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[ ID = 1198 ] Tom Zurinskas 
Name Zurinskas, Tom
Job Title creator of truespel 
Organisation truespel foundation 
Address po box 71 
Postal Code 08213 
City cologne, NJ 
Country United States 
Phone + 609-645-7941
Email tzurinskas_(on)_hotmail.com [@ replaced for spam protection]
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Research - Competitive and Customer
Bilingual Speech Production/Perception
Computational Linguistics
Corpus Linguistics
general linguistics
Human Factors Engineering
Language Learning
Language Translation
Neural Networks
Pronunciation Modelling
Prosodic Studies in Spontaneous Language Analysis
Prosody (Linguistic Description of)
Prosody and songs
Prosody modelling
Second Language Speech
Software Architecture for Language Engineering
Speech Databases
speech intelligibility measurement
Testing of Dialog Systems
Text-To-Speech Conversion
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Description: For new learners and second language learners of English
 there is a new tool. I have rewritten the English language into a
 simple phonetic form called truespel. It uses 40 phonetic spellings to
 express the sounds of English in General American accent. Unlike other
 phonetic spellings it uses no special symbols, so its keyboard
 accessible. It is designed to be as close to present English spellings
 as possible. Because it uses doubled consonants to show stress in a
 word it is unique and opens up many avenues never opened up before.
 Truespel for the first time combines phonics teaching and the initial
 teaching alphabet (i. t. a.) method, with a useful, simple
 pronunciation guide, that can also servie as a translation guide (as
 other languages get respelled in truespel). For ESL students truespel
 can be used to demonstrate USA accent for English. As a pronunciation
 guide, it is more accurate that the IPA, which has a phoneme
 incorrectly spelled in at least 18% of the words in the truespel
 dictionary. Truespel also is adapted to other languages. My recent
 investigation shows that 95% of the phonemes of the 14 most popular
 languages are the same as English (truespelled) phonemes. The key here
 is that truespel is not a replacement for traditional spelling, but
 merely a replacement for the standard IPA pronunciation guide, which
 is not qwerty. Truespel is free. Anyone can spell perfect truespel
 right away without training.. Just copy/paste traditional spelling
 into the truespel converter at http:
 //www.foreignword.com/dictionary/truespel/transpel.htm This allows
 teachers and learners to instantly generate truespel text in USA
 accent. Because it's qwerty, researchers can analyze phoneme usage
 frequency using spreadsheet text functions using the truespel
 database. I have used this database to count the various ways English
 phonemes are spelled and the frequency of usage of English phonemes.
 This can be useful for comparing phonetic counts between languages as
 well. These are worlds first initiatives, as far as I know. This is
 the start of the initiative for one qwerty standard phonetic spelling
 for all languages. When finished, other languages will be easy to read
 phonetically. Help is needed and gratefully appreciated for
 development and testing. See truespel.com. Tom Zurinskas founder
 truespel foundation tzurinskas@yahoo.com

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