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[ ID = 1350 ] Dr. Gerard CHOLLET 
Name CHOLLET, Dr. Gerard
Job Title Director of Research 
Organisation CNRS-LTCI, TELECOM-ParisTech 
Address 46 rue Barrault 
Postal Code 75634 
City PARIS cedex 13 
Country France 
Phone + 33 1 45 81 78 84
Fax + 33 1 45 88 79 35
Email gerard.chollet_(on)_telecom-paristech.fr [@ replaced for spam protection]
Organisation URL  
Personal URL  
LanguagesEnglish french and english
Specialism Acoustic Modeling
Acoustic Phonetics
Adaptive Speech Recognition
Audiovisual Speech Processing
Automated Natural Language Speech
Automatic transcription of TV and radio broadcast News
Bayesian Theory and Applications
Call Center Automation
Channel Mismatch Compensation
Computer Assisted Language Learning
Computer Telephony Integration
Confidence Measures
Development and Implementation of Speech Technology Applications
Dialogue systems
Digital Speech Processing
Dynamic Programming in Speech Recognition
Endpoint Detection
Experimental Phonetics
General and Applied Phonetics
Generalized Radial Basis Function Networks
Hand Gestures and Speech
Handwriting and Signature Recognition
Hearing Impairment
Hidden Markov Models
HMM-based OCR
Human Voice Understanding
Information Retrieval
Information Services by Telephone using Speech Technologies
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Language Acquisition
Language Identification
Language Learning
Language Modeling
Language Processing
Language Translation
Large speech corpora
Lexical Acquisition
Lexical Semantics
Low Bit Rate Coding
Machine Learning
Machine Translation
Measurement of Quality of Service in Speech Systems
Modelling Emergence of Spoken Languages
Multilingual Acoustic Modeling
Multilingual Authoring
Multilingual Speech Recognition
Multimodal Communciation
Multimodal Dialogue Systems
Multimodal Human-Machine Communication
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Semantics
Naturalistic Spoken Language
Noise Reduction
Non-HMM Methods for Speech Recognition
Objective Speech Quality
Objective speech quality measures
Para- and Extralinguistic Aspects of Speech
Pattern Recognition and Statistical Data Analysis
Pronunciation Modelling
Prosody modelling
Provision and integration of voice verification
Recognition Technologies
Recognition Tuning
Robust Parsing and Understanding
Robust Parsing of Spontaneous Speech
Robust Semantic Processing
Robust Speech Recognition
Robust Speech Understanding
Search Algorithms
Search Engines
Search Strategies
Second Language Speech
Segmentation and Automatic Transcription of Broadcast Data
Semantic Interpretation
Semantically Verified Documents
Semantics and Pragmatics in Speech Understanding
Software Architecture for Language Engineering
Speaker Adaptation
Speaker Identification
Speaker Recognition
Speech Acoustics
Speech Aerodynamics
Speech Analysis
Speech Applications
Speech Coding
Speech Databases
Speech Databases for Automatic Speech/Speaker Recognition
Speech Disorders
Speech Enabled IVRs
Speech Enhancement
Speech Evaluation
Speech intelligibility measurement
Speech Pathology
Speech Processing
Speech Production
Speech Recognition
Speech Retrieval
Speech Signal Processing
Speech Summarization
Speech Synthesis
Speech Technologies
Speech Training Aids for Deaf and Hearing Impaired
Speech Translation Systems for Traveling Abroad
Speech Understanding
Speech-Enabled IVR Systems
Speech-temporal Organisation
Speech-to-Speech Translation
Spoken Dialogue and Robust Speech Understanding
Spoken Dialogue Modeling
Spoken Dialogue Processing
Spoken Dialogue Systems
Spoken Document Retrieval
Spoken Language Resources and Evaluation
Spoken Translation
Spontaneous Speech
Statistical Language Modeling and Analysis
Statistical Language Modelling for Speech Recognition
Statistical Methods for Information Retrieval
Statistical Pattern Recognition
Support Vector Machines for Speech Processing
Systems for Older and Disabled People
Teaching ITC Subjects (for students of languages and translation
Telephone Announcement Systems
Testing of Dialogue Systems
Text Generation
Text-to-Phonetic Representation
Text-to-speech (Indic)
Text-To-Speech Conversion
Text-to-Speech in Telephony
Translation and Foreign Language Production
Turbulence-noise sources in speech production
Usability of Speech Applications
Use of articulatory models for ASR
Use of Translation Tools
Vector Quantization
Very low bit rate coding
Vocal-tract modelling
Voice Activity Detection
Voice Biometrics (Speaker Verification, Identification,
Voice Disorders
Voice Identification
Voice Processing
Voice Recording
Voice to Text Conversion for the Hearing Impaired
Voice-Driven Telecommunications Applications
Wavelet Transforms
Web Applications
PhotographDescription or CV
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