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[ ID = 0298 ] Dr. Safa NasserEldin 
Name NasserEldin, Dr. Safa
Job Title Director and Dean 
Postal Code 91693 
City Jerusalem 
Country Israel 
Phone +972 547238112
Email drsafa_(on)_gmail.com [@ replaced for spam protection]
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Personal URL  
Membership ELSNET ISCA IEEE and ACM 
LanguagesEnglish French, Arabic
Specialism Speechtechnology:
Arabic Natural Language Processing
Arabic Parsing
Automated Natural Language Speech
Investment in Speech Processing
Language Modeling
Speech Synthesis
Text-to-speech (Indic)
Innovation Management
Project Management
IT Training 
PhotographDescription or CV
Dr. Safa Nasser Eldin
Information Technology Specialist

Contact Information
Address: P. O. Box 69306
Mobile Phone: 00972547238112
Fax: 0097226276552
E-Mail: drsafa09@yahoo.com drsafa@gmail.com
Personal Information
Resident of: Jerusalem
Birth date: 05 May 1969
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Married

Work Experience
WAJDI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY February 2004 – October 2009
Palestine - Jerusalem
Director/ Dean/ Assistance Professor, Head of Quality Assurance Unit, Head of Continuing Education Center.
Academic and administrative Director and Dean; headed and started the institute from the first beginning, Instructor for IT courses, Project Coordinator with World bank Unit in MOEHE.
Alnayzak, Made in Palestine Competition 2008 and 2009
Judging Committee evaluation projects.
Presidency Office, Jerusalem Unit, June 2009 – Present
Consultant, Projects Reviewer
Consultant and reviewer for projects intended for improving the quality of higher education and education sector in Jerusalem.
Ministry of Telecom and Ministry of Higher Education September 2005 - Present
Consultant, Projects Reviewer
Consultant and reviewer for projects intended for improving the quality of higher education and Information Technology in Palestine
IUT DE BORDEAUX I November 2000 – November 2002
Bordeaux - France
Part-time Lecturer
Methods of office automation
ALQUDS UNIVERSITY, August 1999 - September 2000
Part-time Lecturer
Supervising graduation projects and responsible of the Research Lab for Signal Processing.
ALQUDS UNIVERSITY, April 1994 - September 1995
Teaching Assistant and Lab Supervisor
Teaching Assistant and Lab Supervisor
YWCA, SECRETARY PROGRAM June 1994 - September 1995
Palestine - Jerusalem
Instructor of Computers
Designed and taught a course for girls (about 120 girls) preparing a one year secretary diploma which covered operating systems (DOS and Windows), Word processing and spreadsheets. Intensive and Extensive computer courses for executive secretaries and ladies at home.

Human Resource Professional PHR RITAJ Ramallah, Palestine February 2009
Degree: Certification/Diploma – Theoretical knowledge and practical experience in human resource management necessary demonstrating a mastery of the body of knowledge in the field.
New Approaches to Telecommunications Policy (NATP) Ramallah, Palestine February 2008
Degree: Certification/Diploma – Introduction to Key Areas of Regulation
SHAREK YOUTH FORUM – UNDP Ramallah, Palestine May 2006
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Fund Raising and Proposal Writing
Palestine Information & Communications Technology Incubator - PICTI • February 2007
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Information Technology Infrastructure Library
PICTI Ramallah, Palestine February 2006
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Building a Business Plan
SHAREK YOUTH FORUM – UNDP Ramallah, Palestine January 2006
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Improvement of Organisations Administration and Finance Systems. Partners: Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building of Palestinian Youth Organizations
FREELANCE GROUP Jerusalem, Palestine January 2006
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Business Establishment for SME’s
GENERAL CONSULTING &TRAINING Ramallah, Palestine March 2005
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Proposal Writing and Fund Raising
Degree: Certification/Diploma − MCAD: Microsoft Certified Windows and Web Application Developer using Dot Net Technology: SQL server, VB. Net, ASP .Net and ADO. Net
SMALL ENTERPRISE CENTRE SEC AND GTZ Ramallah, Palestine February 2004
Degree: Certification/Diploma − Business and Management Tools and Innovation
ENSEIRB, BORDEAUX I UNIVERSITY Bordeaux, France November 2003
Degree: Doctorate (PhD)- Electronic Engineering
Signal Processing: Speech Synthesis. Automatic processing of intonation for Arabic in a TTS system.
Thesis entitled: Text to speech synthesis for Arabic: Automatic Processing of Intonation.
GALAXY INSTITUTE Ramallah, Palestine May 2000
Degree: Certification/Diploma - Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
Administrating Windows NT server and workstation, Core Technology, Enterprise, TCP/IP
ENSEEIHT Toulouse, France June 1996
Degree: Masters - Signal and Image Processing
Thesis entitled: "Impulsive Noise Reduction applied to old musical recordings".
Degree: Bachelors - Electronic Engineering
Covered wide range of fields, including: Control, Signal processing and Communications
SCHMIDT’S GIRLS COLLEGE Jerusalem, Palestine June 1986
Degree: High school - Scientific Stream

Awards / Honors
• Bachelor with honours (Average of 88/100), April 1994.
• Palestinian Scholarship Program Scholarship, Provided by the French Consulate in Jerusalem. September 1995 - August 1999. Offered full funding to study in France.
• Student Member of the IEEE since 1997 and Professional Member since 2004.
• Member of the Association of the Palestinians in France from 1998 - 2003.

Workshops and Conferences participated in during the last years:
1) Quality Assurance Workshops :
a. Quality Units in Higher Education Institutes, February 2005.
b. Self Evaluation, May 2005
c. Accreditation and Quality Assurance, May 2005.
2) Ministry of Education and Higher Education: Strategic Planning in Tertiary Education Institutions, December 2005
3) Palestinian Education Initiative, October and December 2005
4) Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology:
a. ICT4D in Middle East, in Syria, June 2005.
b. ILAW in Harvard, Boston-USA, June 2005.
c. Falastinieh Project, November 2005, January 2006.
d. PTRA : Palestinian Telecommunication Regulation Association, July 2005
5) Palestine Information & Communications Technology Incubator - PICTI: "Building a Business Plan", February 2006.
6) United Nations University - International Leadership Institute (UNU-ILI) in Amman, Jordan: LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT OF UNIVERSITIES IN THE 21ST CENTURY, 25-29 MARCH 2006
7) Palestine Information & Communications Technology Incubator - PICTI: Information Technology Infrastructure Library "ITIL": 28 February 2007 أفضل الممارسات في إدارة مصادر وخدمات تكنولوجيا المعلومات
8) Electrical Engineering & Information Technology Benchmarks: several workshops for each discipline 2007.
9) Conférence régional des Recteurs et Présidents de la Région du Moyen Orient (CONFREMO 2007), le19 juillet 2007 à Alep, Syrie.
10) 2nd Palestinian International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, PICCIT07 1-3 Sept 2007: as a program committee member and chair person for Technology for Learning Workshop.
11) Benchmarking of undergraduate programs of CIS / IT, computing & Engineering in Palestinian universities (UNESCO) supported project, April 2007
12) National Meetings for National IT & Electrical Engineering Benchmarks & Program Specifications” Ramallah – Gaza 04/12/07.
13) Unified Graduates Tracer for Palestinian Higher Education Institutes Project 11/11/2007. Evaluated and reviewed the final project.
14) Promoting Investment in Palestinian Telecommunication Sector Conference 17/12/2007 Ramallah, Palestine.
15) Self Assessment and Strategic Planning Workshop (World Bank Project) 15/1/2008, Ramallah, Palestine.

1) "Réduction du Bruit Impulsionnel par Filtrage de Kalman Rapide non Linéaire", S. Nasser Eldin et M. Najim, pp. 1241-1244, Gretsi97, Grenoble, France, Sept. 1997.
2) "Sample Restoration Based on Nonlinear Fast Kalman Filtering", S. Nasser Eldin, M. Najim et H. Abdel Nour, 1997 International Workshop on Sampling Theory and Applications, pp. 85-90, Aviero, Portugal, June 1997.
3) Le Pouliquen F. et Nasser Eldin S. "Restauration du signal entaché par du bruit impulsionnel dans les cas mono et bidimensionnels", AGIS'97, Angers, France, décembre 1997
4) "Analysis and synthesis of Interrogative Intonation in Arabic", S. Nasser Eldin et A. Rajouani, submitted to 14th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences ICPHS99, San Francisco, CA, August 1-8, 1999,
5) "Description and Generation of F0 Contours for Yes/No Questions in Arabic", S. Nasser Eldin and A. Rajouani, submitted to ESCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on Dialogue and Prosody ETRW99, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Sept. 1-3, 1999.
6) "Automatic modelling and implementation of intonation for the Arabic language in TTS systems", Safa Nasser Eldin, Hanna Abdel Nour, et Abdenbi Rajouani, ICSLP2000, vol. II, pp597-600, Beijing, China, Oct. 2000.
7) "Speech Synthesis of Modern Standard Arabic", Safa Nasser Eldin, Hanna Abdel Nour, Nader Abu Gattas, The Third Scientific Conference On Computers And Their Applications SCCA' 2000, Amman – Jordan, February 2001.
8) "Enhancement of a TTS System for Arabic Concatenative Synthesis by Introducing a Prosodic Model", S. Nasser Eldin, H. Abdel Nour, et A. Rajouani, ACL-2001, pp. 97-102, Toulouse, July 2001.

Skill Level Years practiced
Hardware - PC and basics of Novell Networks and MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) Expert More than 5 years
Software - Operating Systems (Windows NT server and workstation, Windows XP, Mac, LINUX and Unix), databases, SQL server 2000 Intermediate More than 5 years
Programming languages – Fortran, Cobol, Pascal, C, HTML, VB .Net, ASP .Net and ADO .Net (MCAD) Intermediate More than 5 years
Word processors (MS word, WordPerfect), Spreadsheets (Excel and Lotus 123), PowerPoint. Expert More than 5 years
Synthesis and computing packages (MatLab, Winpitch, Prosel) Expert More than 5 years


Arabic Expert
English Expert
French Expert
Hebrew Intermediate
German Intermediate

References: Available upon request
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