Expert profile: Associate Professor (czech equivalent - Doc., Ing.,CSc.) JANA TUCKOVA

[ ID = 0848 ] Associate Professor (czech equivalent - Doc., Ing.,CSc.) JANA TUCKOVA 
Name TUCKOVA, Associate Professor (czech equivalent - Doc., Ing.,CSc.) JANA
Job Title Associate Professor 
Organisation Czech Technical University, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Dept. of circuit Theory 
Address Technicka 2, Prague 6 
Postal Code 166 27 
City Prague 
Country Czech Republic 
Phone +420 224352098
Fax +420 233339805
Email tuckova_(on)_fel.cvut.cz [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL  
LanguagesEnglish French, Russian
Specialism Speechtechnology:
Acoustic Phonetics Speech Synthesis Neural Network Applications 
PhotographDescription or CV
Description: Speech synthesis,prosody control, application of the
   artificial neural networks

   Jana Tuckova  - Curriculum Vitae


   1974      Graduated at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

   1980      CSc thesis (PhD equivalent) at  CTU Prague on
   "Sensitivities of the  Ladder Circuits"       (in Czech)

   1993       Postdoctoral course Biological and Artificial Neural
   Networks at the Department of Informatics of the Swiss Federal
   Institute of Technology in Lausanne, on "Vector Quantizer using
   Kohonen Neural Network for the Speech Signal" (in French) (responsible
   Prof. Martin Hasler)

   1997          Habilitation thesis at CTU  Prague on "Artificial Neural
   Network and the Recognition of Isolated Words" (in Czech)

   1998     Short-Term Scientific Mission, COST 258 ,  at TIK Computer
   Engineering Laboratory, ETH, Zurich


   since 1998   Associate Professor in the Department of Circuit Theory
   at CTU Prague

   since 1995   Research in  the Institute of Radio Engineering and
   Electronics  Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,Prague,
   Department of  Digital Signal Processing

   1980-1997   Assistant Professor in the Department of Circuit Theory at
   CTU Prague

   1976-1980   Assistant in the Department of Circuit Theory at CTU

   1974-1976   Doctoral study at the Institute for the communication
   technology in Prague

   Teaching at CTU  Prague:

   Seminar, laboratory and CAD Exercises on Circuit theory, on Linear
   circuits and systems, on Electrical Filters

   Lectures and CAD Exercises on Special structures of digital systems

   Teaching at the  Technical University of Brno:

                 Doctoral study courses Application of artificial neural
   networks for speech processing.

   Teaching at the Technical University of Zilina, Slovakia:

          Lectures on  Neural networks


   Member of International Neural Networks Society (INNS)

   U.R.S.I. Correspondent (1999)

   Member of International Program Committee and TechnicalCommittee of
   IASTED International Conference SIP'99, SIP'2000, SIP'2001

   Member of International Program Committee of IASTED International
   Conference on Neural Networks 2000

   A member of the IASTED Technical Committee on "Neural Networks" for

   Research topic

        I work in the domain of artificial neural networks, data mining,
   and speech synthesis. In 1992 I completed the six month research
   fellowship on the CIRC-EPFL in Lausanne with Prof. Martin Hasler. At
   time I started my research  in  speech  processing.  In  1993  I
   obtained  the Attestation  from  the  Computer  Science  Postgraduate
   Course of Biological and Artificial Neural Networks on EPFL. Now, I
   concentrate on  prosody modelling for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
   Systems in  Czech language  especially. I  applied the artificial
   neural network approach for  prosody parameters control.

   75 contributions in the journals and  proceedings were published in
   1975 - 2001 ( in 1975-1993  the topics were from the theory of the
   linear circuits, active filters especially, from  1993 the
   publications are from the theory and applications of the artificial
   neural networks and speech processing).

   Main publications from 1996:

   Proceedings of the International Conferences:

   [ 1]  Vich,R.,Tuckova,J.:  Neural Network Application in Czech
   Text-to-Speech Synthesis.

    In::  Proc. of the IASTED Internat. Conf. Signal and Image Processing
   and Applications

   SIPA 96,  Annecy, France, June 12-14, 1996, pp.242-244. ISBN"

   [ 2]  Tuckova,J., Vich,R.:  Fundamental Frequency Control in Czech
   Text-to-Speech Synthesis  by a Multilayer Neural Network. In:
   Abstracts  of the XXVth General Assembly URSI  Lille, France, August
   28 - September 5, 1996, pp.135.

   [ 3]  Horak,P.,Tuckova,J.,Vich,R.: New Prosody Modelling System for
   Czech Text-to-Speech. In: D.Mehnert  (ed): Studientexte zur
   Sprachkommunikation No. 13-Elektronische Sprachsignalverarbeitung,
   Berlin, Nov.25.-27, 1996, pp.181-186.

    [ 6]  Tuckova,J.,Vich,R.: Fundamental Frequency Modelling by Neural
   Nets in Czech Text-to-Speech Synthesis. Proc. of the IASTED Int.Conf.
   " Signal and Image Processing-SIP'97, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA,
   December 1997, pp.85-88. ISBN: 0-88986-242-7, ISSN: 1482-7921.

   [ 7] Tuckova, J.: Report on Short-Term Scientific Mission. Management
   Committee of COST 258, April 8-10,1999, Morges, Switzerland.

   [ 8] Sebesta,V., Tuckova, J.: Selection of Important Input Parameters
   for a Text-to-Speech Synthesis by Neural Networks. 1999 International
   Joint Conference on Neural Networks IJCNN'99, Washington,DC., July
   10-16, 1999. IEEE Catalog Number: 99CH36339C, ISBN: 0-7803-5532-6.
   Proceedings on CD ROM.

   [ 9] Tuckova,J., Sebesta,V.: Prosody Modeling for a Text-to-Speech
   System by Artificial Neural Networks. Proc. of IASTED International
   Conference "Signal and Image Processing 2000", November 19-23,2000,
   Las Vegas, Nevada USA, pp.307-312, ISBN: 0-88986-308-3, ISNN:

         [10] Sebesta,V., Tuckova,J.: Optimisation of Artificial Neural
   Network Topology applied in the Prosody Control in Text-to-Speech
   Synthesis.  Theory and practice of informatics: Proc. of 27^th Annual
   Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Informatics
   "SOFSEM 2000", November 25-December 2, 2000, Milovy, Czech Republic,
   pp.420-430,  ISBN: 3-540-41348-0 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New
   York, ISSN: 0302-9743.

   [11] Sebesta,V., Tuckova,J.: Application of Feature Extraction in
   Text-to-Speech Processing.

          Proc. of the International Conference on "Artificial Neural
   Nets and Genetic Algorithms. Avril 2001, Prague, Czech Republic,
   pp.145-148, ISBN: 3-211-83651-9   Springer-Verlag Wien-New York

     [12]  Tuckova,J., Sebesta, V.: Data Mining Approach for Prosody
   Modelling by ANN in Text-to-Speech Synthesis. Proc. of the IASTED
   Inernational Conference on "Artificial Intelligence and Applications -
   AIA 2001", Ed. M.H.Hamza, ACTA Press Anaheim-Calgary-Zurich, ISBN:
   0-88986-301-6, ISSN: 1482-7913,  pp. 164-166, September 2001,
   Marbella, Spain.

   Chapter of the book

    [13]  Tuckova,J.,Bores,P.: The Neural Network Approach in Fundamental
   Frequency Control. Speech Processing: Forum Phoneticum (Ed.:
   Wodarz,H.-W.), Frankfurt am Main, Hector Verlag, 1997,pp. 143-154.
   ISBN: 3-930220-10-5, ISSN: 0341-3144.

    [14] Tuckova, J, Sebesta,V.: Optimalization of Input Data for
   Fundamental Frequency Modelling by Neural Networks. Papers in
   Phonetics and Speech Processing Forum Phoneticum 70 (2000),
   pp.161-175. Ed. Hans-Walter Wodarz,  ISBN: 3-930110-18-0 HECTOR -
   Frankfurt am Main, ISSN: 0341-3144

   International journals

    [15] Sebesta,V., Tuckova, J.: Optimisation of Prosody Control in
   Text-to-Speech Processing by Neural Networks.  Int.Journal on Neural
   and Mass-Parallel Computing and Information Systems "Neural Network
   World", vol.9, no5, Prague 1999, pp.413-424

   International workshops

   [16 ] Tuckova,J., Horak,P.: Fundamental Frequency Control in Czech
   Text-to-Speech  Synthesis. Third Workshop on Electronic Control and
   Measuring Systems, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France, June
   1997, pp.80-84

   [17]  Tuckova J.: Investigation of Neural Net Pruning in F0 Modelling.
   8-th Czech-German Workshop, Speech Processing, Faculty of Arts,
   Charles University, Prague, September 1998.  ISBN: 80-86269-00-0

   [18] Tuckova, J., Strecha, G.: Automatic Labelling of Natural Speech
   by Comparison with Synthetic Speech.  4^th  International Workshop on
   Electronics, Control, Measurement and Signals ECMS'99, Liberec, May
   31-June 1, 1999, Czech Republic, pp.156-159.

   [19] Tuckova, J.: Fundamental Frequency and Duration Modelling by
   Neural Networks. 9^th Czech-German Workshop Speech Processing,
   September 13-15, 1999, Prague, Czech Republic.

   [20] Santarius,J., Tuckova,J.: Nnlab-Base of Platform for
   Text-to-Speech Synthesis. 10^th Czech-German Workshop "Speech
   Processing", September 18-20, 2000, Prague.

   [29]  Tuckova,J.: New Method of Input Data Creation for Prosody
   Modelling. Proc. of  5-th Workshop on Electronics, Control, Modelling,
   Measurement and Signals "ECM2S5 2001", p.279, Universite Paul
   Sabatier, Toulouse, France, May 2001.

   Proceedings of the national conferences, Lectures in Colloquium

   [30]  Tuckova J.: Influence of the Neural Net Input Parameters to F0
   Training (In Czech). Koloquium No 595 - Circuit Theorie, Systems and
   Signals. IREE, Academie of Sciences of Czech Republic, Prague, January

    [31]  Tuckova J.: Fundamental Frequency Control in TTS System.
   Proc.of 8-th Int. Czech-Slovak Scientific Conference "Radioelektronika
   '98, Brno, April 1998, Vol.1, pp.216-219

   [32]  Tuckova J.,Krkoska,M.,Musil,V.: A Neural Net Architecture in
   Czech Text-to-Speech Synthesis. Proc.of 5-th Electronic Devices and
   Systems Conference EDS'98, ISBN: 80-214-11-98-8, Brno, June 1998,

   [33] Tuckova, J.: Comparison of the Czech and Swiss Mode of the F[0
   ]Modelling by Neural

          Networks. (In Czech) Kolokvium No 606, IREE AS of Czech
   Republic, Prague, 24 February 1999, Abstract on Internet pages of

   [34] Tuckova, J.: Influence of the ANN Canonical Structure on F[0
   ]Control in TTS Speech Synthesis. (In Czech). Seminar of the Circuit
   Theory STO-7, Brno, September 16-17, 1999, Czech Republic, pp.188-191.

   [35] Santarius,J., Tuckova,J.: Neural Net Laboratory. Proc. of the
   Electronic Devices and

          Systems Y2K. Ed. Vladislav Musil, VUT Brno, December 2000, ISBN

    [36]  Santarius,J., Tuckova,J.: New Method of Text Pre-Processing for
   Prosody Modelling.  Proc.of 11-th Int. Czech-Slovak Scientific
   Conference "Radioelektronika '2001, Brno, Czech Republic, May 2001
   Vol.1, pp.154-157.

   Invited lecture (In Czech)

   [37] Sebesta,V., Tuckova, J.: Selection of Important Input Parameters
   for a  Text-to-Speech Synthesis by Neural Networks . "Hora
   Informaticae" seminar, ICS AS CR, Prague, November 1999. Abstract on
   Internet pages of  ICS  AS CR. Invited lecture.

   [38] Tuckova, J.: Neural Networks and speech processing (In Czech).
   Invited lecture for Universite of Zilina, Slovakia, Mars 23, 1999.  

   [39] Tuckova, J.:  Neural Networks Applications .(In Czech). Invited
   lecture, Department of telecommunication, Faculty of electrical
   engineering, University of Zilina, Slovakia. 7.4.2000.

   [40] Tuckova, J.: Task of the Neural Networks in the Speech Processing
   (In Czech). Invited lecture for Universite of Zilina, Slovakia, Avril
   6, 2001.

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