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[ ID = 1100 ] Dr. Oytun Turk 
Name Turk, Dr. Oytun
Job Title Research Scientist 
Organisation DFKI GmbH 
Postal Code  
City Berlin 
Country Germany 
Phone +49 30 243 102
Email oytun.turk_(on)_dfki.de [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
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Membership ELSNET IEEE Member 
LanguagesEnglish Turkish
Specialism Voice Biometrics (Speaker Verification, Identification, 
PhotographDescription or CV
Oytun Turk
To be employed as a post doctoral or senior research scientist in speech and 
audio processing projects.
. Scientific research and technology development experience in speech and audio 
processing with a focus on 
 voice conversion/modification, text-to-speech synthesis, acoustic 
analysis/modeling, machine learning and 
 pattern recognition techniques for speech and audio processing.
. Experience in scientific research project management.
. Patent applications in voice conversion.
. Author of papers in speech/audio processing, speech therapy, and linguistics.
. PhD, MS, and BS degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
. Programming experience as a lead software engineer in complex programming 
projects for text-to-speech synthesis, 
 voice conversion/modification, voice quality analysis, emotion research, and 
computer-enabled speech therapy. 
 Working experience in C/C++, Java, Matlab, Visual C++ (MFC), Visual Basic; 
experience in HTK, Prolog, PERL, OpenGL, 
. Languages: Turkish (native), English (advanced), German (beginner).
. Research Scientist, DFKI, Berlin, Germany (May 2007 – Present)
 - Researcher in multilingual, expressive, and adaptive text-to-speech 
synthesis (Open Mary TTS: http://mary.dfki.de), emotional synthesis, voice 
conversion/modification, and audio effects in IDEAS4GAMES and PAVOQUE 
(http://mary.dfki.de/pavoque) projects.
 - Proposal preparation for EU FP7 STREP “Contextually-Aware Information 
Assistant – CAIA” that aims to combine research on context awareness 
and on socially competent interaction, in order to endow machines with the 
capability to initiate an interaction with a human user.
 - Developing acoustic modeling and modification modules for emotional TTS 
integrated with voice conversion.
 - Performing research on robust prosody, emotion, and voice quality 
modification and interpolation techniques for concatenative TTS.
 - Performing research on modification of unit selection and HMM-based 
synthesis output for modification and interpolation of expressive style, 
speaker identity, and for post-processing with audio effects to create custom 
. R&D Manager, Sestek Inc., Istanbul, Turkey (January 2003 – April 2007):
 - Project manager and lead research scientist for “VOX - Voice Conversion 
Software Development Project” with Voxonic Inc., NY, USA 
(www.voxonic.com). Member of the team that developed “VOX”, the first 
commercially available voice conversion system in the world (US patent pending, 
No: 11/271,325).
 - Technical lead for approximately 100 voice conversion projects in USA for 
customers including various music and movie production companies. Projects 
consisted of monolingual and cross-lingual voice transformations to various 
languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Cuban, 
Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, etc.) and to various celebrity voices.
 - Proposal preparation for European Union projects “Computer-Aided Tools 
for Speech Therapy – CATS”, and “Extending RTD Capacity for 
Speech Processing Research in Turkey – ESPRES” with partners from 
Greece, Italy, and Turkey.
 - Proposal preparation and management of TUBITAK TIDEB Projects “Language 
Independent Automatic Voice Conversion System” (Jan 2002-Dec 2003, budget 
$ 360.000) and “Software Tools for Speech Therapy and Voice Quality 
Monitoring” (Jan 2004-Dec 2006, budget $ 460.000).
 - Proposal preparation for TUBITAK TEYDEB Project “New Generation Call 
Center Integrated With Speech Processing Technology” (Jan 2007 – Dec 
2009, budget $ 1.100.000).
. Senior Research Scientist, Sestek Inc. (January 2003 - April 2007):
 - Managed a group of 3-5 junior researchers in voice conversion and speech 
therapy projects.
 - Developed algorithms for voice conversion: subband and context based voice 
conversion, vocal tract transformation using ANNs, RBFNs, and SOMs, donor 
selection for voice conversion, prosody modeling and transformation, alignment 
using HMMs and the HTK.
 - Developed algorithms for speech and voice quality modification: vocal tract 
and prosody transplantation, voice quality interpolation for emotional TTS.
 - Performed research on speech processing tools for speech therapy: vowel 
recognition using GMMs, isolated word recognition using HMMs, voice quality 
analysis, objective prosody match scoring.
 - Performed collaborative research in TTS projects with FPMS (Belgium), DFKI 
and T-Systems (Germany), ICP (France), and IVML (Greece).
 - Database collection and subjective testing experience for voice conversion, 
prosody modeling, and speech therapy.
 - Author of journal and conference papers on voice conversion, modification, 
speech processing for speech therapy, and linguistics. Attended major 
conferences on signal processing. IEEE SIU 2004 Best Student Paper Award, 2nd 
. Senior Software Engineer, Sestek Inc. (January 2003 - April 2007):
 - Lead developer of VoDi real-time voice modification software integrated with 
SkypeTM/MSN MessengerTM:
 - Lead developer of Sestek Real-Time Song Recognition Module, Sestek Real-Time 
Voice Quality Analysis Module (as featured in MusicTutor 1.0), and an automatic 
segmentation module (as featured in EasyTranscriber 1.0)
 - Developed speech processing algorithms and software tools for speech therapy.
. Research Scientist, Sestek Inc. (September 2000 - December 2002):
 - Performed scientific research on voice conversion and voice modification.
 - Developed a basic GMM based speaker identification system in C/C++.
 - Performed research on subband decomposition and wavelets for voice 
conversion applications.
. Software Engineer, Sestek Inc. (September 2000 - December 2002):
 - Developed a waveform analysis and editing interface for the voice conversion 
software VOX in Visual C++ with the software development team.
 - Developed objective and subjective testing interfaces for voice conversion.
 - Lead developer of VowelRecognizer, a real-time Turkish vowel recognition 
software for children.
 - Implemented various speech/audio processing, machine learning and pattern 
recognition algorithms in C/C++ and Matlab: HMMs/GMMs/Neural Networks, 
clustering, PSOLA, vocal tract scaling, pitch tracking, end-point detection, 
audio effects.
 - Developed software tools for audio and electro-glottograph recording, audio 
format conversion, filter design and filtering, noise reduction, batch 
. Research Scientist, Bogazici University Multimedia Laboratory - BUMM (January 
2003 – April 2007):
 - Performed research on voice quality analysis and modification, and on speech 
processing algorithms for speech therapy in the European Union funded Network 
of Excellence SIMILAR (Ref. 507609, www.similar.cc).
 - Performed research on the development of voice conversion techniques for the 
assessment of speaker identification systems in the European Union funded 
Network of Excellence project BIOSECURE (Ref. 507634).
. Visiting Researcher, Faculté Polytechnique de Mons, TCTS Laboratory, 
Belgium (August 2004):
 - Developed a new technique for voice quality interpolation in emotional TTS.
. Board Member, Sestek Inc., Istanbul, Turkey (September 2000 – April 2007)
 - Start-up company in speech, audio and IVR technologies.
. 2003-2007, PhD in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici 
University, Istanbul, Turkey
 PhD Thesis: Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion (Developed new algorithms to 
improve voice conversion performance and robustness in cross-lingual voice 
conversion applications)
 Advisor: Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan
 Major Courses: Pattern Recognition, Artificial Neural Networks, Information 
Theory, Detection/Estimation Theory, Speech Recognition, Digital Control.
 GPA: 3.82/4.00
. 2000-2003, MS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University, 
Istanbul, Turkey
 MS Thesis: New Methods for Voice Conversion (Developed algorithms, objective 
and subjective evaluation methods for voice conversion)
 Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan
 Major Courses: Psycho-acoustics, Adaptive Filter Theory, Independent Component 
Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Spectral Analysis, 
Statistical Signal Processing, Multiresolution Signal Processing.
 GPA: 3.56/4.00
. 1995-2000, BS in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University, 
Istanbul, Turkey
 Final project: Automatic Polyphonic Music Transcription
 Advisor: Assist. Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan
 Major Courses: Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Speech 
Processing, Image Processing, C/C++ and Java Programming, undergraduate courses 
in systems and control.
. 1991-1994, Ankara Fen Lisesi, Ankara, Turkey.
. Publications available online: 
. Patents:
1.Türk, O., L. M. Arslan, and F. Deutsch. “Codebook-less Speech 
Conversion Method and System”, Voxonic Inc., United States Patent 
20070213987, Publication Date: 13/09/2007. 
2.Türk, O., L. M. Arslan, and F. Deutsch. “Donor Selection for Voice 
Conversion”, Voxonic Inc., Provisional U.S. Patent Application, 14 Mar 
. Journals:
1.Türk, O., and Arslan, L., M., 2007, “Donor selection for Voice 
Conversion”, Journal of the Acoust. Soc. Of America, submitted for review.
2.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2006, "Robust Processing Techniques for 
Voice Conversion", Computer Speech and Language 20 (2006), pp. 441-467.
3.Sari, E., Ucar, C., Türk, O., Kurtulmus, H., Altug, H. A., Pocan, S., 
2008, “Treatment of a Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate Using an Internal 
Distraction Device”, The Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Journal, accepted 14 
January 2008.
. Conference Proceedings:
1.Türk, O., and Schröder, M., “A Comparison of Voice Conversion 
Methods for Transforming Voice Quality in Emotional Speech Synthesis”, 
submitted to Interspeech 2008, Brisbane, Australia.
2.Pammi, S. C., Charfuelan, M., Schröder, M., and Türk, O., 
“Voice Building Tool for the MARY TTS Platform”, submitted to 
Interspeech 2008, Brisbane, Australia.
3.Schröder M., Gebhard, P., Charfuelan, M., Endres, C., Kipp, M., Pammi, 
S., Rumpler, M., and Türk, O., “Enhancing Animated Agents in an 
Instrumented Poker Game”, accepted for 31st German Conference on 
Artificial Intelligence (KI 2008).
4.Gebhard, P., Schröder, M., Charfuelan, M., Endres, C., Kipp, M., Pammi, 
S., Rumpler, M., and Türk, O., “IDEAS4Games: Building Expressive ECAs 
for Computer Games”, submitted to the 8th International Conference on 
Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA 2008), Tokyo, Japan.
5.Burkhardt, F., Audibert, N., Malatesta, L., Türk, O., Arslan, L., and 
Auberge, V. “Emotional Prosody - Does Culture Make A Difference?,” 
Speech Prosody 2006, Dresden, Germany.
6.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2005, "Software Tools for Speech Therapy 
and Voice Quality Monitoring", 13th European Signal Processing Conference - 
EUSIPCO 2005, Antalya, Turkey.
7.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2005, "Donor Selection for Voice 
Conversion", 13th European Signal Processing Conference - EUSIPCO 2005, 
Antalya, Turkey.
8.Türk, O., Schröder, M., Bozkurt, B., and Arslan L. M., 2005, "Voice 
Quality Interpolation for Emotional Text-To-Speech Synthesis", INTERSPEECH 
2005, Lisbon, Portugal.,
9.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2004, "Pronunciation Scoring for the 
Hearing-Impaired", in Proc. of the 9th International Conference Speech and 
Computer - SPECOM 2004, St. Petersburg, Russia.
10.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2004, “Konusma Terapisine Yonelik 
Otomatik Konusma Tanima Yontemleri”, II. Ulusal Dil ve Konusma 
Bozukluklari Kongresi 2004, Eskisehir, Turkey.
11.Türk, O., Sayli, O., Ozsoy, A., S., and Arslan, L., M., 
“Türkce'de Ünlülerin Formant Frekans Incelemesi”, 
18. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayi 2004, Ankara, Turkey.
12.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2004, “Dayanikli Konusmaci Donusturme 
Yontemleri”, SIU 2004, Kusadasi, Turkey.
13.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2004, “Konusma Terapisine Yonelik 
Konusma Tanima Yontemleri”, SIU 2004, Kusadasi, Turkey.
14.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2003, “New Methods for Vocal Tract 
and Pitch Contour Transformation”, EUROSPEECH 2003, Geneva, Switzerland.
15.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2003, “Subjective Evaluations for 
Perception of Speaker Identity Through Acoustic Feature Transplantations”, 
EUROSPEECH 2003, Geneva, Switzerland. 
16.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2003, “Konusmaci Donusturme Icin Uc 
Yeni Yontem”, Proceedings of SIU 2003, pp. 398-401, Istanbul, Turkey.
17.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2003, “Konusmaci Kimligi 
Algilanmasinda Akustik Ozniteliklerin Karsilastirmali Analizi”, 
Proceedings of SIU 2003, pp. 394-397, Istanbul, Turkey.
18.Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2002, “Subband Based Voice 
Conversion”, Proceedings of the ICSLP 2002, vol. 1, pp. 289-292, September 
2002, Denver, Colorado, USA.
19.Ormanci, E., Nikbay, U. H., Türk, O., and Arslan, L. M., 2002, 
“Subjective Assessment of Frequency Bands for Perception of Speaker 
Identity”, Proceedings of the ICSLP 2002, vol 4, pp. 2581-2584, September 
2002, Denver, Colorado, USA.
20.Türk, O., Sayli, O., Dutagaci, H., and Arslan, L. M., 2002, “A 
Sound Source Classification System Based On Subband Processing”, Proc. of 
the 3rd IEEE Benelux Signal Processing Symposium (SPS-2002), Leuven, Belgium.
21.Türk, O., Sayli, O., Dutagaci, H., and Arslan, L. M., 2002, 
“Alt-bant Islemeye Dayali Bir Ses Siniflandirma Sistemi”, SIU 2002, 
Denizli, Turkey.
. Theses:
1.Türk, O., 2007 “Cross-Lingual Voice Conversion”, PhD Thesis, 
Bogazici University.
2.Türk, O., 2003, “New Methods For Voice Conversion”, MS Thesis, 
Bogazici University.
3.Türk, O., 2000, “Automated transcription methods for polyphonic 
music signals,” BS project, Bogazici University.
. Dr. Marc Schröder, Senior Researcher, DFKI GmbH Language Technology 
. Prof. Dr. Levent Arslan, Prof. of Electrical and Electronics Eng., Bogazici 
University, Istanbul, Turkey; Board Member and CEO, Sestek Inc., Istanbul, 
Turkey; former member of Entropic Research, Washington DC, US.
. C and System Programmers Association, Turkey, C++ Certificate.
. IEEE Member since 2001.
. Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing, IEEE 
Signal Processing Magazine, IEEE Transactions on Computers.

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