United States
[0699] TSI Services, Inc. Englewood, CO United States
[0700] WorkFlow Solutions, Inc. Springfield, MA United States
[0702] WorkLink Berkeley, CA United States
[0703] Freedom of Speech, Inc. Edina, Minnesota United States
[0705] iFLEET, Inc. Roswell, GA United States
[0706] Metroplex Voice Computing, Inc. Arlington, TX United States
[0707] Ficomp Systems, Inc. Cranbury, NJ United States
[0708] Kewill Systems, PLC. Walton-on-Thames, Surrey United Kingdom
[0709] Xybernaut GmbH Böblingen Germany
[0710] ALVE Technology Corporation Austin, TX United States
[0711] Digital Acoustics Corporation Westport, CT United States
[0712] e-DOCS.net Houston, TX United States
[0713] Ameritech Chicago, IL United States
[0714] Speech Machines Alpharetta, GA United States
[0719] NexPath Corporation Santa Clara, CA United States
[0722] ITI Software Montreal, PQ Canada
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[2904] Advantage Line Williston, ND United States
[2905] SOHO Technology Partners, Inc. United States
[2913] CAPTEL Washington, DC United States
[2924] Digital Voice Systems, Inc. Northbrook, IL United States
[2932] Spirit Corp Moscow Russian Federation
[2934] AudioCodes, Ltd. Yehud Israel
[2943] ERA Technology, Ltd. Leatherhead, Surrey United Kingdom
[2944] OmniNet GmbH Eckental Germany
[2945] ISC New York United States
[2946] CallCareers.com Canada PEI Canada
[2948] Inphasx Corporation Kitchener Canada
[2950] ABC Solutions BV Bilthoven Netherlands
[2957] Entervoice New York United States
[2960] TalkerNet Technologies Ltd. Ramat Gan Israel
[2961] White Pajama Hayward, CA United States
[2963] INFRA BENELUX ALMERE Netherlands
[2964] Byzantium Solutions Limited Leamington Spa United Kingdom
[2965] Call 360° S.A Capital Federal Argentina
[2966] SOFTWIN Bucharest Romania
[2967] Neem Systems Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad India
[2969] White Pajama Hayward, CA United States
[3013] Connectel Ottawa, ON Canada
[3061] CTware Israel
[3064] Gios Voice Professionals BV Oss Netherlands
[3068] Speech Group, University of Athens Athens Greece
[3118] Database Systems Corp. Phoenix, AZ United States
[3127] Database Systems Corp. Phoenix United States
[3128] EasyIVR Phoenix, AZ United States
[3143] APEX AMERICA - Contact Center Outsourcing CORDOBA Argentina
[3152] Icon Data Management Ltd,India NOIDA India
[3162] PASS IT Consulting Pvt Ltd Hyderabad India
[3181] Telacquire Marketing Group Inc. Vancouver, BC Canada
[3193] IDYLIC S.A. Ramonville St-Agne France
[3242] HyperQuality Seattle United States
[3245] Hyper Quality seattle United States
[3268] Telegenisys Inc. Martinez United States
[3270] THRIT Soest Netherlands
[3274] Europe Contact Center Lisboa Portugal
[3276] Cupola Teleservices Ltd. Dubai United Arab Emirates
[3280] GLOBAL BILGI A.S. Istanbul Turkey
[3286] Chameleon Headsets Thousand Oaks, California United States
[3289] Pilatus Systems Surat India
[3300] alba international New Delhi India
[3306] E3R Delhi India
[3315] TeleSpectrum, Inc. King of Prussia, Pennsylvania United States
[3328] i-serve Systems Ltd. Gandhinagar India
[3335] ParkLife Timisoara Romania
[3342] EasyCall Communications Bucharest Romania
[3346] Predict Ability Plus, Inc. Lunenburg, MA United States
[3349] DOW Networks Atlanta United States
[3367] Call Center USA Seattle United States
[3368] HyperQuality Seattle United States
[3373] Connect2, Inc. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines
[3377] Global Tech Fz LLC. Dubai United Arab Emirates
[3382] Veritape Ltd - call recording made simple Manchester United Kingdom
[3384] TeleCenter.ro - CallCenters Romania Bucharest Romania
[3391] Global Respondez Inc. South Plainfield United States
[3399] BK ONE Corporate Training Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon India
[3400] 24-7 INtouch Toronto Canada
[3401] EXL Service New York United States
[3403] Call Center, Call Centers in Romania, Romanian Call Centers Bucharest Romania
[3410] Agni e-Solutions New Delhi India
[3411] Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC Berwyn United States
[3413] Afiscar Marketing, S.L. Madrid (San Sebastián de los Reyes) Spain
[3417] DOW Networks - Call Center Solutions - VoIP Solutions Atlanta, Georgia United States
[3419] InterActyve Global Services Gurgaon India
[3423] WOW Corporation, LLC Carnegie United States
[3424] Markethic St-Pieters-Leeuw Belgium
[3425] Tecnovate eSolutions New delhi India
[3426] CMC, Customer Management Center, Iletisim A.S Istanbul Turkey
[3427] CanTalk (Canada) Inc. Winnipeg Canada
[3428] Paras Calltec Ltd Gurgaon India
[3435] MadPie Solutions Portland, OR United States
[3439] SC Servit Consultanta SRL Bucharest Romania
[3441] Dictaphone Europe AG Ruemlang Switzerland
[3445] Global Sky Pasig City Philippines
[3449] Media Masters lucknow India
[3458] Ansaback Ipswich United Kingdom
[3460] 24/7 Customer India
[3463] Timberline Total Solutions Omaha United States
[3464] Move Offshore Chennai India
[3466] 1 Varshyl company San Jose India
[3472] CustomerLink United States
[3475] Nirvana Business Solutions Bangalore India
[3476] Call Centers 24x7 Port Angeles United States
[3479] Serviphony Port Louis Mauritius
[3481] Interactive World Gurgaon India
[3482] Contact Center World Thunder Bay Canada
[3488] Business Behavior Institute Kansas City United States
[3491] ARK e-Tail Services Inc Toronto Canada
[3497] Business Beanstalk Telemarketing and Appointment Setting Hillsborough United States
[3499] MarkeTel Multi-Line Dialing Systems Ltd. Regina Canada
[3509] Answering Solutions Sioux Falls United States
[3510] UnikBIT Call Center Romania Bucharest Romania
[3514] Navigant Technologies Private Limited New Delhi India
[3522] NW Natural Portland United States
[3523] Left Bank Solutions Los Angeles United States
[3524] Rhombus Technologies Mumbai India
[3525] Tele Prospects Ltd. Wolverhampton United Kingdom
[3526] Comdata SpA Milan Italy
[3528] Telelink Call Centre St. John's Canada
[3529] Infovision Group Gurgaon India
[3532] Tekbuzz Marketing Ltd. North York, Ontario Canada
[3535] 1-800-WeAnswer New York United States
[3536] Inox Global Services Limited Gurgaon India
[3540] Euro Contact Centre Bucuresti Romania
[3544] Xceed Cairo Egypt
[3545] VoiceShot Bingham Farms, MI United States
[3546] Q-MAC Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Trivandrum India
[3550] Innovative Solution Systems, Inc Woodbridge United States
[3552] ParkLife call center Timisoara Romania
[3556] CallServ Corporation Pasig City Philippines
[3559] Raya Contact Center Giza Egypt
[3560] Sofica Group Jsc. Sofia Bulgaria
[3572] ONVAIO Mountain View United States
[3576] ! TeleContacting Scarborough Canada
[3578] Mediatel Data Bucharest Romania
[3584] Free Call Center Quotes Provo United States
[3590] Gandhi InfoTech Pvt Ltd Gurgaon India
[3603] e-Services Group International Bartlesville United States
[3604] Syngistics Telephony Systems, LLC. executone acd ids agent west hempstead United States
[3610] Call Centre Support Ltd Bradford United Kingdom
[3620] Cage Communications, Inc Wallingford United States
[3622] C-3 (PVT) LTD Karachi Pakistan
[3624] Connect2 Philippines Inc. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig Philippines
[3633] S.C. TELE AD S.R.L. DR.TR.SEVERIN Romania
[3635] Business Relations Timisoara Romania
[3639] LiveHelpBPO Hederabad India
[3644] The Resource Group Phlippines, Inc. Pasig City Philippines
[3647] icompo.net GmbH Potsdam Germany
[3648] Headset-Plus.com Naperville United States
[3650] Crystal Call, Inc. Bratislava Slovakia
[3659] Centech Solutions Old Mystic United States
[3666] Zigosoft Iasi Romania
[3667] Gedam Europe S.r.L. Turin Italy
[3669] Zigosoft Iasi Romania
[3670] Solutions45 Global Consultants Chennai,Delhi,Pune,Bangalore,Bhopal,Indore,Jabalpur,Mumbai,Hyderabad,Kolkotta,Gurgoan,Nagpur,Chandigarh India
[3671] HTMT Canada Toronto Canada
[3673] Hindin Solutions Christchurch New Zealand (Aotearoa)
[3682] ANZ International Inc Lahore. Pakistan
[3686] Kievnov International London United Kingdom
[3689] skymark global bucharest Romania
[3694] WSC EUROPA SA Bucharest Romania
[3695] WRP Solutions Coimbatore India
[3696] Zigosoft - Call Center in Romania Iasi Romania
[3697] Spectrum Corporation Houston United States
[3706] AktivCalls - Call Center Romania Bucharest Romania
[3708] Global Sky Pasig City Philippines
[3710] NomKa Call Centers Renton United States
[3712] TRG Customer Solutions King of Prussia, PA United States
[3714] iPoint-media Tel Aviv Israel
[3716] Call Tech Lviv Ukraine
[3717] Intelemedia Communications, Inc. Plano, Texas United States
[3719] Infinity BPO Ebene Mauritius
[3720] Accent Contact Centers Lima Peru
[3722] WSC EUROPA SA Bucharest Romania
[3723] Call Center Development Services (CCDS) Montreal Canada
[3725] NCS International Omaha United States
[3732] Liquid Voice Ltd Leeds United Kingdom
[3734] Customer Contact Services Eden Prairie United States
[3741] Telecall Center Iasi Romania
[3742] Aruna Enterprises Mumbai India
[3743] Dulaney Consulting Foster City United States
[3747] United Carrier Networks Bluffdale United States
[3748] Artvister Telecall Iasi Romania
[3749] XL World Romania Iasi Romania
[3755] Transamerica Microsearch Inc. North Vancouver Canada
[3763] Los Angeles Enterprises,Inc Van Nuys United States
[3764] Call Centers India Seattle, WA United States
[3771] Teledirect Telecommerce Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
[3773] Reach Global Services Dubai United Arab Emirates
[3778] Benelus Technologies Private Limited Hyderabad India
[3780] Customer Resource Services Guildford United States
[3782] Call Center Management Software Directory softigator London United Kingdom
[3783] Call center “Call-In-Fast” Moscow Russian Federation
[3810] Admarie Communications Services Inc Mississauga Canada
[3812] Integrateurs Intn'l Inc. Toronto Canada
[3818] ABC Datacall Ltd Port Louis Mauritius
[3819] eseco GmbH & Co. KG Bensheim Germany
[3828] Colliers Call Center Services Group Toronto Canada
[3859] Anexa Teleservices Lakeway United States
[3860] Telrex LLC Kirkland United States
[3864] Call Centre Africa EPZ Ltd Nairobi Kenya
[3868] Vcare Call Centers India, Inc. Seattle United States
[3871] Call Centre Helper Monmouth United Kingdom
[3875] i2c World, Inc. New York United States
[3882] Altesys SpA Assago (Mi) Italy
[3887] VoiceGate Corp. Richmond Hill, Ontario Canada
[3893] Cogent E Services Pvt. Ltd. Noida India
[3898] Costa Rica's Call Center Miami United States
[3904] Lighthouse Sourcing Inc Summerfield United States
[3905] Conectys BVBA Gent Belgium
[3907] Wasla Contact Center Cairo Egypt
[3912] Corelynx Inc Newark United States
[3913] Corelynx Inc Newark United States
[3921] eSCL Global Gurgaon India
[3931] London Interim Managers London United Kingdom
[3932] Hit Rate Solutions Boston United States
[3933] Call Tech Lviv Ukraine
[3935] Bh.Kontakt Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina
[3960] TransData Pvt. Ltd. Lahore Pakistan
[3962] B-NRG bv Weesp Netherlands
[4001] Spectrum Corporation Houston, Texas United States
[4028] Venturia Dubai United Arab Emirates
[4040] M2M Marketing, LLC Price United States
[4041] 1 Global Ltd wimbledon United Kingdom
[4042] TLI Software Bangalore India
[4047] AirTouch Singapore Singapore
[4077] Extensya Amman Jordan
[4079] Fullbrook Consulting Nottingham United Kingdom
[4082] Data STS Bangalore India
[4098] The Taylor Reach Group, Inc. Toronto Canada
[4099] Outsource-Telemarketing Tualatin United States
[4150] J.Lodge Fort Myers United States
[4164] Chris Ball Outsourcing United Kingdom
[4165] Costa Rica's Call Center Miami United States
[4199] Vcare Call Centers Seattle United States
[4205] Nexus Teleservices Managua Nicaragua
[4240] Specialty Answering Service King of Prussia United States
[4242] 3Clogic INC Rockville United States
[4243] DB Streams Inc. Toronto Canada
[4245] BPO Resources Cebu Philippines
[4249] Mainstay Offshore Solutions Bangalore India
[4250] Better Plan Tel Aviv Israel
[4254] Talking Heads Communication Nitra Slovakia
[4275] QuScient Technologies Scottsdale United States
[4293] Boomerang Marketing SA Cape Town South Africa
[4304] Commprise Hartford United States
[4314] VADS Berhad Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
[4323] Global Innovative Marketing Scarborough Canada
[4342] Utilis BPO Lahore Pakistan
[4343] Caelan Wright & Associates Limited Bangkok Thailand
[4345] Infosearch BPO Services Pvt Ltd Chennai India
[4369] Answer My Phone Cardiff United Kingdom
[4375] Ahlan contact center communications Maadi, Helwan Egypt
[4378] Cactus Search Worcester United Kingdom
[4382] Chatter Box Call Center New Territories Hong Kong
[4390] TheHeadsetShop.com Burlingame United States
[4395] TeleSource Center Bend United States
[4415] Alliance Wireless Communications Pinellas Park United States
[4418] Cursos para Call Center Mexico Mérida y Distrito Federal Mexico
[4429] Miratel Solutions North York Canada
[4435] alldayPA Call Centre Salford Quays, Manchester United Kingdom
[4438] Accomptrove Co Davao City Philippines
[4444] Sinet Telekom d.o.o. Belgrade Yugoslavia
[4448] Annvika Thane India
[4449] Websolutnz Peshawar Pakistan
[4458] Call Tech International Lviv Ukraine
[4459] Emenac call center and outsurcing services Lahore India
[4465] Sepal Info Services Pvt Ltd Hyderabad India
[4466] TeleDirect S.A. Johannesburg South Africa
[4467] FindCo, LLC Clinton United States
[4471] iAgentz Dallas United States
[4479] Etisal International Cairo Egypt
[4480] Confero Call Centres London United Kingdom
[4488] inConcert Miami United States
[4489] Ambs Call Center Jackson, Michigan United States
[4497] Tikal Networks Ltd. Petach Tikva Israel
[4502] Q 2 Serves Infotech Gurgaon India
[4503] i Call Global Pasig City , Metro Manila Philippines
[4505] Phone Number Monitoring Spring Park, MN United States
[4508] DVM Teleservices LLC North Hills United States
[4509] Sales Rain BPO Quezon City Philippines
[4517] Answer One Lexington United States
[4518] Phone Support Group Port Au Prince Haiti
[4523] 1800 Call center Nashville United States
[4524] ECCO Outsourcing Cairo Egypt
[4525] Dialogue Marketing Troy United States
[4534] GOLD IT Interactive Princeton United States
[4536] Impaco Communications Bluffton United States
[4537] U.C.I.T. Ukraine Multilingual Call Center Kiev Ukraine
[4539] Softxpert Call Center Alexandria Egypt
[4540] Sales Rain BPO |Call Center Seat Leasing Quezon City Philippines
[4541] Sales Rain Virtual Assistants | Philippines Quezon City Philippines
[4545] Softxpert Call Center Alexandria Egypt
[4549] Sales Leads Force Chennai India
[4557] Tokara Solutions Inc Colleyville United States
[4558] 380Global Multilingual Contact Center Kiev Ukraine
[4565] NLS - Newline Services S.R.L - Multilingual Call Centers Romania
[4570] Euroanswer Bucharest, Skopje Romania
[4572] Centro Global Solutions Fairfax, VA United States
[4573] Valoris Center Bucharest Romania
[4579] Contactel Teleservicios SA Telde Spain
[4581] Professional Call Solutions, Inc Boca Raton United States
[4590] First Class Assist Shippensburg United States
[4594] WEBCLOUD Bucharest Romania
[4600] CyberOne.Ph, Inc. Makati Philippines
[4607] Executive Boutique Call Center Cebu City Philippines
[4612] Open Access BPO Las Vegas United States
[4618] Apollo Solutions Ltd Port Louis Mauritius
[4621] MarVen Global BPO Services Pvt Ltd Bangalore India
[4625] PatientCalls King Of Prussia United States
[4626] Golden Gate BPO Solutions, LLC Weston United States
[4641] Outsource Cebu Cebu Philippines
[4646] First Source Solutions Kentucky United States
[4655] Storm Telecom Limited Quatre Bornes Mauritius
[4656] SC 'GPG Consulting' SRL Chisinau Moldova, Republic of
[4660] Teledirect Pte Ltd Singapore Singapore
[4665] Invensis Technologies (P) Ltd. Wilmington United States
[4666] Universe IT Ltd dhaka, Bangladesh Canada
[4669] Firstsource Solutions Ltd London United Kingdom
[4670] Go4customer Phase II, Noida India
[4680] Call Center Services International Chula Vista United States
[4682] MAS IP Valencia Spain
[4683] Vcare Technology Mount Laurel United States
[4684] Vcall Global Needham United States
[4697] Continental Message Solution Columbus United States
[4700] I24connect Amman Jordan
[4703] Firstsource Solutions Limited Louisville United States
[4704] OutsourceACE Inc. Calgary Canada
[4705] DTZ Operations Pte Ltd Singapore Singapore
[4707] 3C Contact Services Vaughan Canada
[4709] CallSoft Inc London United Kingdom
[4721] Headset Plus Redwood City United States
[4722] Engenius Phones United States
[4725] ISourcing Cairo Egypt
[4726] Valoris Center SRL Bucharest Romania
[4731] Global Contact Services Salisbury United States
[4734] Centro Global Solutions Virginia United States
[4736] Global Response Margate United States
[4746] Proglobalbusinesssolutions Bangalore India
[4748] National Institute of Skilled Training Karachi Pakistan
[4749] HelpSquad Bethlehem United States
[4750] Teleiman Bellaire United States
[4755] Roen Connection Iasi Romania
[4757] Fonebell Communication Pvt. Ltd. Delhi India
[4761] FilWeb Asia Inc. City of San Pedro, Laguna Philippines
[4768] Firstsource Solutions Limited Muntinlupa Philippines
[4773] LL Contact Center Tegucigalpa Honduras
[4775] FSP Global Cluj Napoca Romania
[4777] Eastvantage Taguig Philippines
[4779] Aledium Call Center HR Services Suwanee United States
[4781] TQVS Inc Bacolod City Philippines
[4782] Winbizsolutionsindia Bengaluru India
[4785] VivaCall Bucharest Romania
[4788] Digital Contact Parma Italy
[4792] International Telemarketing SAS Santiago de Cali Colombia
[4793] Converso Contact Centres Southend-on-Sea United Kingdom
[4795] Global Remote Services Bucharest Romania
[4803] A78 Solutions Makati City Philippines
[4807] iCall Outsourcing Cairo Egypt
[4808] Emenac Call Center Services London, Ontario Canada
[4810] The Connection Burnsville United States
[4816] NetSource Ebene Mauritius
[4820] HoduSoft Ahmedabad India
[4824] TSA Group West Perth Australia
[4841] Portage Communications, LLC Sandpoint United States
[4842] BPO WorldWide Riga Latvia
[4856] TeleMedia First Hungarian Call Center Service LLC Budapest Hungary
[4859] Profession Star Hr Services and Recruitment Jackson United States
[4861] Advanced Marketing Solutions Hudson United States
[4864] Ansafone Ocala United States
[4865] Aptus Global Solutions Inc. Pasig City Philippines
[4873] Callzilla Miramar United States
[4874] Asia Telecom BPO Pasig Philippines
[4875] Digitech Outsourcing Solutions Grandville United States
[4878] Proglobalbusinesssolutions Bengaluru India
[4882] Insight Customer Call Solutions New Delhi India
[4884] INTELECTO São Paulo Brazil


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